Justin Sun extends his censorship to Steempeak

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If you even mentioned Hive on Steem there is a good chance you are on Justin Sun's blacklist and are hidden from Steemit.com.

This isn't new news, Justin has blocked many well known Steemians like GTG, Ausbitbank, Anyx, Blocktrades and more.

There are also over 130 posts that have been censored individually with more being added daily.

With an update released yesterday, these users are now blocked on Steempeak as well. A change was made at the HiveMind layer to completely eliminate all traces of the users and posts Justin Sun disagrees with.

At this point, over 10,000 posts and comments I made over the last 3 years have been completely removed from all current front ends. All my rewards on Steem are systematically removed by a farmer who was given 1M SP delegation from Steemit Inc's misterdelegation.

How long until our funds are locked and we are unable to access our stake we have paid for and earned.



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This is very sad indeed.
If there are other APIs that are stable and support hivemind please message us ASAP.

Funny enough, your blog is not hidden on the old steemstem.io platform (see here). I was about to close this platform for good, as the SteemSTEM project is over, but I may keep it alive for a few weeks ;)

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I still wonder why so people feel sun is leading them in the right direction after he's destructive ways has almost left steem for dead

Don't you wonder the same when you see similar things happening on new hive @josediccus?

What's the difference? Censorship on hive already exceeded that on Steemit. Many users didn't receive any airdropped tokens, however their content had been copied/mirrored without asking them about their permission. Etc. etc.

I just think it's time to move on. Both parties have been fighting this was with tons of low blows.

Shouldn't you be busy spamming wallets and brown nosing stake holders for donations? Why do you leave out the part about the appeal process when it comes to that airdrop? Is far too inconvenient for you to speak on the facts? Why come and add fuel to fire with your typical sensationalist approach to life, then say, "I just think it's time to move on." Ulterior motive perhaps?

P.S. You still owe me ten bucks after I told you the cost to send me wallet spam is 10 bucks per memo and you agreed to stop, but didn't stop.

Yeah you stupid @crypto.piotr, stop spamming the blockchain with your useless donation. Are you a bagger in real life too? Your statement is beyond stupidity. No one cares what you write.

Please do explain how not receiving airdrops is censorship? What do you understand 'censorship' do be because I see a lot of people misconstruing words.

the suppression or prohibition of any parts of books, films, news, etc. that are considered obscene, politically unacceptable, or a threat to security.

This clearly has nothing to do with what youre talking about. Everyone was given an account--a chance and a voice. That's the point of a decentralized network and not receiving tokens. Tokens are just incentives to interact with the chain.

However the same can't be said about steem as there is a deliberate act to hide and remove content. Sentiments asides steem is a shit show. I still post there for the monetary gain, I do not believe in what they are building and to be frank, my time there is limited

They supported the hostile takeover from Justin Sun and they weren't entitled to the airdrop it was freely given and because of their actions that's clearly not censorship.

So, just exclude everyone that have a different opinion and voted for different witnesses?

Isn't it the same thing as what Justin Sun is doing?

Not different opinion, opinion to centralise the chain

Still a different opinion.

So, instead of the witness figuring out how to make the chain safer from this kind of action, they decided to exclude everyone that disagreed with then (No airdrop means no resource credits, therefore, not able to use the new chain).

Same actions as Justin Sun, different clothes.

It isn't a difference of opinion, it is a hostile action taken against the chain and the community.

The hostile action was done by Justin Sun. Those who voted on his witness could be doing so because they disagreed with what the old Steem witness have done in the past, and was expecting that both parties reached an agreement and moved Steem foward.

@steemchiller is on example, but i have seen a lot of the "black listed" users expressed that they voted on Sun witness because they wanted both sides to talk and reach something better for the system.

So, assuming that everyone that voted for Justin witness as "bad people" is just as excluding as Justin Sun actions.

And again, instead of "blocking" these people, witness/developers responsability was/is to improve the system so the same thing doesn't happen on the future.

No one was blocked or blacklisted, people who supported the steem hostile takeover did not receive free money.

What example is that?

There's no such thing as "playing neutral" when you are actually voting.

Do you go to the political ballet and vote each parties equally and call them a "neutral" vote?

Even in the US, a "neutral" vote wouldn't be voting for both Democrats and Republicans.

FFS man.

Er the content is on the blockchain which means it forking for the taking. Not legal can be done for it.
The coin airdrop while very unfair to many should be stated does not mean you have the right to get it it a new coin that using a distribution method no "legal" authority for it.

Hi @crypto.piotr,

I really enjoy all your interesting post, but please rethink the weight of comparing this two things.

a. deleting and censoring post by Justin
b. not giving a free airdrop

In my world this is something total different.

