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RE: Justin Sun extends his censorship to Steempeak

in #censorship2 years ago (edited)

Hi @themarkymark , Great post, it's absolutely unbelievable what he has done to you, total B.S, there should be a way to stop this, it's crazy! I'm not sure who to ask but maybe you can help me. I'm wondering why my posting on HIVE was flagged for no reason it's only my second time posting on HIVE and this is how I am introduced into the new community!? After 4 years on Steemit I was never flagged, all my posts are original and my own! My post was an entry for @theycallmedan and I have now stopped posting on Hive untill I can find out why I was flagged but don't know who to ask, hopefully you can shed light on this for me, I asked a couple people but got no answers...
Here's the link


You would need to talk to @transisto, I have no reason to be honest.

Ok Awesome! Thanks so much for that Information!👍👍👍