Predictions for the 2020’s about Covid, Bitcoin, Transhumanism and the Great Reset

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I write this new years eve 2020 wanting to get my list of predictions for the 2020’s recorded on blockchain before they become hindsight even though I’ve been in possession of many of these insights since early 2017 (and a few since the mid 1970’s). Most of these concepts that were “conspiracy theory” just a year or two ago are now conspiracy fact, and the ones who used to complain that we were “tin foil hats” now look completely ridiculous wearing bottles on their head in fear of a virus with a 99.9% survival rate for those under 50.

Screen Shot 2021-01-01 at 4.17.49 AM.png

Covid is most likely a failed bioweapon and roughly comparable to the Hong Kong flu of 1969 (if we generously allow the likely statistical skewing of flu cases), and is nowhere near close to beating the Spanish flu of 1918 - 1920. This year’s numbers suggest that the flu was merely rebranded as covid since the flu seems to have completely disappeared. There’s a powerful incentive for US hospitals to call it covid too since they get $13K for covid but only $4K for the flu. While people do get sick, the state has an ulterior motive to use it for political control and unless the people rise up in the correct way, many will find themselves enslaved and unable to escape by the time this decade is over.

I will use astrology to show you the larger picture, though you should understand that I don’t believe that the planets are “efficient causes” or that they are actually “doing anything”. They are however useful markers and a good model for showing patterns in human behavior and societal changes. One wouldn’t say that the hour hand pointing to the 5 on the clock face caused rush hour. However one would be remiss to ignore the obvious correspondence and ignore the pattern.

This is how I use astrology. It is useful because life is far from random. It is also a symbolic mandala that describes the cycles of life itself using set theoretic correspondences. While @taskmaster4450 has mentioned me in regard to this subject, I’ve spent most of the past 25 years writing software and studying how technological changes in platform and internet infrastructure would affect it. Later I will show that the cycle of tyranny that began in early 2020 gets repudiated by freedom and justice by spring 2026.

One of my longest held convictions since I was a teenager in the mid 1970’s is that the USA would collapse as a world power / nation by 2026. I cannot claim sole insight into this though. Many astrologers for decades have said that the USA Pluto return would herald serious social changes for the USA (and likely the world) and bring about similar issues as seen in 1776. There are also other techniques such as Barbault’s Planetary Cycles that also predict this for the early 2020’s.

This collapse will not quite be sudden, though it will have memorable turning points (such as the lockdowns and maybe future mass vaccine die offs due to pathogenic priming causing iatrogenic reactions). One should regard this as a process that has already started in which the most important chapter begins with the 2008 near collapse of the world economy (Pluto in Capricorn ingress) which happens to correspond to the birth of bitcoin and Occupy Wall Street.

The Depopulation Agenda, Transhumanism and the Great Reset

In 2012, I came across the works of Kevin Mugur Galalae and his book Killing Us Softly which describes the agenda of globalist elites to reduce the human population to about 500 million (ideally). The motivation for this agenda is a combination of many factors. One is the economic incentive for the state to minimize population age above retirement.

Another is climate change producing excess carbon. Whether this is real or not, doesn’t interest me as much as the fact that it is a motive for population reduction. It is also a stated motive for vaccination which Bill Gates states plainly in a 2010 TED talk. Depopulation is really the first step of the transhumanist agenda which represents the merging of medicine and technology to create “a more perfect human”. Of course, not all of us would get the technology that extends our telomeres to 150 year life spans. That is reserved for the billionaire class. They plan to actually downgrade some of us in order to facilitate their control.

The pandemic could take us farther in this direction. However Dr. James Lyons-Weiler at PA Medical Freedom Press Conference 10/20/20 along with many other doctors calling it out as overblown and as a means for government social control and attempted genocide.

Another, Peter McCullough, MD testifies to US senate about medical academic malfeasance involving covid:

And another, Pierre Kory, MD testifying that Ivermectin works “miraculously”:

This and the hundreds of other videos by MD’s prove that there’s an ulterior motive for these lockdowns. Most of this has already been explained in the above link and I do no want to repeat myself too much here. I will simply summarize that this crisis is being used to transfer “human cattle” into their new slave system which will have you tracked and traced constantly without any privacy. Their plan is to put you into lockdown forever (if they decide you’re worth keeping around).

They aren’t stating it this way of course. They are using such slogans as “build back better” and selling austerity as “you’’ll own nothing, and you’ll be happy”. The way each of the different presidents of various nation states are all using the same language is proof that there’s a powerful entity controlling all of them to be on the same agenda…

Screen Shot 2021-01-01 at 4.28.51 AM.png

In the future they want the following for us…

  • By 2030 a one world government.
  • A cashless world currency.
  • A world central bank and world military.
  • End of national sovereignty (why Trump / MAGA must go).
  • End of all privately owned property.
  • End of the family unit (government owns all children and citizens).
  • Depopulation and control of population density and growth (people only allowed in cities).
  • Mandatory multiple vaccines.
  • Universal Basic Income in exchange for elimination of all debt.
  • Tracking and control of all people through implants (hydrogel) hooked into IoT (internet of things) with your appliances sending geolocation data (Siri, Alexa equivalents).
  • Chinese social credit system developed by Google will go global.
  • End of private transportation.
  • Prohibition of natural remedies and medicines (all food will be synthetic).

The pandemic is being used as the crisis to kick this agenda off and was declared just as Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto all lined up in late Capricorn. The sign is associated with generally bad things associated with winter, death and government. Jupiter is in a state of shackles and buried in a pit (literally what fall means in astrology). Jupiter is the principle of freedom and justice. Social distancing and "lockdown" due to the fear of covid is a saturnian manifestation.

