The purpose of consensus

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so I would like to request the community force user @xxxxxxxxxx by 'consenesus' out of the platform. It seems their only purpose for being here is to be toxic and rude.

my very first post on this platform, i got my hand slapped.
someone needs to slap the people who are truly bringing the reputation of this platform down.

unless of course you don't care if this becomes a successful place for content contributors.


lol. I really need to draw up the hierarchy tree for all you new folks or those that dont know how all this works.
A tree of whos who, who supports who, who bought who, who kisses whos ass, who the top dogs are, why this guy likes or dislikes this other guy, why they will or will not act in certain situations. Once youve been here long enough its a very simple and easily understood game. All you need to do is put the pieces in the right position.

HIVE is a supremely complex platform (in comparison to the rest of crypto). You have good folks, bad folks, evil folks, politicians, oportunists, degenerates and those who dont care about the politics and do their own thing. You have to learn how to navigate these waters... Rachel. ;)

I really need to draw up the hierarchy tree

That would actually be very cool

yes please, tell me how to conform.
I am sure that will work well on a social media platform.
worked for YouTube.

It did work very well for YouTube. YouTube rewards a very particular kind & style of content, and YouTubers that strayed away from that style were punished by the YouTube algorithms.

The difference on Hive is that instead of being bullied by the platform itself to conform, you are bullied by its largest stakeholders. So there is an opportunity for a reform but likely only through enough stakeholders taking the opposite stance.

hence my original post.

1 stakeholder

Its politics. You have it when it comes to any crypto. Its a bit more pronounced here since wealth is being distributed every second and each(most) wallet has a name and face.

Please do. And we all then need to save a copy of it for future meme purposes.

Some kind of tree/ flow chart would be great!

You are free to do it yourself, here is edited version of Hive, it will remove all stake from Bernie's accounts:

Set up few full nodes, some witnesses, set up frontend, get your new coin listed to exchanges, convince the community to follow you.


I can’t believe we have a “crypto influencer” supporting the calling of forking out someone’s stake. Comical as well as telling lol.

The comments are unnecessary, but the downvotes are exactly what consensus is. Reputation (your number there) doesn’t mean anything and there is a mute button that allows people to not see people they don’t want to.

The fact that rather than doing that, an individual is trying to censor and remove someone’s stake, says all anyone really needs to know.

Lol, there is no voting that guy off the island.

Better to make peace with him, iyam.
I've been here a long time, he has support in the community.
It is unfortunate that you have garnered his negative attention.
There is nothing anybody can do for you.

I bet, if you try, you can work out some sort of compromise with him.
I've seen him be quite reasonable, when he felt the situation warranted it.

Lol, but she does bring attention.
Or does she?
I'd never heard of her before this dust up.
I'd heard of her friend.

The only attention she brings is from men at conferences.

Well, that isn't all bad, is it?

Sure, if you’re into easy women 🤷‍♂️

Well, if she leaves that easy she wasn't one of us, anyways.

Did you see what bullionstackers and the racist did to me on steem?
Over some .1htu flags on hive!

But, I am still there giving him the finger.

so i went from 28 down to 7 for suggesting Hive remove toxicity from its platform. I guess that is all you need to know about the future success of Hive.

The reputation isn't of any importance or significance. Hive is decentralized by design; that means no one can rule over it and remove anyone. Your text on Hive is treated by the blockchain the same as my text and the same as anyone else's. It's a public blockchain. It's not private property like let's say Twitter or some of the private blockchains where one company can arbitrarily do what it wishes.

It's just narrow minded to think that someone will get forked out (again)

This dust up reminds me of the good old days of steemit, I'm just here for the tea!


You are ruining this platform. There will not be adoption as long as you continue to behave this way.

And you give women in crypto a bad name by being a clueless airhead and presenting yourself the way you do.

I understand sex sells, but, this is crypto, most of us have some standards.

Women are allowed to represent themselves however they please, and thats what I advocate for. You advocate for hate, you are the biggest problem on all of Hive. Tell your people to back off on Twitter.

Well, we've got plenty of crypto-bimbos, what's one more?

My people on Twitter? What the fuck are you talking about? Anyone who is engaging with you on Twitter is doing so out of their own free will and I have nothing to do with it.

Maybe it's time you realize you're not as popular as you think, sweetie.

Stop calling me sweetie, its disgusting.

Call me Maybe!

Bernie has some mixed popularity here, but none of the people with whom I've seen you engage on Twitter are what I would call Bernie supporters. Besides, you haven't been treated exceptionally harsh on twitter have you?