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So... maybe you dabble in short story writing, and you always intend to really knuckle down and get some stuff done. Maybe you see that notion of getting your work written and polished and ready to submit to publications as out there somewhere on the horizon.

Or maybe you are actively writing and editing your work, but you have those lazy moments when you would really like a nudge to keep moving, and could benefit from working with a writing community and having deadlines.

Here's how we work in Write Club:

  • We set monthly deadlines. We issue a writing prompt at the beginning of the month, and then we get cracking.
  • In 10 days we write the first draft. Then we read one another's work and provide feedback.
  • In another 10 days, we refine our stories. Then we read again.
  • By the end of the month, we complete a third draft.
With some luck and diligence, we have a story ready to submit to a publication of our choice before the next month's challenge begins. Naturally, it's not always that easy. Many stories need more work, even after three drafts.

But that cadence gets us writing. The result is that we produce more finished work that we can continue to polish until it shines and is publication-ready than we would otherwise.

Here's What You Do

If you are a fiction writer who wants to get serious and get your work ready for publication in fiction magazines, you are welcome to try this. You are also welcome to use this process to improve your writing quality overall, and get stories ready to post on Steem, Medium, Narrative or other self-publishing venue.

Here are two options:

  1. Check out Write Club and see if it's for you.
  2. Use this prompt on your own.

What is Write Club?

Write Club is a small community that is devoted to writing on a schedule, moving the work through peer review and revision, and getting the work to publishable state.

We are a group of passionate fiction writers with a range of fiction writing experience (from workshoppers to those with MFAs), who have spent time working on mastering the craft and want the accountability of a group and deadlines to ensure we stay on track.

Here's how we work:

  1. A member of Write Club provides a writing prompt.
  2. Each person in the group who wishes to participate for the coming month signs up. This is a commitment to meet that month's deadlines, including performing peer reviews of other members' work. Additionally, the participants provide an intended publication they want to target for that month's story.
  3. The first 10 days are for the first draft. There are then two peer review cycles over the next 20 days.
At the end of this process, you have a completed story for which you have received two rounds of feedback and performed two rounds of edits. And you have a target publication. The rest is up to you.

And then we start again.

How to try out Write Club

If you are an experienced fiction writer, and the information above did not scare you off, you are welcome to check us out. You can find more information in this article on Medium, along with a link to our Discord channel where we converse and manage all of our deadlines and reviews.

This month's writing prompt

That brings us, at last, to the prompt!

For the month of November 2019, Write Club members must incorporate the following element:

Write a story in which the main character receives some surprising news. Show us how your character navigates the resulting obstacles or life changes this news brings.

It could be fabulous news that brings unexpected consequences, or perhaps some bad news that challenges your character's sense of self and ability to cope. It's completely up to you.

Have fun!

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When I was young I wanted to be a writer, I used to make books joining with glue the papers and even doing hardcovers, that's how I ended up in illustration and even eventually in music for me it was always a way to portray my stories. Now I have a dilemma... I've got used to English but I'm not native, and I stopped reading in my native language long long ago so now I don't feel I have the skills to successfully write and polish in neither of the languages. I recently stumbled upon a folder of my old writings, my mum had it sent to me... I mean I was ten, eleven, entire books and tales... and I think I would not write them better than I did then... which is kind of discouraging, for me now writing poetry and songs is my way to still be "at it" but I want to start again if not with full books a I used to to get back to short tales format. I just need to make my mind if I should write in English or Spanish.

You're very welcome to try out Write Club. I'm there, and also not native English speaking. I recently even started writing short stories again in my native tongue. If you would like to try it out, and want to commit to the one month schedule as Jayna explained above, you're welcome to give it a go.

I will definitely check when I'm ready, I'm not even posting much this year cos I'm undergoing an "overwhelming" time in my life :) so far I have some blank papers on my desk waiting to become letters for some dear friends that are long time due. I have collected leaves to press and I'm determined to get them out before Xmas, to start with I'll start there. :) Thanks for the encouragement though. I may join in the near future.

It would be fun to have you, Yidneth. Your English is fine, and we can help. If at some point you decide it’s time to take up a pen again, let us know.

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I used to write using this old fashioned typing machine :) when I have my mind settled down I will go and review many of those little tales that are there, even if old... I wrote a dark poem for Samhain/ Halloween last week I put it into music, it's in last post, for me songs are poems too, by the way there are 3 ratties this one, you were the only one spotting one in last video hahah.

Oh I have a new challenge! Is it up? I will look!

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haha yes It's up, it's the Life and Decay Halloween post, @enginewitty found one I think there are three
haha squeak

First time seeinvdetails about Write Club. So, it's obviously not a rule to not write about Write Club. Good.

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Ha ha, that’s right! Embarrassing confession: I have never actually seen Fight Club!

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So glad that you are going strong in the writing world :)

Thank you, my dear!! We writers must support one another, even when we come at this thing from a variety of angles. :-)

For sure!! They all have their place in the big writing universe 😀💻🖥📱📓🖋✏️🖍😜

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I shared this in steemterminal this is a great way for new people to step in and become consistent bloggers and writers at the same time

Hi @brittandjosie, apologies for the very belated reply. Sometimes I move on to the next thing and the next thing and forget to check back for comments on previous posts! Thank you very much for doing that!

If I wasn't going to SteemFest I would have probably said Yes, I'm in
But the last two times I tried even with no plans for the month, everything went awry...
I want to wish you all the best
And will look forward to the next one :D

Sorry I missed your message, @kaerpediem. I hope you had a great time at Steemfest!

Don't be :D
I did have a great time :)

Hey @jayna! (:
The Write Club might just be the thing for me! I tried going to the Medium page and joining the Discord group but the link was broken. Is there any other way I can join? (:
Thanks!! 🌼

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@joeylim, PLEASE forgive me for missing your message. Of course you can join. We would love to have you. Please feel free to come in and get acquainted. If you like, you can join mid-month (we are heading into second draft mode on this prompt), or come in and introduce yourself and then join in for the next prompt on December 1st. Please try this link to our Discord server:

No worries at all - I missed this reply of yours too. Thanks so much ((: