Vaccines- Full of Vitamins,Minerals & Fetal tissue!?


Vaccination is one of those topics that can either bring a group together or tear them apart. Getting vaccinated is a personal choice (or at least it should be), so it is normal for most people to form their own opinion about them. If you have personally done any research into vaccines and the safety of them, you may have stumbled upon the name Stanley Plotkin. Some refer to him as "The Godfather of Vaccines", he is a physician who works as a consultant to many vaccine manufacturers and in the 1960's he played a pivotal role in the discovery of the Rubella Virus Vaccine..


Let's take a look at Dr. Plotkin... Does this look like a man who would harm innocent children? If you said "YES" you would be right. On January 11th, 2018 in a deposition for a court case, he went on the record admitting that he used fetal tissue in the creation of a vaccine. Don't believe it? Take a look at this YouTube video from the YouTube Channel The HighWire with Del Bigtree

It does not stop at putting the fetus tissue samples in the vaccines... In this article He also admits to testing on orphans, handicap children and more. We did a basic Google search "What is in vaccines" and were instantly directed to We also went to the CDC(Center for Disease Control) and could not find where it is listed that fetus samples are included in the vaccines. Because of this, we have to ask...where does it stop? Unfortunately, the answer just might very well be, "It never stops."


What do you think about vaccines and did this information change your original thoughts? We would really like to hear what you have to say on this matter. Please leave your thoughts, comments and/or concerns below. As always thank you for taking the time to read our article. If you would like to view more of our work please visit our steemit page @truthbeyondlies or check out our website TBL.


I totally agree with you. The issue here isn't whether you are pro-vaccine or anti-vaccine (false dialectic). The issue is about personal freedom that only you have the right to determine what you can or can't put in your own body. You own yourself, so that is not something that you can abdicate to others.

We live in the age of information, so being ignorant about what is in vaccines is not an excuse. The ingredients are right on the inserts as well as the risks vs benefits. If you do decide to vaccinate yourself or your children, just be informed on what you are are putting you your body. You can ask the nurse for the insert or you can look it up on the manufacture's website or from the FDA.

For example:

We agree with you, it is one's choice. It is also a good idea to research (other than the insert) the vaccine before getting it. By chance did you already know that fetal tissue is in some vaccines before this article?

Oh yeah absolutely! There is tons of great research out there on the subject. It's sad that so many people will just take what the main stream media and what main stream science says about it without doing any of their own research and deciding for themselves.

Yes I did know about the fetal tissue among other disgusting and toxic ingredients and adjuvents. A great docu-series is Ty Bollinger's "The Truth About Vaccines" I think it's 7 episode series (each episode being 2+ hours long) of him interviewing physicians, presenting research on Vaccines. Very well done and pretty un-biased. (but not completely.). If you haven't seen it, I would totally check it out!

So many people want to live in a world where the individual does not have a say in what happens to themselves. I couldn't imagine a worse hell then that.

@compostorganico instead of mindlessly down voting people's comments because you may disagree with them, why don't you at least add to the conversation and speak up about what you disagree about. You might learn something and you might teach others you disagree with something as well.

Right! There are way too many people who want to live in a world where everything is decided for them. I find myself wondering if the very same people are too programmed. Think about it. From the time that a person is born, they are programmed. I have seen parents use the TV as a baby sitter, not really know what their child is watching. The tv show and movies that are "made for kids" are anything but kid-friendly. Then a person goes through school, only to be taught how to be a slave to a system. People are not taught to think, let alone think for themselves, in my opinion. I remember listening to a YouTube video, could not tell you what the video was about, but I can tell you that the person made the comment "Just because someone famous goes on TV and tells you something with a straight face does not make it true". That was such a powerful statement for me to hear, because not only is it true, it made me think how many times I have seen an actor or actress get on tv and say something that I took straight to heart as fact, without ever second guessing them, let alone doing any research.

We (TBL is a team in case you did not know) will check out that docu-series, sounds interesting. Did you see the movie that Robert Di Niro made about Vaccines called Vaxxed?

I have not seen it yet but it is pretty high up on my "to watch" list. Man, I couldn't have said those things better myself haha! I'll try to get some time next week to watch it and I'll let you know what I think. Thanks for the suggestion! I totally didn't know TBL is a team. That is really cool :) I look forward to more great content from you guys. I gave you guys a follow a day or two back. Keep up the good work!

Thank you and we are glad that you are enjoying the work we do. We will be looking forward to more comments from you on future articles.

