Quack Attack: The QuackWatch Strikes Again!

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And this quack fires back!

Quack, Quack

Well, as many of my followers surely know by now, as they too have been targeted featured on the Hive @quackwatch list, the blockchain has a new member who looks to have joined for the sole purpose of compiling a list of ‘quacks’ that are, in his words, “infesting the Hive ecosystem like a disease.”

This interesting character just joined in December, and has managed thus far to find 103 independent thinkers to label as quacks for various reasons, thus adding us to his list. Taking a look at the latest updated list, one finds a hilarious list of labels attached to each “blacklisted” user, many of them not only absurd but also highly inaccurate. One is introduced to this comedic ‘blacklist’ with the following most absurd quote denigrating those who support free speech to the ranks of people who can’t think for themselves.


This is quite possibly the most absurd and nonsensical quote about free speech I have ever seen! As if the only reason for freedom of speech is so people who can’t think for themselves can spread their ‘quackery’ and ‘conspiracy theories’ with fellow gullible idiots :0)

Having hooked the reader with such a nonsensical viewpoint of free speech, this idiot goes on to say his account “has been created to inform the users about all sorts of quackery, delusional/irrational beliefs, toxic ideologies, and pseudoscience,” most of which he deems to be “dangerous ideas/beliefs”. And what exactly are these terribly “dangerous” ideas, you may be wondering? Well that’s a good question, but one the black-lister himself doesn’t actually answer, so nobody actually knows just what ‘dangerous information’ exactly us ‘quacks’ are peddling, left to guess based upon the labels attached to the ‘blacklisted’ users. Suffice it to say, the information put out by these users is certainly dangerous to the establishment, but that is a far cry from being dangerous to humanity.

@quackwatch then concludes:

This account is a form of resistance to the spread of intellectual foolishness and lunacy that is threatening the intelligent and sustainable progress of human civilization.

So what “intellectual foolishness and lunacy” is it now “threatening the intelligent and sustainable progress of human civilization?” I guess those pursuing truth, for starters, labelled “Truther,” and those questioning the establishment coronavirus narrative, labelled “Coronavirus Hoax,” and anyone who reports on the verifiable harms of vaccines, labelled “Anti-vaxx,” and on down the list these labels go, without ever defining a single label or linking to any of the ‘blacklisted’ users’ posts to show just how exactly they are even peddling these views.

And in so many cases, the labels simply don’t fit. For example I, @jasonliberty, am apparently also @hamismsf, although in reality I most certainly am not! I have also been given the label “racist” despite never once making a single racist comment on here, and also “QAnon,” despite actually exposing and opposing the Q psyop from its inception - a far cry from being a part of this particular group/conspiracy.

What an idiot! Are you using a bot, @quackwatch, or are you just that ignorant to be randomly assigning establishment buzzword labels in your quest to discredit anti-establishment users who frequently engage in fact- and research- based reporting? There’s also appropriate labels missing from my description, including ‘Truther’ and ‘Chemtrails’ for starter, the latter of which I frequently document, which the idiot should know if he actually did his research on those he is blacklisting!

Anyway, it’s pretty funny. For example @frot is labelled as “homophobic” despite being friends with a homosexual Hive user, @activistpost labelled as “Reptilian Illuminati/NWO” despite never to my knowledge espousing beliefs about the elite being reptilians, and on and on the mislabeling goes.

So what is the purpose and lesson from this hilarious craziness? Well considering the ‘blacklist’ claims to expose quacks and quackery, it would be worth knowing the definition of these terms. So what is ‘quackery’ anyway?



As can be seen, quackery specifically refers to dishonesty in the field of medicine, and since I am not a medical professional giving medical advice, and I don’t think these other blacklisted users are either, then we can’t possibly be engaging in quackery, and thus can’t even be quacks by the very definition!


Definition from Britannica:
“Quackery, the characteristic practice of quacks or charlatans, who pretend to knowledge and skill that they do not possess, particularly in medicine. The quack makes exaggerated claims about his or her ability to heal disease, generally for financial gain.”

From Cambridge:

“medical methods that do not work and are only intended to make money”

Wikipedia notes that “Common elements of general quackery include questionable diagnoses using questionable diagnostic tests, as well as untested or refuted treatments,” so the real quacks are the establishment goons using the questionable PCR diagnostic tests to ‘diagnose’ ‘Covid19’, despite the manufacturers of the Covid19 PCR tests themselves specifically stating that these same widely used tests are “Not for use in diagnostic procedures.”



Please see the above expose meticulously documenting the myriad of science-based facts that prove conclusively it is in reality the medical establishment, and not those questioning the official Covid19 narrative, who are engaging in wholesale quackery on a global scale.

