Hello, this is @juliakponsford's alter ego, about this account...

in #communities4 years ago (edited)

I've been using this account for awhile to test the communities feature. On my main account I have some autovotes that come in and sometimes I want to make short posts, Palnet updates, maybe some art I have nothing to say about??? or other silly things so I will be using this one for those purposes. I would also prefer to keep my main blog art and music focussed so at the moment this seems like a good compromise!

Once the communities feature is live I may abandon it, depends on how it will work though, we'll see :)

I would recommend you all try communities and have a muck about, I think this can really be a gamechanger for how we interact on steem!


I was literally just thinking about making an account like this today. I've already started using the beta 100% so my blog is a mess in terms of content topics. I was thinking I'd use it for sharing non original content though and burning/or sbdpotatoing the rewards.

I was not posting a lot of stuff for the want of keeping it separate, it is a bit annoying to have multiple accounts but maybe it'll become more common. I feel okay shitposting with this one though lol :D For just sharing links or cool stuff burning/declining rewards is a great idea too

I've got a couple of alts, they do come in really handy for just these purposes.

It's actually a good idea for just having a mess about with communities, given that I've got no real idea how they work.

yeah so how is communities working? I havn't looked in to it at all.... are you liking it so far?