An Organist Should Not Go Skating

in #classical-music3 years ago

Like most of my fellow countrymen I went skating last saturday. And like some 40000 of them I made a nasty fall. Now my left wrist is broken and my left knee is seriously hurt to the point that I can not walk.

And of course, I can't play the organ now either. Perhaps I could play something for right hand and right hand, but since I can't walk or even stand, it's impossible to get on the organ bench.

I can only hope both wrist and knee heal in such a way that I'll be able to play again. Would be terrible if hand or knee end up stiff. Best not to dwell for too long on that thought.

I still have a series of recordings I have not published yet. So I can still make some posts. Hopefully, when I run out of recordings, I'll be able to make some new ones.

In hindsight I should have stayed in bed, last Saturday. Still it was a beautifull day, and we enjiyed it immensely. Till that fateful moment I fell....

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Nooooooo @partitura !!!!! No, no, no :(

Your left wrist is broken 😔 I am sorry!! I wish you a quick and entire recovery, as when you run out of prerecorded videos, you will need to come back with that amazing independent left hand playing.

I was six years old... I fell on ice and broken my left arm... Few years ago my son fell, broken the left arm... (He plays the violin) Last year a pianist friend fell while , left arm broken. What is happening with left hands/arms/wrists always

Btw, the photos are beautiful, the snow, ice, sun... I can understand you went skating 🤗

The wrist will heal is a few weeks, I think. It's the knee that really worries me. Only time will tell if it'll heal properly.
Let's hope for the best

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Let's hope it heals... relatively quickly 🙏

Wow, these are really bad news. I'm so sorry for you. I hope you get well soon!

Thanks. I hope both wrist and knee will heal properly.

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Don't know if an organ shall never skate, but it's a very unfortunate event you've had. I suppose you are not alone with many others ending up flat on the ice in one or the other way. Hope you recover is quick, but I suppose something broken takes weeks (6?) to heal. Wish you a good recovery and hope you can still have some great memories of the mini winter we have behind us.

Yes, there were a lot of accidents because of the skating. I'm not the only one. Still, I hope everything heals properly and I can play again.

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I do hope with you! Goog luck at least :)

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