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RE: The purpose of consensus

in #consensus2 years ago

Lol, there is no voting that guy off the island.

Better to make peace with him, iyam.
I've been here a long time, he has support in the community.
It is unfortunate that you have garnered his negative attention.
There is nothing anybody can do for you.

I bet, if you try, you can work out some sort of compromise with him.
I've seen him be quite reasonable, when he felt the situation warranted it.


She could leave...

Lol, but she does bring attention.
Or does she?
I'd never heard of her before this dust up.
I'd heard of her friend.

The only attention she brings is from men at conferences.

Well, that isn't all bad, is it?

Sure, if you’re into easy women 🤷‍♂️

Well, if she leaves that easy she wasn't one of us, anyways.

Did you see what bullionstackers and the racist did to me on steem?
Over some .1htu flags on hive!

But, I am still there giving him the finger.