You keep using that word censorship for people not getting free tokens. It kind of makes you look like an idiot.

Censorship isn't caused by removal of funds. Anyone who didn't get the airdrop doesn't suddenly lose their posts, if Censorship-resistance is what you want, then not removing posts is perfectly acceptable and NOT censorship.

Anyway, you do you.

you would do well to move on and stop spamming me.

Not receiving free tokens is not censorship.

Not receiving airdropped tokens does not mean being censored. They can still login and post content. Their existing content is still their ownership and they can come and blank the post if they want it removed.

What are you talking about? As one of the biggest spammers on chain you should have a better understanding of these things.

We all hate Justin Sun, but he gave us HIVE we should be celebrating by dumping all our STEEM Justin shitcoin.

I wonder what kind of mess they are causing trying to hide so much on their end?

It is also scary the level they could take things.

The more they go down this dark path the more it should be seen by those on the fence that they are running out of time to make up their minds.

I didn't know that was even possible. I though he doesn't have any control over steempeak or the other front ends, only steemit.com

SteamPeak interacts with the Steem chain through the Steemit API I believe, so when Steemit changes it it affects all the front ends using it.

So far Sun have come this far with his Steemi ideas that actually is a surprise. But his excuse of removing users/contents has been the lamest that blockchain have ever witnessed lol. Steem/steemit was just a business deal for him once he gets back what he has invested he will not give a crap about Steem/Steemit/it's users. Just a matter of time now!!

Holy shit. Gonna have to say, Fuck SUN!

Seriously @themarkymark i like you and what you do for the community, but isn't it time to move on and focus on HIVE?

People have the right to know. I've abandoned pretty much everything on Steem.

hi @themarkymar

Isn't hive.blog also censoring users who are not welcomed on this new chain? I don't understand what's the problem. Both parties do exactly the same, so why just picking on one?

Yours, Piotr

Hive.blog isn't censoring people. Sorry to disappoint you.

I'm not being disappointed. Many users are being censored here. Permanently.

I've myself 2 friends, who not only didn't receive any hive tokens, but they also cannot post and their accounts are blacklisted. And as a reason they were told that they are blacklisted because they supported "Justin's witnesses".

If this isn't a censorship, then what is?
Yours, Piotr

@crypto.piotr Not getting a free token is not censorship. Your profit making scheme with a ponzi scheeme called @project.hope is still going strong. It is not being censored. The fact that you can post and write a comment is a proof of that.

It's interesting how a community that encourage engagement is quickly called a "ponzi" because none of the "star" witness are backing it.

I thought HIVE was going to be a different place from what Steem was, but it seems i might be wrong...

And NOTICE! You comment is not suppressed and clearly visible as you are entitled to your opinion, just as I am entitled to mine.

So where is the censorship in HIVE?

Comments were never being discussed here. Next time, try to stick to the topic being discussed.

Ponzi scheeme?
You have a lack of knowledge with oceanic dimensions.

Dude! Enlighten me, dear GOD! I am ready to drink for the fire hose!

Wait on second thought, you are one of the benefactors, aren't you? Why don't you keep it quiet and let it go, because if you don't it will backfire on you, eh?

On ever further thought: Let me give you some publicity, eh? I have visited your website


and I can read English words and sentences too. Funny I can comprehend as well what is written there. I also have @crypto.piotr wallet spam me even yesterday. So please excuse me if I say, I have no option but to know what it is!

You like to threaten others. Why?

Not receiving free money for assisting and supporting the hostile takeover of Steem is not censorship.


Dear @themarkymark

I fully agree that not receiving free money/token has nothing to do with censorship.

As I mentioned before - those users are blacklisted from even being able to sign in to hive.blog. And there were told that they cannot use this platform because they supported Justin's witnesses.

And that is already censorship. Anyway we have different point of views here. I'm wondering only how long do you guys want to continue this fight, to what point.

Regards, Piotr

No one is being censored here. Those that didn't get the airdrop can post as they choose, but hey might need to power some HIVE up to have Resource Credits.

Meaning that in fact they are excluded from using the platform on equal basis as everyone else.

Who is blacklisted and cannot even sign into Hive.blog? I am part of the team and I have yet to hear about that. If you have a Steem account, you have a Hive account, there is no blacklist preventing people to log in or use Hive.

Maybe they have no resource credits :D

My good friend @edgarare1 told me just the other day about this problem. He apparently couldn't sign in to hive. He also mention about the fact that he was told that his account is blocked because of reason mentioned before.

I would appreciate if you could look into it.

"Censorship is when an authority cuts out or suppresses communication"

Nobody's being censored on Hive. If you do like censorship, Steem is the place to be! A centralized blockchain (which is all that Steem is, and likely will ever be) is pointless, and censorable.

