📷 #ColorChallenge-FridaySkyBlue💙The Awesome SkyBlue Sky🏞️ & The Snow Laden Mountains [ ~SERIES-03~] BACK TO ICE AGE !!!😊Enjoy Watching👍!

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While hiking, it really came to our mind, how would it have been, back in the Ice Age !!! Ice Ice everywhere...though it must have been around 2.4 million years ago...and then it melted and turned into vast oceans. But Hills...Hills/Mountains only look beautiful with Ice !!! Ice glorifies them. Really ! They look more Mighty, More Powerful and tough to scale such greater heights and its peaks.

They look absolutely Magnificent!!!

Be Amazed!

Wish I could make some Ice-lollies and enjoy them...LOL! Just kidding!

Thanks for reading & watching!

Wishing you all Good luck, with Lots of Love!!! Cheers!

Blogging…Its Charm & The Reality!!!

Blogging…seems so much fun…!!! Isn’t it! Yes! Ofcourse…it is!...but…trust you me…Blogging is not all that easy…though it seems pretty interesting to get engaged with lot of people on the web. There must be a million sites involved in blogging and all…but I always question how many of them actually produce original quality content that is really beneficial or purposeful… and for some it’s the same content, slightly modified here and there…which is indeed a sad state of affairs!!!
The only thing comes to my mind is Charles Darwin’s Theory which will remain applicable till there is life on Earth!!!
Struggle for Existence…!
Survival of The Fittest…!
Such a Life!!!....You will definitely get noticed…One day!!!...for sure!!!...Till then patiently wait for your turn!!!


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In this photo color looks really cool. Keep do sharing good pictures with us.

Thank you so much!!! @introvert-dime That is indeed very inspiring.
Much Obliged!

Best Regards!!! :)

Beautiful shots of some beautiful scenery @amitsharma

Really glad you liked @robertandrew Thank you so much!
Much obliged! :)

Looks like you're on top of the world. So pretty.

Yeah! That's definitely one so wonderful feeling and an awesome experience.
Thank you so much @katrina-ariel Truly appreciate that!


it is very beautiful photography!

Glad you liked! Dear Deepak @ahlawat
Thank you so much! :)

Wowwwww BeautifuLLLLLLLLLL :) i love to travel here :)

Absolutely indeed!!! :) @wishart
Thank you so much! Traveling/hiking/trekking here, is such an awesome experience!

The Himalayas are truly so majestic and glorious. I wonder how did people survive then in such weather. When we look at them we realize how much we have evolved and at the same time how much of nature we have destroyed. Beautiful picture

So True. Nainaz... @nainaztengra Nature has always nurtured and pampered the humankind and we have not been so honest with the Nature, perhaps more destructive and deceitful with it, for our own selfish interests. But its high time to be more honest, respectful and start protecting and preserving it for our own well being.

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