Dad Logic // Drawn To Key West Update

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Here I was, thinking I was doing so well keeping track of my "art process" for my Drawn To Key West only to find that I either forgot, misplaced, or deleted any documentation for the next two pages of the comic. Good job, Theresa.

So, unfortunately, I can't show you the steps this page went through but I can show you the "final" result. It's been a while since I last posted about this project so as a quick recap: Drawn To Key West is a comic about the story of Key West told by the people of Key West, focusing mostly on the lives of the Mallory Square street performers. Right now I'm working on a couple of spreads that talk about my relation to Key West and my fascination for it's history and people. I wanted to get these pages done so that when I go back down to interview more street performers, Key West locals, and hit up the local museums, I'll have some related work to show them what my project and I are all about.

If you'd like to get up to speed you can check out my previous posts:

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All caught up? Good. On to the next spread!

Pages 6 and 7.jpg

This page will be showing my parents hot-take on Key West. Apparently, the only reason my parents ever started going to Key West was because my dad read somewhere it was the southernmost point of the U.S. so that meant it must be a good vacation spot! Dad logic at it's finest.

They took a giant RV down the narrow roads that string the Florida Keys together, taking several trees down with them, and ventured to the spot that they would be visiting consistently for the next 20-something years.

I have one more spread to get to before I'm done with the introduction. This time I'm documentation the stages for sure!

Stay tuned.


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dad's logic functions off their own in-universe logic wheels :D :D :D

love the spread, and the text, too, theresa <3

i used to have these family 'traditions' back when i was younger, and i miss them terribly, some days...

your arts are always full with interesting stories and beautiful reflections <3

Thanks! Yeah, family traditions are really special; I'm not very sentimental with other aspects of my life but making sure my family and I partake in the same annual traditions we've cultivated over the years is very important to me. Thanks for stopping by and for your lovely comment, as always :)

This is such an amazing project. I get inspired by it so much each time. I have this comic rattling around in my head all the time, but have yet to set it down. I stab at sketches now and then and in my paintings like to consider it a condensed story in one image, but maybe one day I'll take a journey down that story telling route of frames and frames of the same characters engaging.

Key west is pretty amazing. I have only been a couple times and it was years ago. I always think of the 50's and Hemmingways Key west in my imagination when I dream about it as a sort of fantastical place.

Thanks so much! That's such amazing feedback to hear. I love that my posts can impart any impact on people, let alone inspiration. I would love to see a comic of yours!! I totally understand how difficult it can be to start a project and I even lost a little steam with this one which was one reason why it took me so long to get back to this spread. It's not an easy process but it's so rewarding once you've finished.

They love Hemmingway down there; I often wonder what he would think about so many bars being named after him XD But yeah, I think it's so cool that so many artists, writers, and creators have been drawn to Key West.

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the amazing drawing and art have a great day

In my head, parents usually equate as a wonderful problem to have XD.

I like your art a lot, they always manage to describe what you want to say succinctly. Look at that assured body language of your father hehehe <3.

It's a very dad pose XD And I get a kick out of how I'm drawing him in this comic because he truly does dress as that stereotypical tourist.

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