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RE: The purpose of consensus

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lol. I really need to draw up the hierarchy tree for all you new folks or those that dont know how all this works.
A tree of whos who, who supports who, who bought who, who kisses whos ass, who the top dogs are, why this guy likes or dislikes this other guy, why they will or will not act in certain situations. Once youve been here long enough its a very simple and easily understood game. All you need to do is put the pieces in the right position.

HIVE is a supremely complex platform (in comparison to the rest of crypto). You have good folks, bad folks, evil folks, politicians, oportunists, degenerates and those who dont care about the politics and do their own thing. You have to learn how to navigate these waters... Rachel. ;)


I really need to draw up the hierarchy tree

That would actually be very cool

yes please, tell me how to conform.
I am sure that will work well on a social media platform.
worked for YouTube.

It did work very well for YouTube. YouTube rewards a very particular kind & style of content, and YouTubers that strayed away from that style were punished by the YouTube algorithms.

The difference on Hive is that instead of being bullied by the platform itself to conform, you are bullied by its largest stakeholders. So there is an opportunity for a reform but likely only through enough stakeholders taking the opposite stance.

hence my original post.

1 stakeholder

Its politics. You have it when it comes to any crypto. Its a bit more pronounced here since wealth is being distributed every second and each(most) wallet has a name and face.

Please do. And we all then need to save a copy of it for future meme purposes.

Some kind of tree/ flow chart would be great!