There is more verifiable information exposing the western medical mafia as a bunch of loony quacks in this single well researched piece of true investigative journalism than there is information exposing a single blacklisted user by @quackwatch in all of his posts combined!

So is this moron part of the organized war on suppressed information challenging the establishment, part of a vast army of propagandists whose sole goal is to silence, discredit and censor everyone who dares challenge the establishment in any way, shape or form? Or maybe this was meant to be a big publicity stunt as @ganjafarmer opined, maybe organized by a bored unemployed mainstream media junky living in his parents basement...

Either way, it seems to have backfired, as @quackwatch now has negative reputation, hidden posts due to low ratings, and he has empowered all of us free thinkers on the blockchain by featuring us on his lists, making it easier for us to find each other and grow the truth movement at the same time!

In this case the spiritual maxim stating,“that which you fight against, you only strengthen,” seems to be in full effect.

When all you have left is the ability to label your opponents with catchy derogatory buzzwords that in many cases don’t even apply to them (not that they are accurate to begin with in most cases), then you know you are on the losing side of history and have no ground to stand upon. He doesn’t engage in debate, despite being challenged by myself and a handful of other featured users, and he doesn’t challenge any of our content, claims, research, opinions, etc. but only has the ability to stick us with a label.

Quack, Quack, Quack, who’s the bigger quack now, @quackwatch?

Instead of triggering us all, it would appear most of his targets responded with gratitude for being featured, and I propose we turn his blacklist against him just as the establishment has flipped reality on its head.

The real quacks label all those researching the real science and peer-reviewed medical studies for themselves as quacks. Those making sense of our world through the lens of real science, medicine and common sense are labelled as “advocating science confusionism” while the establishment media which daily confuses its audience on an Orwellian scale is simply standing behind ‘science’. ‘Science says’ while ignoring the actual science is the reality of the ‘new normal’.

Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength. War is Peace. Welcome to Covid1984, where the truth is rising out of the madness and the system is crumbling before our eyes, leading to such desperate acts as compiling a ‘quack watch’ page to blacklist independent thinkers on an independent platform created to preserve free speech from the rampant big tech censorship. Oh the irony, @quackwatch picked the wrong place to engage in his attack on free thought!

Let’s turn the tables and use his page to network amongst ourselves, and let’s give him the names of all the users we can find might be appropriate additions to his list, and so further expose the absurdity of this nonsensical ‘blacklist’. Let’s make this guy famous!!!!!!!!!! The more views he gets, the more coverage we get! And the more normal, sane, wonderful people he adds to his list, the more he exposes himself as a mindless dope lost in a world of unreality.

If you look at the users he’s targeted, most of them are the polar opposite to being a threat to the intelligent and sustainable advancement of society, but are rather moving directly towards sustainable lifestyle methods and more intelligent debate on all issues!

Up is down, destructions is sustainability, peace is a threat to humanity, anti-Zionism is anti-semitism, opposition to Hollywood’s gay agenda is homophobic, real science is quackery and the real medical quacks are experts, while thinking is the biggest threat to intelligence and fear is love!

Notice that those featured on the blacklist range from leaning left to right to libertarian to anarchist to those focused almost exclusively on spiritually, self sustainability, natural medicine and everything in between. Probably the only thing all of us have in common is that our thoughts/ beliefs/ opinions/ research/ reporting/ lifestyles threaten the very existence of the establishment.

Quack, Quack.

The tables have been turned. Good luck surviving on the blockchain @quackwatch, and thanks for the publicity! Here’s a few potential additions for you to look into that haven’t yet made the cut but in all fairness probably should: @naturalmedicine, @lukewearechange, @informationwar, @dbroze, @titusfrost, @theouterlight, @ausbitbank, @palikari123, @johnvibes.

Shout out to all my fellow warriors for truth, peace, freedom, love and sanity in this increasingly insane, upside down world of illusion. It’s an honor to be featured as a fellow quack amongst such good company 😉


And everyone else I forgot or didn’t have time to list, keep up the good work for peace, truth, freedom, and a better, healthier, more sustainable future for humanity! Let’s come together despite our differences, unite in love and bring down the establishment that has been oppressing humanity in far too many ways for far too long. Now is the time to resist the onslaught of tyranny (and I’m not talking violence). Now is the time for all of us to take more steps to create freer and more sustainable lifestyles for ourselves for a happier life and healthier planet. And thanks to all my followers for your support, I love you all.



