The Power of STEEMIT in Charity Fund Raising - A documentary of Steemit's Huge impact

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About two weeks ago, we went to Sitio Nangalid, Datu Salumay in Marilog District to conduct a "Brigada Eskwela" charity program where we gave school supplies, shared food and did a free haircut to the IPs most especially the children enrolled at Nangalid Elementary School. It was a two day event where three(3) mountaineering clubs from Mindanao participated.

Two(2) months ago, I was already actively promoting our event to help us raise the funds we needed to make the program successful. Thankfully, There are many Steemians who helped us achieve the ultimate success of our cause.

thank you.jpg

So today, I am gonna sum up all the SBDs and Steem that I was able to raise from my posts and sponsorship/donations of the generous steemians who shared their precious SBDs and Steem.

Check out the table below to see the rewards of two(2) posts I made to promote the program.

Now, the table below are the donations I received from our fellow steemians.

From steemiansSBD or Steem amount
@tarekadam50 Steem
@luvabi$23.244 SBD
@dynamicrypto1 Steem
@dynamicgreentk4 SBD
@hansdewet1.14 SBD
TOTAL28.384 SBD and 51 Steem

@tarekadam's donation is a reward for taking part on his contest "Contest - I will donate 300 STEEM to buy food/water/medicine". All of us who participated are the winners so he divided the 300 steem and each received 50 Steem including me.


@luvabi donated the SBD reward of her post "School Supplies for 100 children of Nangalid Elementary School". A post helping me gather school supplies for our outreach program.


@dynamicrypto @dynamicgreentk and @hansdewet's donations are supposedly for my #UpFundMe project "Sturdy Tent that can be used on our outreach programs" post to buy sturdy tent that I and my wife will use during the outreach. I decided to add it up to our outreach funds since I was not able to raise the funds %100 and decided to just buy a cheaper but sturdy tent which has the nearest price cost on what I raised during my 20 days upfundme project.

In total, I was able to gather 32.184 Steem dollars and 51 Steem. The withdrawal and purchasing documentation of the 50 Steem reward can be read here: 50 STEEM contest reward for our Brigada Eskwela Charity

While the the SBDs were withdrawn into two(2) transactions. The first one consisting of 16.7 SBD which has the 3.8 SBD from my posts and 5.14 SBD from @dynamicrypto @dynamicgreentk and @hansdewet's donations. The rest are my personal earnings which I also added up to our funds. The total worth of the 1st SBD to ETH transaction has a value of $47.67 USD at the time of transfer. The second transaction was of @luvabi's SBD donation worth 23.244 SBD which has a USD value of $50.87 at the time of transfer.

blocktrades transaction.JPG


All in all, I have a total amount of P13,534.26 Philippine peso from our fellow steemians who selflessly donated their SBD rewards for the children of Nangalid Elementary School.

Now, let's take a look at below the total expenses we incurred on the entire event.

School Supplies(for 140+ children)P13,788.90
Food Sharing ProgramP7,243.74
Barber's FeeP1,000.00
Transportation v.v including gas (116kms roundtrip)P5,000.00

Our total expense for the outreach program was at 27k in Philippine Peso. @tarekadam's 50 Steem was bought school supplies which I personally documented Click here for receipt. The next batch of school supplies bought was then purchased by the TRIMMOC members. I was not able to go with them because I was at the beach during the date of purchase. @Luvabi's donation was for the food sharing program. I only have the pictures of the receipts 1, 2, 3 and 4 with me because I am also away during the time they go out for grocery.

From 27k+ minus 13k, our deficit has been dropped down to just 14k. We are also able to get sponsorship from Tagum Multi-Purpose Cooperative and some individuals amounting to a total of 9k. leaving us a total deficit of only 5k. Each of the members donated money to crash out the remaining 5k balance.

All in all, STEEMIT platform played a HUUUUGGGEEEEE part in helping us raise the needed funds for our BIG OUTREACH PROGRAM last May 19 and 20 of 2018. I am really super duper thankful that STEEMIT was introduced to me. Without the help of this awesome community, I don't know if we will be able to create such an amazing cause for the less fortunate children in the Highlands of Nangalid, Marilog District.

In behalf of the Happy Forest Kids members and LUMOC members, I would like to say my sincerest thank you to all the people who helped us make this great cause a huge success. We were able to inspire and touch the innocent lives of these young children through your kindness and generosity. And of course to all of you steemians who supported this cause through your upvotes and resteems. It was a huge help in spreading the cause. And to Top it all, to the amazing community of because without Steemit there will be no @tarekadam, @luvabi, @dynamicrypto @dynamicgreentk, @hansdewet and all the generous whales of the steemit ocean. Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH.

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If you want to give him witness voting decisions on your behalf, visit again and type in "surpassinggoogle" in the second box as a proxy.

Please support his project as well, which is @teardrops Smart Media Token and @ulogs.

Others that are good: @beanz, @teamsteem, @good-karma,, @esteemapp, @hr1, @arcange @bayanihan, @acidyo, @anomadsoul, @steemitph, @henry-grant, and @paradise-found, also the many others who have visited My posts. Pls. support them too. I am grateful for that and for everyone who has helped me and my friends. Thank you very much.


Thanks to @bobiecayao for mentoring me and also to #steemph #dynamicsteemians and #steemitdavao family.


Please make the tent post more! I was waiting for you to give updates!

I will make a review of the tent I bought. I decided to buy a cheaper but still sturdy tent since we needed it last May 19, 2018 during the outreach. All the donations I received from you and @dynamicrypto was then added to the charity fund. hehe ^_^

congratulations for the good job.. you are all selfless.. thanks to all who donated

Wow good job👍😊😀

Glad to see you have a successful fund raising and giving of school supplies.

We will always be in a look out for such activities of yours and although for now our upvote value is not that big we will continue to strengthen this account in support of such activities in charity.

Thank you sir. Let's do this for them :)

What a great cause @lakawero. My support for your cause will always be there.

Thank you so much @baa.steemit :)