Andrew Tate, Chess and Life

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Paul Morphy: The ability to play chess is the sign of a gentleman. The ability to play chess well is the sign of a wasted life.

Below, Tate expresses the concept above a little differently, but I like his version even better:

Not my video, just a link to youtube

Who's got the bigger brain Piers?

Oh how that fired back at him!

I like Tate. I don't necessarily like the character he is playing, but the success speaks for itself;
Don't hate the player, hate the game.

I like his wit, the underlying message he is spreading and his positive outlook.

The only dangerous thing about this man (besides challenging him to a fight) is how some people idolize him and follow every single word of his. But that is not his fault. That is an actually toxic pattern in our society today.

Whenever someone like him rises up and shows cracks in the Matrix, some people treat them like they are some sort of prophet. They take every single statement as advice, perceiving every move the new messiah makes as perfect.
That is just a sick attitude. It is impossible to always be right. To follow another man blindly like that, is just ridiculous. It's a sign of a weak mind.
Likewise, finding one single statement of a person and use it to discredit everything about them and 'cancel' them is about as stupid.

He could be rigtht about a lot and still say something wrong the next day.
That's normal; Get over it.

What's actually scary

What actually scares me about this whole thing is that he got canceled (apparently) on all social media at the same time.
This cooperation between the big corporations and the political elite is any faschists dream.
We are living in it right now.

I am glad seeing himself rehabilitating.
It gives me some hope, that they can not keep people down like this anymore.
It also gives me hope, how Piers changed over the years. The 'new Piers' is actually much more likeable and respectful.

What a match!

Without idolizing him: Tate did amazing in this game of chess.
Chess at a normal level (not with that sweaty, grindy, lamer attitude that has taken over the internet) is just a display of intelligence.
Being able to play it well, just shows how smart someone is. You can not train for that. Chess can teach you very quickly, where you stand in this context.

For some, this might be a hard pill to swallow, but intelligence can not really be improved upon.
It's something you are given at birth and you can only decrease it.
It's an expression of genes, similar to physical height, or color of skin.

Self Improvement

To perform well under pressure like Tate did above, can be trained for, though.
If you are thrown off balance easily, you may not be able to display your intellect.
Without mental strength, the smartest person could act like an idiot.

You can work on that by pushing yourself out of your comfort-zone.
Cancelling someone, because they made you feel uncomfortable, will work against you in that sense. If you refuse any challenge presented to you, you give yourself no chance to improve.

If I learned anything from the broader self-improvement community:
Get out of your comfort-zone!
Challenge yourself; Do something that makes you sweat!

Short term it can be very uncomfortable, in the long run it will make your life better.
In that context I also respect Piers.

What made him lose the match above were his emotions and the lack of control over them.
Tate got in his head and Piers choked.

Your own emotions are something you should not ignore, but you should be able to observe them, rather than having them guide or control you. Meditate!


I was just flowing, when writing this thing.
I guess there is no conclusion.
There may be some messages in it and maybe they resonates with someone.

Have a nice day.


Paul Morphy: The ability to play chess is the sign of a gentleman. The ability to play chess well is the sign of a wasted life.

Then good to know that I have not wasted my life (I do not play chess well). :-D


But really/seriously. Recently (a few minutes ago) I played against an American player (mrjerryjayfizz) on, and he easily won the match by giving me a checkmate.

I guess there is no conclusion.

The above mentioned thing is probably a good conclusion for me. :-D

By the way, I played the above mentioned chess match on the go. We (my brother and me) are going to visit our (step or real) father in Diósd, Hungary. We still do not know whether he is our real father or not, but based on our recent few meetings, he acts very much as a real father. Today we will have a family Christmas lunch. I will post about it later (probably in the evening). I also took and still taking a few photos in Budapest.

Merry Christmas.

Have a nice day and have a nice weekend.
All the best. Greetings and much love from Hungary.

Tate is soo controversial but still I wanted to write about him. I am not sure why I haven't wrote about it but soon after reading this on, I will write my version soo.

I think this blog do have conclusion. Stop blaming winter for feeling lazy. Get a washer although it's cold. Don't smell fishy. xD

Get out of comfort zone and stop being lazy 🦥


Tried a sweater type shirt. Wasn't sure if I should wear it in public but turns out cool. When taking this image, I realized I need to fix beard. Looks like a trip to saloon needed. xD

See how a simple post concluded, I need to visit saloon xD

Feel free to link it here, in case I miss it.
Would love to read your thoughts on, and the controvery around him.

Already did. Edited my above comment @felixxx

Wasn't expecting a quick reply.

The beard needs a trim, but I think it suits you, generally.

I challenge you to write about Tate on your blog :P

Ya it suits me maybe and I was only saying about trim too. Not completely remove it. I will definitely try to write about tate as I like to improve SEO of hive blogs so more can join.

Tate is definitely the most searched person and one of the blogs might hit web2 audience. ;)

Curangle discussion is still pending. Waiting for u in dm someday 😅

Curangle discussion is still pending. Waiting for u in dm someday 😅

Before spending the time typing in dms, I'd rather type it out and post it on my blog, or, if you feel like it, we can discuss things in a call.

Discussion on call would be much better. Cause I am pro supporter of curangle and you are a little bit opposite. When I will listen to your ideas, I would be sharing mine. I believe when listening to my side, u might start to respect curangle atleast on minor pinpoint facts.

I love chess and I play it since I was a child, but playing chess well can be a great attitude towards negotiation and strategical decisions. I would love to play it more and better but time is a limited resource

Did you even get past the first sentence of what I wrote?

I read it all but I took the chance to speak about chess and my opinion about chess

but... my first sentence was this:

The ability to play chess well is the sign of a wasted life.


nvm, though.
Thanks for checking out my blog.

I know it, but I always consider different opinions a form of personal enrichment :D
And yeah, maximalism is no good in any form. Neither in chess, nor in nutrition or else!

Thanks for posting such good contents :D

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