Personal freedom and choice is paramount but how about some actual facts. I'm here to help educate and provide a balance and opposing viewpoint to the narrative. Making it sound like the fetuses are ground up and put into the vaccines is utter nonsense. The research that Dr. Plotkin did was back in 1962 specifically in developing WI-38 cell line and then another in 1966 developing another line called MRC-5. The fetuses where aborted therapeutically(elective abortions). These are the only two cell lines used in the development of vaccine growth. Other vaccine development use cell lines from animals. These cells are used as substrates in vaccine manufacturing. There is nothing nefarious or sinister about the use of cells for vaccine production(nice cuts in the video.)

Here are some of the vaccines that use the WI-38 or MRC-5 fibroblast cell lines:

Researchers have estimated that vaccines made in WI-38 and its derivatives have prevented nearly 11 million deaths and prevented (or treated, in the example of rabies) 4.5 billion cases of disease.

Perhaps have a read of the following article on how vaccines are made and the science behind using substrates :

Hmmm you are not as un-baised as you claim seeing that your whole tagline says:

Spreading truth about vaccinations and fighting the proliferation of pseudoscience bullshit nonsense that anti-vaxxers expound. Try the truth. It can't hurt you.

So when you say "personal freedom and choice is paramount"... do you really believe that? If you did, I don't think you would take such a position against "anti-vaxxers". You just end up sounding dishonest.

There is no such thing as "vaxxers" and "anti-vaxxers". It is a false dialectic that you have obviously succumbed to. There is only human beings with individual medical freedom to choose how they want to treat themselves and their children.

The fact is that the two cell lines for the WI-38 and MCR-5 that they still use today to develop vaccines came from aborted human fetuses. No one is said anything about ground up fetal tissue except you. It really doesn't matter if the fetus is from the 1960's, the cell lines are still coming from aborted human fetuses and a lot of people have problems with that and do not want that injected into themselves and their children. It is not "anti-science" to have ethical concerns on how things are made and chose not to participate in something you disagree with ethically.

Honestly the aborted fetal tissue is just the tip of the iceberg. A lot of vaccines contain "fetal bovine serum" which is the blood drawn from cow fetus' So I would imagine Vegetarians and Vegans would have a problem with that too due to their world views.

I am not anti vaccine either. I would love to see ethically made, safe, properly tested vaccines come from manufactures who are not protected by law from prosecution from people suing them for damages. Unfortunately we do not have that, we have the opposite.

I appreciate your viewpoint, but if you want to talk about the facts and see the truth of the matter, you will need to be able to see things from all angles. You are coming across as biased.

Yes, you make good points on seeing things from other angles, thanks. I will attempt to be more balanced. I think I was attempting to disambiguate the information. It's often a mix of issues to support a one sided narrative in these posts. This post is no different from my perspective. The facts are there but hidden or obfuscated behind the rhetoric.

The use of fetal tissue in the use of medical research was discussed in the 1988 Fetal Tissue Trans-plantation Panel, setup by the President, at the time. The panel delved deep into the underlying issue of ethics and biomedical politics in the use of fetal tissue for research.

Fairly long write-up but good read on the deliberations.

With the advance of medical technologies hopefully other methods will be developed to remove the stigma attached to these cell lines. I'm guessing that would still not remove the barrier to vaccination with the majority of those opposed to vaccination? Or would it?

I can understand. There is a lot of disinformation out there as well as what you said there being a lot of rhetoric. But yes I believe it is important to be as balanced as you can especially if your mission is to change minds.

I will check out the book you sent. It should be interesting. Yeah I would agree that hopefully if technology keeps improving it might change how they are made and remove the issues that some people have with them. I could see that happening, so it will be interesting to see what happens.

Thanks for the response!

@vaxxinusveritas - We understand your viewpoint. Sorry if you feel this post is one-sided, we feel people should be informed. Also, we have told our readers not to take our word for it, to always research the topic and form their own opinion. This post was intended to let people know that fetal tissue was used, that is all. We hope that you at least enjoyed the read and maybe you will check back in from time to time and post a comment.

@vaccinusveritas These are actual facts. No one said anything about the fetal tissue being ground up nor was it implied. The point we made is that there is fetal tissue in vaccines.... nothing more, nothing less, but thank you for your post and for the information. As for the video, it is not ours which is why it is linked to that YouTube account and we made sure to post the link to the FULL deposition. We do not alter things to fit a narrative... you will see this by looking at out other work.

Thanks. Your response and feedback from @dividebyzero have tempered my approach for sure. I'd also like to apologize for the "ground up" comment... i'd take it back but it's there on the blockchain now for all to see. That was all me and nothing that you guys put out there. I'll definitely check in from time to time, again thanks!