Your friends made the irresponsible decision to support a centralization attack on Steem. They got all that they wanted, a centralized Steem. There's no reason to complain that they weren't given free Hive tokens.

How long until our funds are locked and we are unable to access our stake we have paid for and earned.

Lol. I don’t think he would go that far...on second thought...

That 3 day powerdown, it would be so good atm...

That 3 day power down was specifically for "Whitelisted" accounts. Basically exchanges and himself which is one of the big reasons I was against it.

To be fair, I'm kinda impressed they figured out enough about the chain to do that. However, it's absolutely crazy to see Steem become that censored. RIP. Hope it'll take him a while to figure out the fork for 3-day powerdowns so we can all keep dumping STEEM in the meantime.

They have Ned pointing them in the right direction.

Good point.

I am sure he is being very helpful ... got to avoid that lawsuit.

Actually they've moved from manual curation to manual censorship. :) I really doubt whether Justin has any idea about what he has bought.

Cryptocurrencies already have a terrible reputation in the financial world for being completely unregulated.

If he messes with the power down systems and uses this to beat other investors to the market, Steem will probably end up delisted on many exchanges immediately. Also, the price will crash.

If they do it after July 1st when everyone who didn't decide to ride with this has no pre-fork balance, it would be less of a problem for most of us who decided against Steem, and somewhat laughable.

Hive should not cooperate with any exchanges supporting a Steem hardfork that aims to reduce powerdown time to specific accounts only on Steem. This includes Binance and Huobi.

It takes quite a dissolutioned personality to still believe Sun was there to develop Steem. Clearly just looking to pull off an exit scam and leave people holding the bags. Once the delegations start going it will be the signal the house is coming down.

As he has done with everything else that idiot has touched.

I still wonder how he has so much power that he could even censor steempeak thought he only control steemit. Inc

Because SteemPeak uses the Steemit API to access the Steem chain I believe so if Soy Boy changes the Steemit API it effects all the front ends using it.

Haha it's pretty amazing how things are developing over there.

Is there any way for the front-end provider to bypass this censorship or is it built in the chain entirly? The sad development of Steem continues, don't care if the owner have billions to pump in to it. Steem lost it's core value, lucky we have Hive :D

They would have to run their own nodes.

One of my recent posts about HBD listing on cmc was also removed.
Honestly, I expected that beforehand.

Justin needs to figure out the 3 day powerdown

Powering down. Looking to enjoy Hive!

This is so unfair. He can’t do this to you 😞😞😞

Sad, but it doesn’t surprise me anymore, it is becoming a copy of the Chinese state, censorship is a big part of that. And the saddest part is that for him it is just normal

As binance powers down 24 million steem power and Hive power... cashing out 2.4 million steem from each

I guess that's an effective way to fuck steemits serp rankings even more. Justin is truly a genious

It looks like you haven't started blogging yet. :)

I should probably get on that.

@themarkymark Can you change the background image on your Steem/Steempeak blog to say that you are being censored? Just an idea.

would be nice if you would explain how that works. how can they affect other front ends if witnesses are not running the code? or did all witnesses updated the code?

steempeak use api from steemit because of hivemind...

Good ol’ Busy.org still shows your blog

Busy.org is pointed to Hive, we don't censor here.

Oh I didn’t know it got updated to use Hive. Good to know!

Hi @themarkymark , Great post, it's absolutely unbelievable what he has done to you, total B.S, there should be a way to stop this, it's crazy! I'm not sure who to ask but maybe you can help me. I'm wondering why my posting on HIVE was flagged for no reason it's only my second time posting on HIVE and this is how I am introduced into the new community!? After 4 years on Steemit I was never flagged, all my posts are original and my own! My post was an entry for @theycallmedan and I have now stopped posting on Hive untill I can find out why I was flagged but don't know who to ask, hopefully you can shed light on this for me, I asked a couple people but got no answers...
Here's the link

You would need to talk to @transisto, I have no reason to be honest.

Ok Awesome! Thanks so much for that Information!👍👍👍

Every day I log in to see if I still have access to my steem wallet. The whole thing is just bad for crypto

Is peakd.com affected for us Hivers?

What is the address hive also censors my publications, it is no longer a social network to become an editor where you decide what to do and what not, in addition to violating a human right, freedom of expression.

PS: Notice how he censors me just for having a little power.
Cual es la direfencia hive tambien censura mi publicaciones, ya deja de ser una red social para comvertirse en un editor donde decide que sale y que no, ademas de violar un derecho humano, la libertad de expresion.

P.D.:Observe como me censura solo por tener una poco de poder.