Why you should STOP posting pictures of your Kids (or children in general!)

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Hello Steemians!

I finally decided to write this post. I know everyone is free to post about whatever they want. But I keep seeing everywhere parents uploading pictures & videos of their kids on internet. And worse, these pics or videos becoming viral!!! 

So here it comes:

The 5 reasons why you should stop sharing pics & videos of children

1. You cannot control where these pictures/videos will end up

You take the picture and share it with your family whatsapp group. Then, your cousin who thinks your kid's picture is funny, cute or whatsover, shares it with another closer whatsapp group of friends. One of these friends, uploads the picture in Facebook, stating, "look how cute is the baby of a friend of a friend..!" ...and so and so. 

What if one day you find your kids picture is everywhere - used as a meme, or even worse, in the hands of criminals or pederasts??

2. They remain in internet FOREVER! 

We are in blockchain...this is obvious right? We know content here is here forever and cannot be deleted!

3. Can be used by criminals to commit crimes against you or your children

Criminals are able to follow up someones live through the internet. By just checking the information you post in there, they may find out where you live, what are your habits, when your home is empty...?

It is estimated that 92% of children in the United States already have a digital identity before 2 years!, So these images can be manipulated and used for harassment, extortion or consumer pornography. (Source)

4. Your kids have no voice yet to express what they want.

Once they grow up, they will find out their life has been exposed (and remains forever!) to strangers. There have already been cases of young people who prosecute their parents for having exposed their lives in the network. And they are right! Why do you think you have the power and control of sharing with strangers their intimacy? 

This is not your live, but theirs to decide!

Will your children in the future want their photos in their pijamas or eating spaghetti to flood the network? Maybe they do not want that image of them to spread!

5. We know you really love your kids and you are very proud of them..

...but really, this only cares to you and your family. "Using" your kids as a claim for getting upvotes just isn't cool! 

When parents share photos of their children on the Internet, they "normalize" this behavior, which children internalize without further ado. "Afterwards we can not ask them not to send photos by whatsapp when they are 14, when they are already responsible for their data, if that is what they have seen at home with all naturalness since they were young." (source)

Having said that, I will never UPVOTE or contribute sharing any post containing pictures or videos of children! 

So, parents in Steemit, please spend some minutes thinking of all this before you actually post your next kid's post.

Thanks for reading!