Were you on Steem when the war between berniesanders and haejin was in full force?

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If you check @abh12345.sports last post you can see how many people actually downvoted.

When I cross read discord I don`t see the names of the ones who screamed the loudest on that list which means no single downvote was given to the millions of shitposts.

On the other hand there are those millions of undervalued posts.

And the whales just let this all happen.

Why you dont make a downvote yourself? It does not even take anything of your voting power? Or leave a comment that xyz is not tolerated here and no your stake does not matter, what matters in my opinion is that you show we as a community dont stand for shit like that and it also shows that you care about the community.

You cant expect the larger stakeholders to swim through a ocean of shit everyday to find something to down or upvote.

The whole thing here is a team effort. Think actifit is shit? Go downvote them. Think they are the best? Go upvote them.


We had so many different kind of abuse going on here. Tagabuse, excessive self voting, excessive comment voting and from what I can see we managed to get this under control.

Some people are being smart about that using multiple accounts and sometimes it is not this obvious.

Curating even gets harder as you now need to check the image, google the text and then vote accordingly.

I am also not thrilled to see the same persons on trending every fucking day but most of them are making way over average posts and don`t sell any last of their SPORT token into the bids the second they get paid out.

Were you on Steem when the war between berniesanders and haejin was in full swing?

I can understand the frustration of bernie much better now as here I am one with a larger stake but instead of one guy there are seemingly endless people.

And it is frustrating especially when you think you do something good for the community but everyone around you is making bank by circle jerking with the people making all that shit happening.

This was supposed to be fun but more often then not it is frustrating me and I am not willing to give my happiness to the community or my whole fucking day just to turn around and see the people running to exit not powering up a single SPORT and screaming for more.


Well said - I always understood Bernie quite good. The issue only is, none of the tribes are much better simply as human nature tends to try maximizing own success.

Yeah it's been interesting to hold a stake. Seems you cannot win by trying to do the right thing, and the tokens will flow to your wallet quicker if you just go with the flow - at least in the short term. Long term, the token will suffer.

yep, agreed and yet let's go at those who don't "Stake" right? but yet who have and try to do burns and highlight good stuff
well then
Khaleesi ;)

self uv 321 micropennies

Not very cool as we are fighting this and you need to set a better example.

okay dad

self uv for utter lying bs bitch slap back
oh wait is that word censored too?

I always tried to stay out from between those two. Even though I probably leaned more towards the one way than the other. I used bidbots early on in my time on Steemit but soon shied away from them as I saw how they were viewed by the community. Besides SteemMonsters and SBI, I have powered up all of my earnings. It will be the same for me with Sports Talk.

I think the reason why this platform became one of the successful tribes on Steem is because whales like you are doing their part in attempting abuse.

Yes, I witnessed the flag war which was mainly because of multiple posting and low quality content, plus a prediction that really can't be relied.

A lot of people don't down vote not sure why, I've only been here for likes 10 days so I'm working my way in. I do remember the berniesanders and haejin and the amount of retaliation that went on. It sure was an interesting time.

You are correct the trending page is just about always the same people. But as you said they aren't getting rid of all of there SPORTS tokens and it shows.

You're doing good for the community but many people don't give a shit. Don't give up your happiness or your day to try to fix the community. You'll go bat shit crazy, do what you can, as we all should be.

Powering up is essential, sports talk social to me is a great avenue and we can't repeat the mistake of some people on steem

You are doing a great job brother, don't give up. I remember you downvoted me when i abused the sport tag and you also encouraged me with an upvote on another sport post.

I believe a warning should first be given to anyone that abuses the tag and then if such peraon fails to adhere disciplinary actions sgould be taken. There are quite lot of ways we can do this. Perhaps I'll discus with you on discord. Such person can be suspended from the sportstalksocial for a week after repeatedly voilating the rules.

Support your sports post (by SPORTS Token and MARLIANS Token)

The same people are on trending simply because they provide the best content AND engagement. I'd love to see some new faces there but its not going to happen because 95% of users are simply farming with posts and don't care what they post, have no interest in their own post and certainly aren't going to engage or discuss their post.

Problem is, with multiple tags, they consider one tribes downvote as collateral damage and will still coin it in from other tribes.

However.....especially with the likes of indo.sports jerk (go take a look here...https://www.actnearn.com/trending/ ) I am now building my stake in Actnearn and am currently in 24th spot on the richlist and climbing fast and I'm top 10 on Dliker.....although dlike is a pain in the arse as on their app there is no downvote button, it needs to be done from Steemit and you have to search the name first.

On a more positive note. Actifit posts here are getting better I think. I have commented on one asking them to at least post an original fucking picture and got a positive response so I might do this on more of them.

We do need someone with a boom boom stake in Marlians though.

this post is going into my next "Curation Nation" post
well done
makes ya think