Daily Prayer Series: Simple Praise

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I found myself this morning cresting a hill on my morning commute and the view of the Cascades was simply breath taking. I have a sort of iPod in my head... it holds all the songs I've ever heard I suspect... the view caused it to hit "play" and I found myself humming the hymn "For the Beauty of the Earth"

This prayer emerged as I partook of God's incredible beauty.


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What a stunning day today Lord. The sun blazing... the air so crisp. I feel this day to be prepared just for me (I know it's not just mine... but sometimes it sure feels like it... I'll share... I promise!)

An advent of Beauty... and I am in Awe.

Who are we that you are mindful of us?? Weak and small... brash and stubborn... sniveling and ungrateful... questioning doubters... how do we have such gifts...
...of life
... of creation
... of goodness poured out
... of purpose and calling and opportunities to bless and serve and love
... of Your abiding presence
... of your Son who calls and names us "friends"

Who are we that you are mindful of us? You gave us such capacities and even power... to create... to share... to shoulder... to laugh... to bear... to forgive... Yet we too often use our power more to our own ends than to Yours.

...and yet you remain, patiently abiding with us...
shaping and molding...
reminding and reconciling...
forgiving and redeeming...

God you are Good
In the beauty of this dawn... I have no better words that even come close to speaking the awe welling up within me. You are truly, firmly, enduringly, fiercely, compassionately, everlastingly Good...

... and I thank you for this...


I want to say "thanks" for sharing this adventure together. If you find these prayer times to be valuable, would you consider reSteeming them? For those interested I have recently opened a series up called the "Theology of Steem" where I'll be looking at various aspects of this Steemit experience through a theological lens. The opening post, where I explain this hair brained idea can be found here
The AudioPrayer version of this prayer expereince will be posted here



I love how you capture "worship" in the observance of your surroundings. God's goodness is evident throughout creation.

Thanks for the complement. I'm increasingly convinced that worship is more of a way of life / rhythm of life than a particular momentary event. The more I allow God to work me in that direction the more I'm finding God to be speaking at all times... "without ceasing" with my part becoming more and more... "give me eyes to see and ears to hear."

Thanks for the kind word... hey on a different note - if you get a chance pop over to my introduction to my Theology of Steemit series I'm bringing online. I'd love to get your take / have you join the conversation moving forward. I already KNOW I like how you think... would love your voice in the dialogue.

He has an everlasting love for us which is unconditional and ever unfading. Nice post.

Yes indeed! Thanks for the kind word. Peace & hope to see you around!

God is good all the time. Not because our kindness God loves us. Knowing Him personally is grace. He accepts us as we are, regardless of our form and our background. His love He declares through Jesus who dying to save us. This is the greatest miracle in our lives. Praise the Lord. I am very excited to speak about goodness of God.

You and me both my friend! Blessing and peace to you today. I look forward to seeing you around.

Thank you, may the blessing of God aboundend up on you to day. To make your day fullfil with joy and happiness.

"I have a sort of iPod in my head..."

Yeah, I have a rather large storage set there as well... but it may be an Android? Or something better...

I can hear the song as well.

BTW, my Library Christianity Shelf has been updated with all the Curmudgeon series as well as other stuff... FYI. :)

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nice... I'll be sure to read on through. I've found I like how you think good sir. :)

Ah, my brother and friend, beware the bumps in the road! ;)

When you hit them, and I suspect you will, I pray you'll touch base with me and ask whatever questions may arise. Hint: it is my considered intent to submit myself to the global teaching of scripture, so that is the sword you must wield in any contest. ;)

Oh ho my friend... bumps in the road... I'm sure they will be there, but here's what I've had a patient Teacher and Friend call me to across these 46.3 years... the power of love, friendship, and unity provided through Christ, in Christ, and solely because of Christ becomes an amazing steamroller... flattening out the bumps and providing the way forward for great relationships in the making. I will absolutely converse with you about questions and likely even places I think you may be wrongheaded (God knows I've got my fair share). We will examine scriptures together and in the midst I suspect God will find ways to refine, hone, and even change us from the inside out in the exchanges. It's not just my hope... it's my certainty for that is what God does to us (sometimes despite us) when the body of Christ assembles, in whatever form that assembly takes. I am so glad we crossed paths!
:^)... now to sharpen that sword... ;^0

I pray it always cuts me first... I cannot grow any other way.