Colorchallenge: Green Thursday

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Goooood Morning Lovelies...

It's thursday, meaning time for another awesome #thursadaygreen. This is my submission to the daily #colorchallenge posts by @kalemandra.
Among all the #colorchallenges, #thursdaygreen is my favorite, because of my affiliation with green color. As I told you earlier, green colors suits my nerves, it helps me remain calm and I can practically get lost viewing greenery, like a stoner.😂😂😂

Of all the colors God have created, Green is the best one.

So here is my entry...
Can anyone guess what tree it is???


It is a fruit tree that is very common in subcontinent. It bears small black fruit with awesome digestive and antidiabetic benefits.

Here have another look.
To have a look at my last #thursadaygreen post, click on the image below. (Thanks to @nomadicsoul for teaching me, How To Make A Clickable Image To Link To Your Old Steemit Posts)


So do you like green color???
Are you a greenery lover???
What effect does green have on you???

As always, do let me know in the comments below.


My Signout message is:

The future will either be green or not at all.
―Bob Brown
PAPA 2.jpg

All images are mine, unless mentioned otherwise.


@xabi well i guess it is tree of jamun. Family: Myrtaceae.
very beautifully shot. Green color means growth, harmony, freshness.

Great guess:)

Good morning 🌄🙋...friends.

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