P.S. If anyone has any other thoughts or ideas on how to use such attempts to discredit/censor/blacklist independent thought into oblivion against those attempting to do so, please add in the comments - together We The People are more powerful than all the governments and big tech/big food/big Pharma corporations in the world.


I can certainly confirm that @hamismsf is not you and that @quackwatch is a total idiot who accuses right wing, Zionistic, Israeli Jews like @brianoflondon and @apshamilton of being anti-semites.

I'm sure his other accusations have as much validity.

I'm going to start following the people on his list.

Thanks @jasonliberty for the mention, I've seen this for the second time now and yesterday when I got the notification that I was mentioned in the bot's post I downvoted the post, one of the things I rarely resort to as I support freedom of speech.

I would always welcome a healthy objective debate anytime but I strongly oppose defamation and character assassination, I've been suffering from such for the past decade now due to the US attempts to 'democratize' my country Syria by exporting their surplus of democracy at home using their usual 'freedom fighters'.

Appreciate your post and mention here, keep up the good work always.

If we expect to be allowed to speak freely about others (like gates and bezos) then we should allow others to speak freely about us.

@logiczombie, I take no issue with this guy speaking freely about me, but resorting to large scale defamation, slander and character assassination without a willingness to engage in debate or discussion of any kind, and without posting a single reference to back up his accusations, is in my opinion a whole different situation. Many argue a downvote is not always an attempt to restrict free speech - I downvoted this time, but not without leaving a lengthy comment correcting his erroneous claims about myself and challenging him to engage in debate with me, as did others.

It may be the last time I choose to take the route of downvoting, but his posts are seemingly borderline spam and absolutely abuse of the blockchain posting the same posts (tweaked only with few additions to the list) over and over and over again.

Also, unlike those on the blockchain who regularly go around punishing users for engaging in politically incorrect speech with repeat downvotes while refusing to engage those they downvote in any conversation, it seems the majority of downvoters in this case left comments so the bot manager knows exactly why we have left our downvotes, and he can certainly choose to engage with us if he wishes to regain his reputation.

It seems akin to a defamation lawsuit, and he has now lost his rewards due to engaging in multiple acts of defamation against 103 Hive users.

Any thoughts on this take of the situation?

All personal attacks (libel-defamation) are AD HOMINEM ATTACKS.

There is no reason to "retaliate" against AD HOMINEM ATTACKS because they are widely regarded as illegitimate non-arguments (logical fallacies).

It is surprisingly effective to simply identify them and walk away.

Whoever or whatever created this quack account has done us all a huge favor.

We should all band together, flat-earthers, anarchists, Christians, lunatics, conspiracy-theorists, and yes, even the MAGAHATS.

We should stand together and support REAL FREE-SPEECH.

We should stand together and support REAL FREE-SPEECH even for quack brainwashed.

If quack refuses to engage in a conversation, then they are a hypocrite.






Whoever or whatever created this quack account has done us all a huge favor.

On this point I agree 1,000%!


Yes, I would agree, so good thing my downvote was cast not over any difference of opinion or to ‘retaliate’ against personal attack, but mainly because this is spam/abuse of blockchain in my opinion. I didn’t downvote the first time I saw I had been put on this list, but it is now apparent that this account is re-posting the exact same post over and over and over again, with no changes but the minor additions of a couple ‘quacks’ to the list. I was under the impression this was the most legitimate purpose of a downvote, to counter spam and repeat posting of identical content over and over and over again. I think this could also fall into the category of ‘disagreement over rewards’ as it is absurd that this account should get rewarded over and over again for posts that are copy and pasted and re-posted over and over and over again...

That being said, I probably won’t downvote again next time he re-published the list, as it would be nice for his pics to not be hidden so all can see his lunacy in all its fullness. Also because I agree with you that we should be focusing most of our energy on supporting what we consider to be ‘good’ content rather than downvoting and attacking what we consider to be ‘bad’ content.

this account is re-posting the exact same post over and over and over again, with no changes but the minor additions of a couple ‘quacks’ to the list.

Lots of accounts do this.

Even very prominent and influential accounts.


At least in our little corner here, cunts like Gates & Bezos are not in an unequal position where they can use censorship tactics against any voice of dissent against them.

I'm finding it just a bit funny that this sloppy milquetoast bot posting of @quackwatch is something HIVE can rally around, as opposed to rallying around them who will kill us or leave us in abject poverty before too long (Gates and Bezos)

First they came for the flat-earthers, and I said nothing because I am not a flat-earther.

Then they came for the fringe-right, and I said nothing because I am not fringe-right.

Then they came for the Muslims and Christians, and I said nothing because I am not a Muslim or a Christian.

