The Independent Clause

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The Independent Clause

The independent clause is a clause or a sentence phrase that stands alone. These are used in sentence diagrams. Its antithesis is a dependent clause. An example of an independent clause is, “A cat eats a rat.”

A dependent clause is a clause or a sentence phrase. that does not stand alone. In sentence diagrams, a dependent clause is grammatically called a fragment. An example of a dependent clause is “Because the rats are pests”; the sentence structure sure sounds like a fragment (even if you were typing on a word processor application on a computer, it would show a green underline which requires a grammar check).

While independent clauses and dependent clauses are not only limited to sentence diagrams, they are also reflected in humans and many other objects in pairs. A pair is two dependent clauses that are merged into an independent clause. Shoes and socks are pairs. Animals are pairs. Humans and humanoids themselves are pairs.


It is written in 1 Corinthians 11:11: “In Yah-Hovah, however, a woman is not independent of a man, nor is a man independent of a woman.” I, Juan Mirieth Auriel, say, “By the will of the Innermost, a man is dependent on a woman, and a woman is dependent on a man.” In the name of truth, man and woman are a pair of human beings. Male and female are also a pair. A male needs a female, and a female needs a male. Man is created for a woman, and a woman is created for a man. In every man exists a female aspect; likewise, in every woman exists a male aspect. Little and behold: A man is not a man without a woman; likewise, a woman is not a woman without a man.

A man, or male, is a dependent clause. A woman, or female, is also a dependent clause. Uniting male (man) and female (woman) to one creates an independent clause. This independent clause is the will to return to the kingdom of his Innermost.

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