The world doesn't care about Steem, or Hive, or Blockchain for that matter. What it cares about is a valuable source of information (which is censorship free). Sadly that aspect of this platform seems to be forgotten if not dead.

Steem (and all blockchains really) are still in a very early and experimental phase. All the issues currently going on with the Steemit stake and other things are all things that Steem "got wrong" and the community is discussing/trying different things to fix it and iterate on the experiment. Naturally this is what the vast majority of people who are here right now care about and that's what will get attention.

These things need to be fixed before there is any chance of "the world" participating here, and no one knows what the best way is to make all of this work, so we keep experimenting. It may take a very long time, and it's possible it may never really work out or catch on, but the goal is that eventually we'll get there and then we should have separate communities with separate tokens and reward pools and rules for different groups of people with similar interests and no one will be caught up discussing how the underlying system works because that's already been figured out years ago (aka now).

So yes, you're absolutely right - content discovery is not really on anyone's mind right now because we're still trying to figure out how this whole thing can work in a decentralized way. This stuff isn't easy, and takes way longer than most people expect, but keep doing what you're doing even it's not noticed - it's all part of the experiment and even if things fail, it provides a lot to be learned and to improve on with the next iteration.

I'm with you. Enough posts about Steemit already!

As always, really impressed with your compositions. It's a talent I never had as a musician. I keep meaning to catch up on your older posts now that I have a piano (!) again to see if I can try out a piece. Anything you suggest?

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