Hive Whale - Make it spray and get your badge!

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For all those who have forgotten or those who do not know it yet, there is a life-size Hive whale that sails in the waters of the harbor of Harlingen (The Netherlands)

Hive Whale, a project initiated by @roelandp, aims to add a fun atmosphere to the harbor promenade, to support oceans preservation projects and to promote awareness of the Hive blockchain by associating the whale activity with it.

You will find all the details about the project in this post.

HiveBuzz to support the project

All the objectives and values described above are in perfect agreement with those of our own project. Therefore, we decided to support @roelandp's initiative and make it even more fun by creating a new badge that you can easily get:

How to get your Hive Whale badge

Go to and donate at least 1 HIVE or 1 HBD to @whalefountain.

In addition to seeing the whale thanking you by making a powerful and generous spray, you will also receive your Hive Whale badge in your Hivebuzz board.

A tangible proof of your participation in the preservation of the oceans!

Make it spray!

Note: beware that the Hive Whale operates between 09:30 and 21:30 (CEST).
As days get shorter the whale will go into sleep mode once dusk has set.

HiveBuzz is a project created by @arcange


My name is RoelandP and I endorse this message.

FYI: the whale also thanks you with a Video-to-GIF-recording of your spray!

Thank you for this great collaboration @roelandp.

So I didn't need my screen shots? oh well was fun to wait and watch and capture the spray.

@roelandp @whalefountain @hivebuzz
I have accepted and completed your mission.

for you

You need to stake more BEER (24 staked BEER allows you to call BEER one time per day)

Congratulations @hivebuzz! You received a personal badge!

You made it rain on the HiveWhale!

You can view your badges on your board And compare to others on the Ranking

Awesome, here was my transaction
One can never have enough badges :)

Congratulations on your Proof of Spray @stayoutoftherz

That´s fun. 😎


He he, one more badge to you 🐳

My proof of spray:

Well done @hivebuzz and @roelandp, this sounds great and all strength to this effort.
Count us in and here's our transaction.

Your transaction is on the way! Here is the ID of the transaction: 3eed2945417f7e37c82398cc3c4a307c5dd6d5c7

Great initiative @roelandp and @hivebuzz! So important to keep the fun at Hive! Great job! <3

Hi, thanks for your support.@hivebuzz.
I have already donated 1hive.

Thank you for participating @gertu


Notifications have been enabled.

Greetings, folks, I've already put my proof of spray on, folks

Thank you @davidcentenor, your badge is coming!

donated. cheers.

Thank you @koskl, you should get your PoS badge soon!

Haha, what a cool idea, that's great fun 😉

Do you need to post here for the Badge?

Nockzonk's Whale Spray

Thanks 🐳

No need to post you spray here, but it's friendly to share it.
The Whale badge is now yours 👍

Hey, what a great, literally, idea!

Let it spray!

Apoyando a la ballena #HiveWhale"
Saludos @hivebuzz

Muchas gracias @henrycalu!

excellent work it will be helpful for people

You're welcome @faysal72
Support us back and vote for our witness.
You will get one more badge and more powerful upvotes from us on your posts with your next notifications.

Its been awhile since I sprayed, maybe tomorrow haha.

You made it spray! 🎉

Can I get the badge retrospectively.
I did a Hive Whale Spray a couple of months ago.

Unfortunately no, we do not process previous transactions.
You will have to make it spray again 😉

Yay! I finally caught the whale when it wasn't dark! And holy cannoli, Batman - that was quick! The ink had barely dried on my GIF when I noticed my badge was already awarded - nicely done, @hivebuzz!

Hive whale spray.jpg

(also, is there a way to save the actual gif? I was only able to grab the still... it's probably something obvious I'm missing... 😜

Okay, answering my own question... LOL!

I just saw the memo in my wallet, thanking me for the donation, with a link to this awesomesauce gif. Thanks again, @hivebuzz and @roelandp! ❤️ 🐳

Hive whale spray GIF.gif

Cool spray @traciyork. Enjoy your new badge!

Great initiative and fantastic work of @roelandp!

Greets @roelandp
Nice project indeed, and yeah I participated. Also willing to make a post about it, but I wait for the gif to post it, will I get one or is it random ?

@itharagaian #45209865 1.000 HIVE Long life to the animal reign

That's my blocknumber.

Do I need to post here the proof of spray to receive my badge? 😊😊

No, just do the spray things and the badge will be yours

I only get ESTM points. How do I get the hive points and the others. I want to participate.

Lol. Ok.
I sent 1 hive to see this. It's a great idea. :D

You made it while the whale was in sleep mode. You will have to redo it to get your badge 😅

But... But... Argh..
I live in Vietnam, what time should I send it?? Arghhhhhhhh.. Can you put like a green or red ticker in the page to let people know if she is on or off?

Can you put like a green or red ticker in the page to let people know if she is on or off?

Let's ping @roelandp for your request 👆

@hivebuzz how to claim my badge? :)

Still waiting...
Transaction id.JPG

Please apologize. We will check this with @roelandp

@hivebuzz @roelandp ~ I did a spray a month ago to celebrate my 3rd anniversary on the blockchain. I was able to see the spray on the webcam (yay!). I never got the badge, though.

Also, the website had a listing of all the people who had recently paid for a spray, which I thought was cool, and the GIFs of their sprays were there underneath. I refreshed the page a couple of times to see my GIF added to the gallery, but it never was added. Shortly afterwards, the website seems to have changed and none of the listings or GIFs are there any more. I thought maybe the website was being rewritten, so I said nothing, but it is still that way, a month later. What happened to the GIFs and the list of 'Recent Sprays?' 😕

Here is my transaction:

The whale is awesome! I did an online search and read about it and the other whales that are part of the same art project! It's a fabulous initiative! 😃

Better late than never, asked @roelandp to check it 😀

the website should still be updated to support after HF24... thx for pointing out. It's unfortunate but true that due to Hardfork there had been some issues with HiveWhale (me lagging to update the script)

I will lookup your donation and refund right away.

Also,.... Unfortunately you have to wait to Northern Hemisphere spring again, as the Whalefountain is now out of order: In hibernation across winter, to preserver the internals for the rough seas (even in the harbour).

Sorry for the inconvenience, and asking some patience for you to retry the Hivewhale next year when it comes out of it's wintersleep again :)

this badge dont work no more?

The Hive Whale is hibernating during winter. 😴

oh no, wake him i want my spray U_U

In the long run what can be done with those badges

Actually, badges are just for fun. In the long term, we plan to creator more challenged with reward pool.
To help us implement this, it would be very appreciated if you could support our proposal!

respaldo para la ballena hermanos hivebuzz