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The Flintstones
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They Are A Modern Stoneage Family

Jump in my Way Back machine and we will travel back to 1960 Joseph Barbera and William Hanna created The Flintstones. This primetime 30-minute animated situation comedy ran from 1960 to 1966. Even though it was animated and as children my sister, brother, and I watched it Saturday mornings, this show was not a children's animation dealing with complicated themes like marital trust and fidelity, the pressures of working a job, living paycheck to paycheck, and many more. Episode 2 of Season 1 is entitled “Hot Lips Hannigan”.

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Here are Some Theme Song Trivia

The first two seasons of the Flinstones did not play “Meet The Flintstones” rather the show started with Fred already in his car driving through the town picking up his dry cleaning and being greeted at home by Wilma with dinner. Oddly enough Dino is sleeping and looks at Fred but does not knock him down.

For those first two seasons the song “Rise and Shine” is used. I was shocked. The popular theme song is not used until Season 3 Episode 3 entitled “Barney The Invisible”. The “Meet The Flintstones” theme song was used in both the opening and closing credits. This version of the song was recorded by a 22-piece big band conducted by Curtin and performed by the Randy Van Horne Singers.

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Did You Know There Was a Comic Book?

July in 1961 Dell Pub/Gold Key produced the first The Flintstones comic book in the Dell Giant #48. Since the show first aired in the Fall of 1960, you can see that after just 1 successful season of the TV show boom they released the comic book. That first run went for 60 issues so about 5 years as they were a monthly publication.

Of course, there were many runs and different runs published since. In fact, in 2017 DC Comics signed writer Mark Russel and Artist Steve Pugh, and they updated the story a bit.

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Will The Family Guy Become A Children’s Show?

This is my own musing. Back in the day, The Flintstones was a Prime Time family show, then within 20 years, it became a children-only type of property with the newer stories being targeted directly to children.

I know Family Guy is a lot edgier than The Flintstones but the two shows are about 4 decades apart. Maybe in the next 20 years, we will see family guy characters with stories that have been adapted for children. Probably not but who can see the future? Not me.

Thank you all for your time 😃



I personally always loved the flintstones :) brings up good memories!

May I point out to you that you forgot to put sources to the images?
Please make sure to add them to avoid getting into trouble with HiveWatchers :)

Thank you so much for the reminder I am so accustomed to using my own pictures or making them in Canva that I completely forgot. Thank you they are fixed now. 👍

I didn't know the flinstones used to be a comic book.

And I surely did not know that they didn't start using the song until the third season.

I loved watching the flinstones as a kid though I think all I got were reruns.

Bam Bam of course was my fav.

Lol this is so much fun. The CineTv community along with ComicBooks fan/pro communities are a lot of fun for me.
That is the cool thing about writing about your favorite shows, I did not know about the theme song until I research it.
Did you find this on ListNerds ?

Probably yes, because that's where most of the posts I read have been found lately.

Im enjoying the program.

That is so awesome, I am sure you have a great sponsor but if you ever have any questions feel free to ask 😀

Nice synopsis of an old favourite, Chris. I spent many hours of my early years watching the Flintstones. Thanks for the memories. "Yabba Dabba Doo"

CineTV is a nice break from the online business stuff 😉

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What a great post. I remember watching this show every day as a kid. It was one of my favorites along with Rocky and Bullwinkle which also had many adult themes.
Thanks I had not thought about this for a while.

Rocky and Bullwinkle were awesome. "And Now For Something Different"
Did you know that June Foray voiced Rocket "Rocky" J Squirrel from 1959-2014?

The show was Yabba Dabba Cool to watch

I still laugh to this day at some of the antics lol

Darn that brought back memories

Nostalgia is an awesome feeling 😀

Ahh, my childhood cartoons Flintstones and Jetsons, I love them !PIZZA

I enjoy the entire Hanna-Barbera catalog 😀

When I was little, my siblings and I also watched "The Flintstones" on Saturday mornings. There have been a lot of different takes over the years but I still like the original the best. Take care.

I agree with you I think the original was the best made one.


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Never knew the Flintstones was a comic book. I also didn't realize it had a different theme song the first 2 years. Thanks for sharing on ListNerds.

No problem, it was a joy 👍