Global Bio-Digital Convergence or Nuremberg 2.0 by 2026

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For those who don’t know what bio-digital convergence is, it is defined as the merging of homo sapiens with technology; literally by body implants and nanotech. In short, analogically ending up with cybernetic organisms similar to what you see in Star Trek TNG with the Borg (given enough time and alteration).

Screen Shot 2021-06-18 at 9.48.23 PM.png

How did we end up with this dystopian nightmare of medical totalitarianism? The seeds of this crisis started decades ago with philosophical ideas proposed by Malthus and Charles Darwin’s “Origin of Species” about how environmental pressures generate “natural selection” leading to adaptation by filtering out maladaptive genes due to the fact that they don’t survive long enough to procreate.

Politicians then took this idea of “survival of the fittest” as an excuse for “right to rule” with the thinking that their blood lines were superior and therefore they should avoid “gene pollution” so that their bloodlines can remain pure to sustain political power. It lead to a political movement known as “eugenics” which was openly highlighted by Hitler in the 1920’s and 1930’s as a virtue.

We’ve been falsely led to believe that that’s all behind us, but Dr. Mengele has returned and there are many signs pointing to an exquisitely evil and elaborate plan being executed by a small group of very powerful elites in early 2020. After Hitler’s regime collapsed, those associated with him fled and took cover in many places and regrouped using new corporate labels to disguise their sympathy to eugenic causes.

I first started getting wind of this back in 2012 when a guy I met on Facebook started talking about depopulation. His name was Kevin Mugur Galalae and he wrote “Killing us Softly” which can still be found for free online. Then I came across some of Bill Gates talks about the need to reduce CO2 and global population. James Corbett of the Corbett Report has outlined the extensive political connections between Bill Gates, Jeffrey Epstein, the Clintons and many high powered politicians involved in this “eugenics” agenda. Hitler made the mistake of being too open about it. This time, they are using stealth to achieve their agenda. But how?

It appears that over a period of many decades those with great wealth sought to compromise politicians before they could rise to power with the ultimate blackmail (such as pedophilia). In that way, those behind the scenes with great wealth could capture all of the most important positions to carry out their plan with kompromat that would ensure political obedience. How many politicians are compromised at this point? Over the span of many decades since the last major social disruption, I’d say it’s quite a lot and the more power they have, the more likely they are compromised. Most people find this hard to believe (especially those who still believe in government legitimacy), but the key to knowing is in understanding that nobody is perfect. The powerful use human failings to advance their goals and the most powerful among us wisely chose relative anonymity and avoid fame. Understanding human nature is key to knowing what’s possible and what’s likely.

What this small group wants is complete data awareness and total control of every single human on earth. This is why entities like Microsoft and Google were captured in the early days of the internet. Social media has been developed to solve the problem of information decentralization using your desire for convenience to get you to sacrifice liberty and sovereign control over your voice. The early days of the internet worried this cabal because they didn’t have control of that media. They still don’t but are making inroads with censorship tools and by creating social media echo chambers, etc. Now bitcoin is going after the financial system and it too is being attacked because it made the same mistake the internet did in not having enough privacy baked into the base layer. But I digress…

There are a number of lies that came out in early 2020 that kicked this plan into motion. Senator Rand Paul has opened the door to the first part of exposing this plan by proving that Dr. Fauci lied about not funding gain of function research in China. The allegation is that covid was generated in a lab in Chapel Hill, NC, then taken to Canada briefly by Dr. Shi, then to Wuhan where it was released (by accident or intentionally is hard to prove definitively but the circumstantial evidence is enormous that this was intentional). It’s a giant conflict of interest to have gain of function research while developing a vaccine for the same. This is proof the mRNA vaccine was being developed before the covid outbreak which shows at the very least the extreme conflict of interest in gain of function studies and possible malfeasance.

