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My family in general has always loved to decorate around the house during the Christmas season, my Grandmother was no exception. When I was a child, We called her Mommy Cheek, Cheek being her last name, but when I grew up, I affectionally called her Granny and she didn't seem to mind.
Over the years, as seems to happen, she accumulated many pieces of Christmas decor, possibly most given to her, but certainly some she bought herself. She was not an over-spender on it, but she did take care of what she had, so in the end, there was plenty.
After she passed and her house was being emptied, her three children, my Mom and her two brothers, all of which were already in their 70s, took anything they wanted and then some of us grandchildren were allowed to look through and see if there was anything in the leftovers that we wanted. This is one of the things I chose.
It is from the 1960s, but I don't know what year. I think my Mother may have had one too, but as far as I know it is long gone. I am going to ask her about it today when I go for a visit to see if my memory is right.... or not.
As you can imagine, after all the years and being stored in the attic of her home (which got pretty hot in the summers) it was no longer in perfect condition. The gold frame was a little tarnished here and there and the paint on the Shiny Brite ornaments was disintegrating.... as would be mostly expected.


I may have put this up the next Christmas or two, but after that, it has stayed boxed. Even though collectors, of which I am not, would say it was a no-no, I pictured myself refinishing the frame to a nice solid gold and at some point, hunting new ornaments to match the colors that the old ones were originally, but that hasn't happened.
As you can see on the box, it was made to be a centerpiece and although time and tape have destroyed some of the writing, the bottom said "A Shiny Brite Product"
The sweetest thing though is my Grandmother's writing on the box.. Breakable !! Table center piece. ❤️💚❤️💚


As you can see from this side of the box, this was supposed to be a Cathedral Window.


As I began to take the photos, I was surprised to see that each side of the box showed a different item which I believe to mean that the manufacturer used the same box, with different inserts of course, for several of their pieces. Evidently, there was one shaped like a lyre and look at that price $1.88 ! Mann's that is on the price sticker was a wonderful discount retail store that is no longer here, but it was a great place to shop. I loved that store.


.... and an Artist Palette ! I have to admit that this one made me go out net surfing for a while to see I could find one, but so far, not even a photo of one.... but I haven't given up on that yet.


I had also noticed on the descriptions on the sides of the box, they started off with "Ideal". This is the only thing that is on the back of the box. There was a magazine that came out at Christmas named "Ideal". It had wonderful Christmas photos, stories & poems in it and I'm sure we had a few around back in the day. I can't be sure of course, but it made me wonder if the Ideal magazine and the Ideal on these decor boxes were related.. .the same... or not.


The ornaments hang on these little round beads that are attached to the back of the frame. The loop on the top of the ornament fits right over it and the width of the bead keeps it snug there.


It took me a moment to figure the hook in the center and why it was different, but I'm guessing now that since it is the only place an ornament is supposed to hang that has the frame crisscrossing, they had to do that so that the ornament would hang evenly with the others.


I was also surprised as I was photographing and reading the side that had the Cathedral Window description on it, that all of these were supposed to include one extra ornament. What? There wasn't one in my box and I had actually not remembered there being any space for an extra when I took it all out, so I had to go pull the box back out and low and behold !... there was an extra spot in the upper corner that had not registered to my brain when I took it out. Evidently, one has broken at some point.


Of course while the box was out, I had to take it apart and put it back in the box so I could take a photo of it in the box for my post. LOL!!! When I had first put it together I had been so careful, with the thought that breaking an ornament would be tragic as it could not really be replaced.


Since I had never rehabbed it like I thought I would, I had not been putting it up. When I decided to take it out and look at it last night, it was not really my intent to put it up, but I just wanted to see it. There was some packing bags in the box that I had put there to softly take up the extra space and protect the glass. The dates on it showed it was from 2013, so I don't think I've opened it for 10 years. Shame ! Somehow though, when I opened the box last night, something had changed, all of the sudden it was good enough, just like it was and I decided to take it out and put it on my dresser for the Christmas Season.


It's funny somehow that a "thing" can touch off so many sweet memories.... memories of my childhood.... memories of my Grandmother....memories of Christmases Past. The thought that my Grandmother's hands had hung these very ornaments on this frame... year after year, warmed my heart.


That's all for my Show & Tell this morning. Once this is posted I will be calling Mom, then getting myself ready and heading out for a visit. It is a cloudy day here which means I will be doing things slow because I am solar powered. LOL !! I am ! I really am !
I hope you all have a wonderful day.
Love you !

I personally like the look of age and imperfections. Its real and authentic. You dont get much of that these days.

Yes.... there is something to be said for being able to still see the beauty in aging things.

Manually curated by ackhoo from the @qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

Thank you SO much @ackhoo ! I really do appreciate your kind support.


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The unique antique ornament holder and decorations are gorgeous!

It's funny somehow that a "thing" can touch off so many sweet memories.... memories of my childhood.... memories of my Grandmother....memories of Christmases Past. The thought that my Grandmother's hands had hung these very ornaments on this frame... year after year

To me this is exactly what Christmas is about: making new memories, revisiting old ones, along with doing traditional things with family and friends.

Grandma Cheeks is happy she is with you this Christmas! Look for signs from her @jayce.boldart 💕