Say it out loud: Would I choose STEEMIT? FACT

Well, the real fact is that Steemit still has that united community.
Although I have been away for 2 months, I always "watched" over what happened around here...yep, the "market is more clear now" - some of the users abandoned the community because of the low price, or maybe because they did not FIT IN ?!

Whatever ... the TRUE FACT is the following:

  • It`s not about the money guys!
  • If you have an ambition to write about what satisfies you here is the place on the long term to do it!
  • If you have no time for writing now, NO PROBLEM! You can do it tomorrow, the day after tomorrow or after 2 months ( like I am doing now)!
  • It`s the only place you can return and find good stuff (this depends on your interests)!
  • You can learn ENGLISH! Some of my steemians friends helped me along the way, despite the fact that I`m an A+ in verbal English, at writing I was awful (hahhhahaha) or I am cause I write in English only for you sorry for the mistakes.

I saw that some of you ( well ... a lot of you) have abandoned the idea of Steemit because of the low price of STEEM, but as always in life, things go up or down...and sometime, the price will rise again and you will feel sorry for not coming back at the right time...and the right time is when you feel it!

I am here again, as I said after 2 months, in this time I worked, I lived my life like I used to do it, but I had a lack of inspiration...a big one! free time to write.

Now, here in Romania is a nasty winter, so I took a break from work to relax, but I can`t just STAY so I took my laptop to say "Hello" to you !

I`m not creating a "breaking hall" content now, just chilling and getting off my thoughts here ...
Just glad that I had the idea to do it.... see? This is an awesome moment to write...just to write, to say hello and spend some time on reading others posts.

**P.S. Here is my favorite quote for today: **


I agree with you, I have not found artistic refuge anywhere else like in Steemit. The possibilities of creating here are endless and finding talented and creative people is a wonderful experience. I loved the quote that you include in your article, I send you a greeting.

I'm glad you're back!!

PS: Sorry for my poor English, I'm working on it.

hey, dear! Glad I`m here...and your English is quite good ! Kisses! Thank youuuuuuuuuu!

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