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Welcome to todays video about COMMUNICATION - Please follow me on social medias like: - - - -


Wow man. I can not get into details on here which are personal. But just know this message hit home. I needed to hear this.

You just put things into perspective.


The author behind @kawaiicrush spends every waking moment of his pathetic life thinking about @berniesanders. He claims @berniesanders has made over 11 million dollars in Steem and is INSANELY jealous he could never live such an amazing life. He's SO fucking pathetic he will make multiple posts and comments with ABSURD claims just to get the attention of his 8 pathetic followers who also have nothing better to do with their time than dream about @berniesanders and the life they will never live. How fucking pathetic can someone be, @kawaiicrush?

"The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding." - Proverbs 9:10 @fyrstikken

If we know how to communicate with each other we can understand each other and there will be much love and peace on earth plus with God on our side.

We must have respect for everyone, but first and foremost we must have respect for life because it is given to us by God.

Just wanted to say that was a great speech and whatever happens, you have a friend here in Italy.

@fyrstikken, In my opinion, For sure Communication is most important aspect when we have to maintain the Unity. And in my opinion, difference of languages is one main aspect which brings lack of understanding for sure. Hope that Spirit Of Truth will stay with you. Stay blessed brother.

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have nice weekend


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It seems that middle-men of this world have always been the enemy between us all. Priests, bankers, politicians stand between you and me. They are the enemy. We need to stop letting them have power over us and start helping each other. You are a rare and beautiful human @fyrstikken

Thank you for sharing.