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RE: Announcing the Launch of Hive Blockchain

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ionomy Exchange is proud to support the HIVE/BTC trading pair. ionomy has always been about great cryptocurrency projects and the communities that make these projects meaningful and valuable. As the heroic story of HIVE unfolds, ionomy welcomes the HIVE community and looks forward to a long and productive relationship.


Can you somewhere confirm that this is really an ionomy official account? Twitter announcement or something?

The pair BTC/HIVE is already listed on ionomy

Thanks for the link Favcau.

You're welcome Ibrahim! See you in HIVE! :)


Also, does your exchange require a KYC?

Thank you for asking does NOT require KYC to deposit,trade or withdraw funds.

How about PGP credentials. It would be more secure that way.

How much steem trading volume do you have?

Perfect. Signing up on Ionomy right away!!!! Cheers.

🙏 Thanks, @ionomy: I'll sign-up to your exchange! 👏

Only one thing to add here, but an important issue!
Ban any account that downvotes genuine charities.

If you have a fight with someone, settle it with that person and don't downvote other worthy accounts in your madness.

thanks :) the community will work to make this a huge success.

Awesome news, I'd like to add that I feel only those that are committed to decentralize, community and to the Hive should be the only ones getting the air drop. This cross chain posting double dipping nonsense is part of what has always been wrong with Steem and the greedy. @hiveio

It keeps spinning and then the capcha times out.  Have tried for hours now.


Delighted to hear ionomy will support Hive. I have a problem signing up per screenshot. I don't know why the create new account button goes round and round and then the captcha times out.

I have spent hours trying to get anywhere, with the same problem.

I have spent hours
Trying to get anywhere,
With the same problem.

                 - amaterasusolar

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

I finally got an email but still can't sign in