🍒 Twin Peaks Cherry Pie with Cherries from my Garden 🍒

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This is a little treat for all you Twin Peak fans and sweet tooths out there. I made a cherry pie inspired by Norma’s famous cherry pie that she serves at the RR diner in Twin Peaks.

In this mysterious small town in the American countryside, a high school girl is murdered and the great FBI agent mr. Dale Cooper arrives in town to investigate the murder. The first thing he does is to visit the double R diner and eat some Cherry pie and a black cup of coffee. He really loves coffee too. I have to agree with him, nothing beats a good, black, cup of coffee and a slice of cherry pie. Throughout the TV series there are many cherry pie scenes shot in the Twin Peaks diner and they perfectly captures the American essence. I think David Lynch is one of the greatest artists we have and his TV series Twin Peaks is a true masterpiece.

In this post I will share with you the Twin Peaks Pie I made this afternoon. Yesterday I picked berries from the magnificent cherry tree in my garden.

I had to climb a ladder to reach the berries

It took me some time to remove the pits from all these berries! I found a great tip on google, if you don't have a cherry pitter you can use a normal chopstick. I wonder what people did before google, when they did not have the entirety of human knowledge available at their fingertips.

Making the cherry filling

I made a little palm tree decoration on my pie, here it is before baking

This is how it looked when finished. I remembered too late that the pie should have some cuts in it to allow the steam to get out. The filling was a bit too runny but very very good

Here is my version of Norma's famous cherry pie

David Lynch as FBI Deputy Director Gordon Cole, enjoying "massive quantities" of Norma's Cherry pie

I hope you enjoyed this Twin Peaks / Cherry pie post, I wish you a wonderful day

With Love

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I mixed two recipies to make this pie:



That looks so delicious.
What a perfect timing. I have some cherries, my mom brought and thanks to you I will try to make a cherry pie too, just have to look for a recipe online since I have never made one even though I love cherry pies.

It looks so delicious.
Thanks for sharing @camilla

In one of the recipees I found a tip to use a thin layer of real marzipan over the bottom layer of the dough, before putting on the filling, I think it worked really well because it kept the filling from seeping into the pie dough and making the bottom soggy. Also the taste of almonds go really well with cherries. I would recomend getting a marzipan with a high almond content and as little sugar as possible as the filling is often very sweet.

This pie looks so delicious! Even more special because you picked your own cherries from your garden.

Thank you :)

Truly said, nothing can be good like a good cup of coffee.

I have to agree with him, nothing beats a good, black, cup of coffee and a slice of cherry pie.

Though I never had the opportunity to prepare a cherry pie, but it looks nice in your picture and seems it is much delicious to eat. You have utilized the cherries the best possible ways. Thanks for sharing.

I liked the step by step i mean it's the best way to learn a recipe and understand the ingredients, i can't drink milk but i would like to eat a piece of pie with a cup of coffee i think could be a interesting combination :). Regards

It looks very, very delicious!! I want to taste whenever I come visit, maybe next month, if you are at home :D

heheheheh awesome girl and looks so yummlicious😍😍😍

Nam nam, nå fiks Jeg lyst på et kakestykke :)

Nydelege moreller i hagen din @Camilla
Eller er det kirsebær du kallar dei?
Eg minnest nokre bilete frå tidleg i vår. Skal seia du har fått hagen fidn skikk på hagen.
Paien med kirsebærfyll ser fantastisk god ut.

Trur disse bærene er litt for små til å være moreller, de er ganske sure uten sukker men fungerte veldig bra i pai

Det ser skikkelig godt ut Camilla😋🍒Kanskje vi må lage en sånn pai når du kommer😀

Looks sooo delicious :D I have never tried cherry pie before, I hope there are some berries left when I’m back in Oslo :D

Wow this makes me wanna make my own version of this as well even though I have no skills whatsoever in cooking :)) it looks soo delicious!


Perfect 😅

Hello camilla pls follow me and resteem the last post for me pls