2 Drive Failures 1 Month

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Hello Everyone,

I suppose it's time I share with you the fun I've had today and 2 weeks ago.

2 weeks ago, I lost my entire Steam Library drive to the void of drive corruption, which isn't the end of the world because all my saves were in the cloud anyway. Slightly annoying to have to download it all again but hey-ho the drive has done at least 5 years work, so not bad.

Last week I bought a Seagate hard drive off amazon (4TB Barracuda) - and today it started beeping and a bunch of my files have gone missing, and one large file is corrupt. Not exactly the experience I was hoping for, as I stored all my data on it. Fortunately I managed to grab all of the important stuff off there, but all my application settings have restored to defaults and a bunch of apps crashed so badly that they uninstalled themselves partially in the process (either that or it's windows fault), they still have uninstall links, but can't be run from a desktop link and their start menu shortcuts are gone.

I have got in touch with The Rainforest™ - they've told me that they don't know why the drive is Beeping and my data is missing and so I'm talking to Seagate tomorrow. How exciting! I imagine I'll just be getting a friendly new replacement drive. 3rd Time's The Charm as they say (although the next drive might only be the second time 😅)

I spoke to a few friends about this of course, and one of them said "You'll either get a hard drive that fails in the first two weeks or it'll last years", so when I get my next one I suppose I'll be a little more wary about moving all my data on to it.

Hopefully this time I will have learned my lesson, I still need to get into good backup habits.

Thanks for reading,
~ CA


Sorry about that

Not a problem, these things happen!

That's true but the street of it

Computer problems suck. I've had a bunch lately too. Currently working off a backup computer I had in storage. I've been killing laptop keyboards though. Drive failures are the worst though. I've lost my fair share of drives. I keep an external as a backup all the time now and since I got into crypto I usually have a few backups of backups. 😂 Good luck on the new drive. I hope it works out for you this time.

Good, dood! I really need to get my backups in check but that's always on the Tomorrow pile. Regarding Crypto Keys I keep them in my password manager (or my ledger) and so I haven't managed to lose them yet thank fuck!

Yeah, hoping so too... still waiting for my call from Amazon/Seagate to see if seagate have a "fix" to a broken drive 😂

google always tells me, storage is for free and does not need reinvestment lol

Sorry to hear about this. It used to happen to me with old HDs and even the new SSDs but now someone told me to use CCleaner, it actually fixed 2 HD errors we get in 2 computers in the house, both have SSDs. We were ready to having them replaced but we tried CCleaner. I don't know if this makes sense but so far, it worked for us.

It works now, after a chat with Seagate... but thanks for the tip!