CoinGecko is Tracking Steem Hard Fork on the Front Page!

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Countdown to Hardfork.png

Steem Hard Fork 21 is happening in less than 4 days!

As the world’s foremost functional blockchain-based decentralized social media network, Steem will yet again set another milestone by improving its blockchain functionalities and implement a better token econnomy. This will be done via Steem Hard Fork 21, in which the consortium of Top 20 witnesses have achieved consensus for.

Hard Fork 21 is a Go

To anticipate the countdown, we at CoinGecko has published a special page where users of the site can count down towards Steem hard fork 21.

The countdown is now prominently featured on CoinGecko's Front Page!

The first thing visitors will see is a countdown to Steem hard fork

With millions of dedicated users coming to our website for the sole purpose of keeping updated or researching the cryptocurrency market, we are confident that this countdown will get some of our users interested in learning more about Steem Hard Fork.

Approaching Hard Fork 21

As a Steem User, you do not need to do anything during Steem hard fork 21. Do expect some changes and be prepared for the possibility that some Steem Dapps may experience issues during the transition to Hard Fork 21.

As a Steem Stakeholder and trader, trading of Steem on Exchanges should largely be unaffected. That being said, we will monitor for any possibility and put up a notice on CoinGecko's Steem Page if the worst were to happen.

Make sure that the witnesses you've voted have already upgraded to Witness Node Version 0.21.0 by the time the Hard Fork occur.

(We are currently replaying our witness node as you are reading this, hold tight as we upgrade to Version 0.21.0 real soon!)

CoinGecko Separator.png

CoinGecko as a Witness on Steem

We are proud to be an active participant and witness on Steem over the year. We believe that a platform such as Steem will benefit businesses greatly with interesting token economy.

Moreover, we've seen time and time again how centralized platforms abused their mandate and trust from the users all because alternatives were not an option - something has to change.

We believe that there is a lot more potential for Steem and we would like to play a role as Steem develops further.

You can read more about why we run a witness node on Steem here.

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As a Steemian and a member of @coingecko, this is uber great news.

It's hightime Steem has something good to show for the crypto masses and reignite their interest to this blockchain community.

I, for one will be staring at @coingecko's front page to gawk at the countdown as Hard Fork 21 approaches.

I'd also like to reiterate @timcliff's open letter to Steem that though Hard Fork 21 does not solve all the issues of Steem, it is a step in the right direction.

No system is perfect and perfection doesn't exist, only continuous improvements.

To the detractors of the hard fork, i can only tell you to stay on around abit after hard fork 21 to see if #NewSteem really isn't to your liking. Give it some time before you decided to unstake and exit the community, no one can stop you.

Thank you so much for this. This is what I love to see out of Steem Witnesses and why I will continue to vote for the CoinGecko Steem Witness!

Thank you for spreading awareness. This is what I love to see out of Steem Witnesses and why I will continue to vote for the CoinGecko Steem Witness!

Thank you @coingecko.

I wonder what the price of the steem will be after the hard fork.

7 cents

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I think we can go lower...but I hope not

It wasn't meant negatively it's realistic. It doesn't mean I stop steem it just means it's a bumpy ride and people must see the whole picture. 😉

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It will drop to $.065

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Here's to hopin we are forkin in the right direction.

CoinGecko putting up a countdown notice for Steem is a huge thing! Time to get Steem back into the spotlight!

Protip: Give a star to Steem at the @coingecko's website! We gotta pump up the numbers guys!


7266 people like this? THOSE ARE ROOKIE NUMBERS!!!

I wanna be throwing midgets at a velcro wall! Get me those numbers!

(I hope you guys get the reference...)

Very nice. I love seeing this on the front page! ❤️

This is pretty cool :-) I'll use your countdown instead of mine!

That's cool! Thanks for tracking the hardfork. Glad to have you guys onboard.

Thanks for running the live stream update keeping track of the progress @coingecko :) We'll be rolling some Bitcoin Dice meanwhile enjoying the popcorn, don't mind us.


can't wait. love the change on curation in the hard fork. a newer have big pay puts on anything a do but a dont delegate a way my SP (or a do to my second user) but there a run a small game and get most of my earnings from curation. now it will make more sens... steem on...maby more user now will keep there sp on the user and not delegating it all away. to the big boys, all the small ones can grow strong together

Coingecko is really best to find out any cryptocurrency. Also thanks for tracking steem hardfork...

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Putting a public spotlight on HF21 is a good thing, if HF21 is a good thing. Publicizing an internal disaster wouldn't be productive.
So, let's hope it's a good fork. I'm extremely worried about the fact that it empowers the powerful and takes from the poor, in more ways than one.

Hopefully for the better? Cheers mike

Thank you for your continued support.

I didn't even know you had a witness. Gave you my last remaining witness vote after removing a disabled witness.

Best of Luck!


It sure would be great to get you in the Top 20 witnesses! How do we make that happen? We need to get you a @freedom and @blocktrades vote. You would be a great addition to Steem in the Top 20.

Thanks for your support of Steem. I hope to see it much higher in your chart soon.

This post has been included in the latest edition of The Steem News - a compilation of the key news stories on the Steem blockchain.

I have been down voted this is not fair!

you need to start naming your sources then over time you will have your rep back.

..nice welcome..up.. follow you..

Interesting information, I will be pending

Interesting information, I will be pending

I won't lie. I've been on the site for the past couple of days and didn't notice it.
Maybe it's just me but it never caught my eye.

When I did click the link for it the hardfork page is brilliant. Really eye catching and informative.

And I also follow this pages .. :))

"better token economics" is a stretch.

Also, there's no need to suggest folks vote for witnesses running 21. Most users will lose out from this change, so the right advice for most people looking out for their own interests would be to unvote any witnesses running 21 and switch to a witness running 20.

You can easily do this by designating @tcpolymath as your proxy.

Make sure you understand the changes in 21. Make sure you know what you're voting for. If you don't like the proposals, you can try to help stop it.

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are you doing improv?

I am doing improv. In fact, if you're in Los Angeles, you can see me doing improv this Friday and Saturday at 8pm.

Are you doing acid, yo?


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Didn't even know this was happening . As a noob to the crypto space, it's nice to see people actually educating!?

Great work @coingecko. I'm constantly checking this countdown timer once in a while.

wow very excited on this upcoming change. Great work @coingecko

Nice work! Thank you very much.

Finally an exciting thing is in the way👍✌✌

Awesome. Steem ready for lift off. Buckle up.....

Guys I downloaded your app and virtually am hugging you to death. I love you guys😍

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You guys do a lot of neat stuff to support the network. Worthy of my small little upvote. d:^)

This is really cool! Thank you!

Dope! Great to see any Steem-project help bring attention to the work and progress being done here.

you mean foremost "dys"functional blockchain platform, right ? = lol omg, you're a witness, so what do you bring to the platform in the form of money to the price ? if you do i'll vote for you , OFCOURSE. Or are you in the "bring a friend and some money to save the whale"-camp like most of the top 20 seem to be lately ?

I can't really wait for it to kickstart

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Good luck!

I love coingecko ! Thanks @coingecko good job !

Ready for the fireworks at countdown!

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I am super excited for the HF thanks @coingecko for the heads up!!

@coingecko site has always the go to site for any crypto information for me.

We are all fingers crossed with this hard fork 21 and really hope that this is the right and balanced direction for everyone.

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Very cool, got somewhere to watch the countdown and I have been meaning to have a look at your site and get away from the other!

informative article !!!!!

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