Hive Tour Update - Advanced posting

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Last week, we introduced you to the brand new Hive Tour that we had concocted for you.

If you missed it, here is the introduction post.

We are delighted with the positive reception it received and the fact that this has encouraged many of you to participate more actively in the social part of the Hive life.

A small detour to Valentine's Day

For a few days, we got distracted by the Valentine's Day.

It was for us a good opportunity to remind people that we are a community above all and how strong the ties that unite us are.

At the time of writing, more than 330 people have spread the love on the Hive blockchain with their testimony to those they appreciate. Hurry up, it's still time to offer your Valentine's Day badge to someone!

Introducing advanced posting stages

Now, let's go back to the tour with the new additions:

These new stages and steps will allow you to familiarize yourself with features that are sometimes less used when you publish your posts, but which can be very useful when you work in a team.

1. Beneficiaries

Hive allows you to define other beneficiaries for the payout of your posts or comments.

This is useful when you want to share the remuneration of your publication with your collaborators or when you simply want to pass it on to someone to thank them.

2. Payout mode

Hive offers several payment methods for your publications.

The most common is the 50/50 mode which gives you 50% of your payout in Hive Power and the other 50% in HBD (or liquid HIVE if HBDs are no longer printed).

But there are many other alternatives that we suggest you discover.

More to come

We are at the very beginning of our journey on the Hive Tour. We are putting the finishing touches on the next stages and steps which will be revealed to you in the coming days.

Let's tease you a bit: we currently have around 140 of them (with more being added regularly as we come up with new ideas) and we only implemented and released 35. As you can see there will be lots of fun!

The HiveBuzz Team

HiveBuzz is a project created by @arcange


Some very good static information that new users, even older users can find very helpful.

Thanks a lot @bashadow for your comment! 😊👍

This is great, it give people small simple tasks to explore various features on hive!

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That's the goal @shmoogleosukami, thanks for your comment!

Great I will sure green the rest of my options also soon indeed, Great updates 🤝🍻🙏

Thanks for your feedback @bhattg, we are happy to see that it motivates you 😉👍

My pleasure @hivebuzz, Yes it surw motivates me 😬⁦✌️⁩🍻🙏

Keep up the great work! Definitely has made the onboarding process much simpler for me than I imagine it would have been without.

Thanks a lot @gatticus, for this nice comment! 😊

I am happy to hear that, the HIVE are getting update day by day. Hopefully in the future the HIVE will continue to grow and the HIVE TOUR will be completed soon.

Thank you @alexa-macro for your comment 😉👍

We're excited!

And we're happy to read that! 😊👍

😍 wonder if a next tour stage will be about Hive Power Up Day, cause that would be awesome right @traciyork

Might be... might not... 😀

Woot $hive woot #teloskanda team this great ideal and good job Reading is learning. I know #kanda will reach moon to mar l love the updates features you add

@ The HiveBuzz Team. What 105 more ideas? 105 journeys?

We will reveal them later... Stay tuned!


Excelent hivebuzz

To continue giving support in what we can @hivebuzz