Computer-Generated Chess Problem 02873

in #chess9 months ago

An original 'KBNNP vs krp' mate in 3 chess construct composed autonomously by Chesthetica using the Digital Synaptic Neural Substrate AI computational creativity method. There is also no proven limit to the quantity or type of legal compositions that can be automatically generated.


5k1B/5P2/2Np4/6K1/2r5/4N3/8/8 w - - 0 1
White to Play and Mate in 3
Chesthetica v11.64 (Selangor, Malaysia)
Generated on 22 Mar 2020 at 6:42:14 AM
Solvability Estimate = Moderate

If you notice an earlier version of Chesthetica listed with a newer problem, that simply means an earlier version may have been running on a different computer or OS user account. Chesthetica composes only unique or new constructs. If you have seen it before, cite the source and comment below because it is purely coincidental. Do share and try out some of the others too. Solving chess puzzles like this can be good for your health as it keeps your brain active. It may even delay or prevent dementia.

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