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RE: The Minnow Power-up League - Week #44

Hey, @steemcommunity.

A couple of people hit higher triple digit growth this week, so some larger investment taking place it looks like. The price pretty much came down and has stayed down for over a week, it seems like, so maybe that's helping those who can spend a little money.

Kudos to all who are on the list and who continue to power up.

And a warm welcome and extended hand of fellowship to those who made it to the the Wall of Fame this week by reaching dolphin status: @scrawly and @jeffjagoe. Congratulations to the both of you. How's the view? :)

As always, onward and upward.


Thanks Glen :D.

The view is ... not much changed actually hahaha, but it's a good feeling to reach my personal goal.

I find it sweet that you have graduated since a long time ago but you're still here and following the league.

Hey, @scrawly.

I don't do a whole lot of community-oriented things other than participate in the Engagement League (which has now been curtailed thanks to work) so I figure its the least I can do. I got a pretty warm welcome when I became a dolphin thanks to some other dolphins, so that's a motivation, too. It's an achievement that not many people can say they've done, and while we're not the smallest group on STEEM, we generally don't get to where we are without time and effort and some skin in the game. :)

Hi Glen

Thanks for dropping by to check on the new dolphins and the like. I guess they could be asking you how the view is?

I hope the job is going well. I had a phone interview and they would like to speak in person on Monday, so we shall see.

Onward and upward.

Hey, @abh12345.

That's good news about the speaking in person. You're a step closer I would say. I hope it's what you need and that it works out for the best.

I think things are going okay. It's hard to tell sometimes, since I've kind of free floating in my own area while a lot of the other folks see each other day in and day out. I come down to the shop once a week to replenish the van with product for the various games that take them (mostly crane games, but they include other prize oriented machines).

While I actually do enjoy setting my own schedule, adapting the route depending on what's going on, and otherwise working alone, it does have a disconnect. I get to keep out of the office politics for the most part, but I don't always know how I'm doing or fitting in. I've heard I'm doing well enough, just haven't had a break down of what I'm doing fine with and what I need to do better, and then how I could do that.

It's more the sink or swim variety, which isn't as bad as it might have been twenty-five to thirty years ago when I only thought I knew what good work was. :)

Thanks @glenalbrethsen! It sure feels great to be a dolphin :)

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I'm glad to hear that. I don't know that most of us make it here without some form of investment, certainly of time, if not actually fiat, too, just because of the climb. So, it's good to know that there is a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment, because the achievement (becoming a dolphin) is definitely worthy of it. :)