Computer-Generated Chess Problem 02888

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An original 'KRBPP vs kpp' #3 chess problem generated by a computer using the relatively new computational creativity approach called the 'DSNS'. Chesthetica is able to generate mates in 3, mates in 4, mates in 5, study-like constructs and also compose problems using specific combinations of pieces fed into it (e.g. instructing it to compose something using a queen, rook and bishop vs. queen and two knights). Read more about it on ChessBase. Noteworthy here is that a chess position with over 7 pieces could not have been derived or taken from an endgame tablebase because 7 pieces is the present limit.


2B5/8/8/8/3pk3/6K1/2Pp1P1R/8 w - - 0 1
White to Play and Mate in 3
Chesthetica v11.64 (Selangor, Malaysia)
Generated on 7 Apr 2020 at 10:25:15 AM
Solvability Estimate = Easy

Composing a chess puzzle or problem requires creativity and it's not easy even for most humans. Chesthetica composes everything autonomously (no human intervention) and even chooses the main line of the solution to show you. Why not time yourself how long it took you to solve this? Solving chess puzzles like this can also help improve your game. If you're bored of standard chess, though, why not try this?

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