You are ruining this platform. There will not be adoption as long as you continue to behave this way.

And you give women in crypto a bad name by being a clueless airhead and presenting yourself the way you do.

I understand sex sells, but, this is crypto, most of us have some standards.

Women are allowed to represent themselves however they please, and thats what I advocate for. You advocate for hate, you are the biggest problem on all of Hive. Tell your people to back off on Twitter.

Well, we've got plenty of crypto-bimbos, what's one more?

My people on Twitter? What the fuck are you talking about? Anyone who is engaging with you on Twitter is doing so out of their own free will and I have nothing to do with it.

Maybe it's time you realize you're not as popular as you think, sweetie.

Stop calling me sweetie, its disgusting.

Call me Maybe!

Bernie has some mixed popularity here, but none of the people with whom I've seen you engage on Twitter are what I would call Bernie supporters. Besides, you haven't been treated exceptionally harsh on twitter have you?