For a better and clean decentralized world, avoid Pitchlution!

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Hello everyone!

In so many ways Humanity showed that they shouldn't have good things in their hands because they ended up corrupt, destroy or pollute.

With marketers and businesses rising through the years, the competition and advertisement increased exponentially as well.

Traditional social media is so polluted with bad marketers, bad ads and spam that the very few good ones stay lost in the middle or people gave up believing.

I don't want the same fate for Hive.

It is already being used to farm tokens, practice plagiarism or even to try hacking accounts but also being used to promote things in the most pitchy and spammy way.

If you don't like to be spammed or pitched, don't expect others to accept your pitch!

Hive should be a place to share your thoughts and passions! It should be a place to communicate with each other with respect building good relationships with people all over the world!

Of course, you can promote yourself and your business(es), but you need to think like a consumer and not a seller. You need to show them why you? Why your product?

in Content Inc. Second Edition by Joe Pulizzi

Plagiarism is another nasty pollution! If you don't know what to write, don't go to the easy route and copy-paste what others already did! Or use it without giving any credit to the original author, text or images!

Hey, I get it that sometimes it's difficult to grab a topic and elaborate, but take inspiration from other authors and communicate with them!

Also, there must be something that you like to talk about without sticking a buy my stuff promo! You can use the bottom of your posts for that without damaging your content!

Provide value to your content and improve it by writing every day!

And by every day really meaning every day and not once every blue moon!
How do you expect to get some credibility and more followers by stop writing and come back after months? Or even worse, come back and throw a freaking pitching post?


Make this world a better place by being yourself and write the best way you can as you like reading from others!

When you don't feel writing, don't push yourself too hard, but don't give up either!

Have fun with it, push your inner creativity!

Better results and rewards will come eventually :)




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Good deal calling out plagiarism. As humans, sometimes we consider the 'easy button' of copying someone else to be the shortest way to achieve victory. The only problem? Plagiarism may solve your problem of posting content, but it absolutely destroys your credibility and character.

Great article. I remember reading the exact section you posted in the book page photo. :D

It motivates me to read when there are others reading the same.
We are on the same page! pun intended lol

Using other people's creativity without any credit it's just a lack of respect...I'm always checking if I'm using other things and give proper credit..if I missed in some occasion was not intentional.
I noticed some people using the same header as CTP used for the challenge without even a caption or so..well some at least add the link to the post but wouldn't be better to make their own to be different? Now when I see it it seems the CTP post is showing up multiple times lol

But it is what it is...the downvote button is ready to shoot if needed hehe


I hardly ever use the downvote button, but there have been times.....

Yeah me's tempting though!

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I can say that trying to write something everyday on Hive, has helped me writing outside of it exponentially, especially in being more effective with my time department. Also not a big fan of people taking the easy road; yes be smart and effective, but don't be lazy.

Well said! And I'm very happy that writing here helped you so much!
It helped me a lot as well!
I was always afraid of what people would think, now I don't care much as you notice here on this little rant lol

Let's keep pushing for a better and awesome place 😁


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I completely agree and have been screaming at the mountains for years for people to stop "pitching" in their posts, it is more effective in the long term to build a community based on mutual interest and the want for your information.

This is only reiterated in the book Content INC. It is such a simple concept yet so hard for many to understand. Give value first, stop trying to sell at every turn. It does and will work in the long term!

I'm starting to think that this book should be mandatory in some way if people want to start businesses lol

And this book is heavy enough to slap "meh people" ahaha


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