First the biohazard is introduced, then they suppress any other treatments for the disease (such as vitamin D, Ivermectin, HCQ, zinc, etc, in some cases bombing the facilities producing these alternatives) and say that the only solution is a vaccine which they produce. Bill Gates and the GAVI Institute were heavily involved in development. On top of that, they laid the groundwork for limited liability for vaccines (where you can’t sue for damages) back in 1986. This is why a vaccine is used and not some other type of drug which carries liability consequences.

Then they used the media to dial up the fear and control the narrative for their largely failed bio-weapon which started to degrade as soon as it was released like all biological agents do due to mutation. They lied about asymptomatic spread, about the ineffectiveness of masks and introduce a fraudulent PCR “test” (which is not a test) to pump up “cases” when in reality covid 19 is not much worse than a bad flu. The masks played a role in spreading and heightening fear. it worked beautifully to shut down the population because social distancing is the opposite of gathering together to protest. Large corporate interests then used it to shut down “mom and pop” businesses to gain more control financially further centralizing financial power into the hands of the very rich by labeling small business as “non-essential businesses”.

Just waiting in the wings now is the Great Reset which seeks to introduce biological agents that can interface with the IoT and cloud devices to turn all humans into property operated by remote control. I don’t want to repeat the agenda in the above link here except to say that the bio threat is designed to get submission of everyone into the new slave system of covid passports which will expand into total digital remote control of the world population (if we allow it) where eventually we all end up like the borg.

Among the lies being exposed is that the vaccination is assumed to protect against infection. Unfortunately it doesn’t. The mRNA technology protects against symptoms by generating specific T-cell antibodies, but doesn’t eliminate the virus itself. Some debate that viruses exist and are merely exosomes resulting from body detoxification. I consider this a distraction and even if true, doesn’t detract from the fact that people get sick and that authority uses this for control.

Another possible distraction… magnets sticking to vax sites?

I have my doubts about this one, but for me, the jury is still out. I have yet to encounter a single case of this although I’ve been living rurally since 2012 and don’t see too many people any more. This appears to have some elements of a limited hangout psyop. I’m not saying everyone doing tictok videos is necessarily lying. Maybe some doing these videos are just in it for the views and some of it is real, but now that it’s out there, the establishment can use it as an ad-hominem against those “crazy conspiracy theorists” to paint with a broad brush and give the impression that nothing else being said should be given any weight. In other words, don’t bother questioning anything because “trust the science” doctors never make mistakes, and the government would “never do that”. I do my best to use discernment. I have a few friends who’ve taken the vaccine and none of them have reported any magnets sticking to them. This does not invalidate the charges being leveled against TPTB.

Clif High predicts planetary level collapse:

(pay special attention to what he says between 22:00 and 45:00)

He predicts that this month during which I’m writing this is the month of “danger” more so for the elites than for us, then panic in July, and some sort of change in August followed by more unrest in October through the rest of the year.

He thinks that there will be a giant deflationary collapse of the world economy due to so many people dying from having taken the vaccine. This is also predicted by many MD’s that when the vaccinated encounter new strains of the virus this fall and winter, they will be subject to autoimmune disease or cytokine storms making many people very sick. Clif projects that we may well lose 1.25 billion people within the next few years.

The reason for a giant deflation episode is due to the lack of demand in resources and the lack of producers as well forcing many merchants to reduce prices to get rid of inventory. This means the value of stocks and everything else collapses (including crypto’s which he expects to go down by 95% in early 2022). As people kick off, properties will have to be liquidated and recording all of these transactions will become a giant backlog. This happened back in the 1930’s and many properties weren’t properly recorded until the end of the 2nd world war.

There are other even more crazy sounding conspiracies such as the release of UFO data (this was due to a law passed by president Trump requiring an explanation by the pentagon by June). Clif has a video on this as well here as to a theory that humans are a GMO slave species engineered by aliens:"

While the information in the above video sounds completely insane, it's backed up by facts and logic. Maybe the reason why elites were so confident in pulling this stunt is that this crime is so grandly insane that nobody would believe it. Therefore it's the perfect crime which insures they can get away with it due to most people being completely unable to wrap their heads around it.

The social engineering used to pull this off is quite impressive, but I don’t think these high criminals will get away unscathed.


