Help Random Kindness Education Program VOTE and I give Double UP

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Upvote this post and help Random Kindness Education Program (@randomkindness)
The value of this post 15 june will be sent to them.(author and curation reward) BUT I WILL DOUBLE IT
So if the value is 10USD I will send them 20 USD. (I will maximum send 50 Steem in total (20 USD)

Can you trust me?
You do not have to...
I have already donated 50 Steem (about 20 USD) to them. So you do not have to trust me and wait until 15 June.
NOW I hope you can upvote this post to at least 10 USD value.

I have never had a post value more than 2 USD before (without using bots) so I hope I can go over the magic 10 USD this time.

Or help Random Kindness Education in your own way.
You can read about it here

(@mellofello - THanks for your support to them. Thanks that I could read about it and do my support)


Thanks for supporting this! :)

Have a !BEER as thanks!

Oh thank. A digital beer. It is like see whater when you thirsty

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I saw amazing souls! since yesterday's post and HELP is so so contagious...
keep going guys!
resteemed and upvoted.

I trust you no need for proof.
Uovoted and resteemed
I know even my 100 % uovote value very less but that is my contribution.
God bless you.
Sent one steem also. As a small amount this is what I can do for now.

Btw- I send you a card yesterday but it was from Another account. GoldRusty.
Have a Nice day.

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Received one GF last day
Thanks for the card and your support.

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Thank you so much for this @minimining. I am so overwhelmed with the support I am receiving right now. Indeed, we just have to find people who also believes in the same cause.

Thank you for the 50 Steems you transferred. This will definitely help fund the project. Thank you very much.

You are so awesome to donate 50 STEEM and to dedicate this post to helping this project. I was hoping I could help find more support and you have answered the call. Bless your kind heart.

You are both awesome people in steemit @randomkindness @mellofello and @minimining.This is the proof of how great Steemians you are and that is why I always promote Steemit /Steem to outside worlds. God will multiplied your blessings.

Hi, @minimining, small world. I am actually working with her in this project because she lives a few towns near me. The project is really worth helping. We met these Indigenous People last December and we realized they don't have anyone who has a degree or even finished high school. We had a dole out of some few things and food then from our own pockets because the tribe is actually just 38 people. But we want to help them with something sustainable and we want them to have something like they never had before. @randomkindness has been up for the challenge and she was really for sending one of them to school to finish college, most probably an education degree so they can have a school up in the mountains and have their very own teacher. We were planning to just have 1 student this year because we don't know if we can make it, I mean, it's not cheap to send people to school in our country but another kid is eager and they want to go together. It was a tough decision for us because we have not even tried sending one so we have no idea. But we can't let one determined kid down... so we agreed to try them both and make ways to make it work and fund them. Right now @randomkindness is all excited and she feels like she's knows motherhood already with this new responsibility she has taken.

I really hope we can help these kids. A little help will go a long way and will give hope to their small community. Hopefully, we can go back there next December and give something to sustain their farming because they are primarily a farming community.

I was about to make a post about this when I saw your post, thank you very much for helping out. Bless your good heart!

Very Good initiative and I hope you get Good support. I saw your name as a supporter and because I trust you I trust the Projects and send the steem. Keep on the Good work

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I found out from @mellofello about your kind gesture. My upvote isn't worth much but you both have the small support I can give.

Sure. Lets spread the love.

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Hey @minimining, here is your BEER token. Enjoy it!

Non-alcoholic or strong? Can I drink theese token? Cheeers

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