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While I was working, I was thinking about what I was going to spend my breaks and lunch doing. Since I sit so much for work, I try to be on my feet doing something during those times. It also helps if I polish off a short task around the house sometimes.
Today I was thinking I needed to put the outside lights on the porch soon if I was going too. I think I waited so long to do it last year, that I decided it was so close to Christmas it wasn't worth the effort, but I didn't really want to do that again.
During my lunch time, I ate a little lunch while going through my Christmas light tote and plugged in each string of lights to see which ones were actually still working. The ones I love the best have slowly died, string by string, but I found lots I had that at one time I got on sale, but that I had not loved at time, so they were barely used and they all worked ! Yay !! I put the ones aside I would use for the porch, got the container with all the long drop cords, the automatic timer plug and my inflatable Gingerbread man and put them out in the living room so they would be ready when I clocked out of work at 5.
With the time change here, by 5:30 it is nearly dark, so there is not much daylight to get anything done. I didn't rush, but found some pipe cleaners to attach the light strings to my front porch rail and went to work. The good thing is since I was only decorating the porch, I had the porch light, so it wasn't a big deal. It went faster than I thought and before 6 o'clock rolled around, I was done !


After I finished I had to take a few photos you know. I then got my kitchen trash together because tomorrow is trash pickup day, rode around to my Uncle's house next door and put my rent check in the house mailbox (not the official one at the road).....came back to the house, gathered my solar lights from the pots on the back porch and stuck them in the ground in front of my art sculptures that are in front of the front porch, I mean, if they were going to light up every evening anyway, why not be part of the light show?
Then more photos.... and the task was done. I really like seeing it as I come in and out, so I'm glad I didn't make up a reason not to do it this year.


And so it continues. It is late now and since then I fed myself and have added some red ornaments to my silver aluminum tree. I don't know if I'm satisfied with it, so I'm not sure it will stay that way.
I have been very wishy washy this year in decorating my trees. I have put ornaments on and taken them off twice on different trees. I don't know why. That is not my norm. I'm sure I would be getting much further along if I didn't keep redoing stuff.
ok... time to go wind down for an hour before bedtime.
Hope you have had a good day. Mine wasn't too shabby for a Monday.
Love you... but I'm sure you already know that.


It certainly is "tis the season", so I get the now or never thought process for doing decorations ASAP at this point. Not worth the effort to put them up for a day or three!

You're SO right ! I've been slowly dragging out decor the last couple of weeks but found I couldn't stay steady at it, so I have already kind of drug out the process as it is. I pictured it all being done by the end of the Thanksgivng weekend where I could just go about the other things I need and want to do and just enjoy it inbetween, but that didn't happen !

It's still early enough, but I'm hoping to have all I want to do done in the next couple of days. We'll see how THAT works out. ;)

Yeah the sooner the better. I would say much later than the 15th or so and it wont be worth it, at least to me.

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