Now they coming for everyone and everyone said nothing. Let's perish in unison wahoo!

Thanks for the comment @aribisouri, like you I very rarely cast downvotes as I’m a strong supporter of free speech like you, but did this time too, mainly b/c this bot is engaging in defamation, character assassination, and slander on a massive scale without any sources to back his claims and attacks, and without a willingness to engage in debate or discussion of any kind whatsoever.

I did laugh pretty hard when I saw he labeled you as a supporter of both ‘Assad regime’ and ‘terrorism’ as under the current conditions those two seem pretty mutually exclusive, as the ‘Assad regime’ is waging a war on internationally recognized terrorists invading and occupying your country :) These ‘rebel’s are even designated terrorists by the US itself! One can at least make the argument that Assad is a brutal dictator, but not even the most extreme anti-Assad imperial apologist can reasonably argue that the SAA under his leadership is not waging a war on terrorism in Syria (though they try).

Keep up your great reporting, and I continue to hope and pray that your country will soon win the war on imperial occupiers and their terrorist armies, and be able to return to peace soon. Take care and thanks so much for the interaction.

I'm pretty sure it's a bot, or automated to some extent. There is no depth of discernment for the users it lists and the categories they fall under.

I've seen similar posting styles, especially with the repetitive use of image replies on more mainstream forums. It's probably collating statistics of some sort & occaisionally has a human behind the helm.

Appreciate adding some more users to follow though so yeah, appreciate your post!

I'm pretty sure it's a sock-puppet setup by some hivewatcher member.


Logic is Quacky.png

Nice. They've denied any association. So I guess we'd need a blockchain forensic specialist to assist.


ugh, those guys 💩

Well done. Reblogging!

Reading this I was suddenly struck by the idea of setting up a community called "Quacks" to post non approved content, and to start with that list as the potential initial members!


That's quackers! 🦆

That's a brilliant follow list - funny how so many of my Hive friends are on it. It's great to be dangerous!

I feel honored to be among such distinguished company!

Good job Jason, screw that lame ass quackwatch crap. Keep rockin take care buddy!

Great job at least I made one of the talking points congratulations and the time that I'm writing this you've made $4.21 which is pretty close to 420 so that's pretty cool congratulations

That’s pretty funny, now, upon reaching 22 comments my post payout is at 20.22 - crazy coincidences (or synchronicity as I don’t really believe in such thing as coincidence). Reminds me of last July 4 when my gas tank literally filled up and automatically shut off at a price of $17.76, which I don’t recall ever happening before, but did on this day, which of course is American Independence Day, the Declaration of Independence signed in 1776...

Once again the denigration brings us together. Unafraid to rub shoulders in a world that insists we keep our distance. A workers revolution needs social contact. Let us remember where the true capital lies - Within the labour of the human, not in the currency of a country. This sounds like slavery to some but actually it is a power greater than what any amount of money can make one self-entitled man possess.

I'd like to see an account dedicated to Fauci (I always think of Faustus when I see his name, lol) - that does nothing other than juxtapose contradictory statements made by this quack.

Then I'd like to see Fauci put on the list.

'The list.'

We can reverse the absurdity of this list by using it to expose the lies of the 'experts' heralded as propagators of the 'word of god' according to mainstream accepted scienceyness.

Beautiful words, @montycashmusic, and absolutely so true. It seems we have reached the point where there is nothing they can do that will not further expose themselves and strengthen those of us awakening to their lies. They continue to dig themselves deeper and deeper into a hole they can’t escape from, and the empire of lies is now beginning to collapse under the weight of deception. Only fear and ignorance are keeping the remaining good little obedient slaves in line.

I fully support your Fauci idea, and propose that a running video of his contradictory statements be created, showing the absolute absurdity of listening to the ‘experts’ and their ‘science’. Speaking of the muppet, he has now reversed course yet again on the issue of double masking, pushing it as a good measure, stating the CDC is now looking into the effectiveness of double-masking (I imagine new ‘research’ will be found in a matter of days supporting this view...)

Keep up the good work, thanks for all the support, and stay free and sane out there, my friend!



Not surprising at all to see some of the common downvote censorship ‘trolls’ supporting this clown (I call them trolls b/c they downvote without comments as to why, in a seemingly robotic fashion, specifically targeting political speech and opinions that challenge MSM/establishment narratives).

Perhaps anarchy already exists and "THE COMMUNITY" is merely the highest manifestation of organized crime. – special thanks to @thoughts-in-time

Given the amount of friends, I would have been insulted had he (it?) not included me -- I take it to be a badge of honor!


You can add me to your list anytime!