Important links:

Wuhan virology - foia for gain of function research and funding links

How the corruption got so bad…

Pam Popper planet lockdown - pay special attention to what she says at 45:00

Michal Saylor explaining properties of money and why bitcoin is an asset and not a currency. How bitcoin will limit one aspect of corruption but allow banks and regulators to control currency.

Censorship compliant mining pools are beginning to form around bitcoin.

Dr Peter McCullough saying the vaccine is a bioweapon…

quantum dot tatoos recording vaccine info

Mike Adams warns of coming holocaust

In minute 19 Dr. peter McCullough says that the blood supply is now tainted with dangerous spike proteins…

More medical personnel taking a stand against the vaxx

4 anonymous nurses

Voice of God weapons (more proof that elites will do anything for control)

Is Wuhan a distraction? Claims that 1918 spanish flu was resurrected in Wisconsin in 2019 and spread to Australia…

Profusa nanotech “hydrogel”:

Dr Reiner Fuellmich on how the pandemic was a planned crime against humanity:

More MD’s talking about an apparent agenda signal anomalies which all point in the same direction… (runaway economic and regulatory capture which potentially points to a possible intentional genocide)

Dr. Sherry Tenpenny speaks before Ohio senate

Clif High on collapse this year:

Theragripper technology from John Hopkins University which can be used to deliver drugs or vaccines without you being aware that it is happening:

Dr. Reinhart Fuellmich talking to Dr. Peter McCullough on the pandemic vaccine as genocide:

Demylination due to covid vaxx causing MS:

Ex Pfizer VP Dr Michael Yeadon says the vaccine is an intentional genocide: (at 1:18:30)

Catherine Austin FItts on “common law right of offset” to rectify against damages done by government in the pursuit of extermination of the citizenry.



The worst part is how they talked about the secret plan so much that it's all recorded and we quote it. I have a feeling they have their secret works only available to trusted members.

Conspiracy fact more than theory.

Interesting info from Joe Rogan interviewing Dr Pierre Kory and Bret Weinstein on the use of Ivermectin, censorship and regulatory capture. If the drug can block the spike protein, it might be an effective treatment for both the vaccine damage and covid...

An interesting interview by Reinhart Fuellmich investivating NLP and psychological operations document dumps proving that high level elites are involved in orchestrating fear in a coordinated plan to use the pandemic to control the population and move them into the great reset agenda...

Found this link on ADE which seems to negate the possibility of ADE in the covid-19 vaccines, but with some uncertainty that a variant couldn't cause it later...

It's still very problematic how the vaccine has been rolled out on the heels of gain of function research. Incredibly reckless! But at least this makes Clif's prediction of 1.25 billion dead less likely. While those at the top seem intent on killing us off, thankfully the rank and file researchers have been dotting their i's and crossing their t's.

At the bottom of this article are MD's talking about pathogenic priming or ADE:

Make sure to scroll down to the bottom to the radio show as the short video doesn't have this explanation. The MD on the left says he took the vaccine after waiting for several months and not seeing any of the markers for pathogenic priming. Start at -41:00 and listen for about 5 minutes for full explanation. If he's not an evil lying bastard, then it means that they got past the ADE problem and are terrible marketing it. He has "long covid" and there's research suggesting the vaccine helps with that.

To summarize the above video, explains how is run by the same people who funded WEF and event 201 which began just before the pandemic. We can expect another false flag with "Russian hackers" to blame for shutting down entire supply chains as the reason why everyone will need an internet passport to access the internet and have their activity monitored online at all times by the police. It's about their control, not your protection.

Collaboration to create a criminal conspiracy is plausible... Using the patent office to detect financial incentive misalignments and conflicts of interest that result in grave crimes against humanity.

I forgot to mention that happens July 9th. This is right during Clif High's prediction of "panic" next month over the truth coming out and spilling out in ways they cannot control. Just as event 201 led to the pandemic, will cyberpolygon give the internet the flu (internet kill switch) to elicit a cyberwarfare excuse from these high criminals for information lockdown?

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