Saturn is also associated with statism and slavery conditions. Mars and Pluto both with violence, Mars with servility. Pluto with decay. Pluto in Capricorn also represents abuse of government power. All these point to extreme social unrest.

Freedom will undergo a difficult time while in the sign of its fall (Jupiter in Capricorn). In late 2020, Jupiter will escape into Aquarius where it is no longer in its depressed state, but it will still be owned by Saturn (Saturn is ruler of Aquarius and Capricorn). Some relief to the lockdown might be coming with conditions attached (Saturn).

The Coming Nuremberg Moment

Screen Shot 2021-01-01 at 5.52.44 PM.png

Delphic Oracle software

Next, late spring into summer 2021, Jupiter enters Pisces (it then owns itself, though is forced to share power with the lesser benefic (Venus)). This should bring some level of poetic justice, but Jupiter goes back into Aquarius for the rest of the year. Most likely this is an indication of increased rebellion due to the fraud perpetrated on the people for the purposes of control.

Sometime around late summer 2022 is another great change when Jupiter finally escapes the last hold of Saturn and the tables will be turned by 2023. At this point Saturn enters Pisces and is owned by Jupiter. Some level of order and justice should be restored, but the criminals in high places won't be fully outed yet.

The transit that I'm really waiting for is Saturn conjunct Neptune at the beginning of Aries around 2025 - 26. At this point Saturn (government) which currently has freedom by the balls, should be on the run. Saturn will be in the same depressed state that Jupiter was in in Capricorn and even worse conjoins the planet of "self undoing and dissolution" Neptune.

This suggests that those currently using the pandemic for control will have some explaining to do. Why did they allow "gain of function" research then offshore it to Wuhan? I think the Saturn / Neptune conjunction in Aries is the antithesis of the Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto conjunction in Capricorn. It represents this generations “Nuremberg Moment”. In the first conjunction, Jupiter (principle of freedom, life and breath), is in chains. In the latter, Jupiter is exalted and Saturn (principle of governance, tyranny) is dissolved and imprisoned.

I wanted to point this out as many have said that we're never returning to normal because this "is the new normal". Unfortunately, many people, especially on the left, are confused about freedom and are waiting for permission that will never come. These people will stay locked down in many places in the world with passes issued by govt via immunity passport (a microneedle patch using luciferase enzyme found in fireflies which can be read using a smartphone). Bill Gates and the GAVI institute are implicated in these schemes with an apparent end goal to re-engineer the human genome remotely using IoT with mRNA bioprogrammable signals.

Part of the resistance is in understanding that your money has become a system to control you with this Microsoft patent. But bitcoin is unfortunately having problems…

Bitcoin, the Hope that is suffering from Protocol Ossification and Co-option

While the price of bitcoin will certainly go up from here, the influx of institutional money is creating an incentive to diverge away from Satoshi’s white paper of being a P2P electronic cash system. Institutional money doesn’t want anonymity and doesn’t care about privacy and needs compliance with FATF and the SEC. They are not revolutionaries and in most cases they actually prefer to have someone in control of their wealth. Bitcoin is already seriously compromised and may one day no longer be censorship resistant if miners can be coerced into not mining certain transactions by being too centralized. On the plus side, bitcoin is unconfiscatable as long as you know how to handle your private keys.

Already the protocol has ossified significantly with the turning point seeming to center around the block size debate of 2015 - 2017. Satoshi said that a block increase could be done in the future, then disappeared soon after. While network latency can become an issue with too large an increase, not increasing the block size at all makes it certain that it cannot function as a VISA replacement on the base layer.

The narrative of bitcoin being “digital gold” is emphasizing the SOV (store of value) aspect while hampering its MOE (Medium of Exchange) and unit of account. In addition, US regulators saying that it is a stock means that it cannot easily function as a currency. Bitcoin is currently a controlled surveillance coin that only the most technically astute can maneuver anonymously.

Not all hope is lost however. If the state loses enough power through hyperinflation, then maybe the regulators will lose enough capital to be bought off by bitcoiners. Then maybe the commits on github for Schnorr signatures, taproot and tapscript will go live. Right now, there isn’t enough incentive to allow that to happen as it could cost listing on CEX’s plummeting the price. Also, there is still the looming segwit donations attack that could take everyone by surprise like a black swan.

Screen Shot 2021-01-01 at 3.53.53 AM.png
Delphic Oracle software

I have astrological reasons that a break in this issue with bitcoin either succeeding or failing happening around 2022 which coincides with the USA Mercury - Pluto opposition, Pluto return (Sibley chart). I think this might be the first big collapse economically for the USA which looks like Andreas Antonopoulos’s “I have a prediction” at 14:41 of this video:


Whether Bitcoin which is like the Yahoo! of the early internet becomes the Google of crypto has yet to be seen. The Uranus ingress into Gemini trine to Pluto in Aquarius likely also settles the issue of which blockchain will take the throne. Time will give us the details…



Thanks for the write up. Spot on article covering what is taking place. The video by Andreas was awesome too. I had not seen that one.

We are living in very interesting times. Your call about the technology companies is certainly looking to come true. They are not even hiding their lack of fear of the government anymore. It is to the point they know they are bigger than any one government and affect more people too.

You timeline mirrors another individual I follow who brings things from a market perspective. His call is that the market will have a rough couple years as the fallout from all of this takes place. The charade that is taking place that all is well, especially in Europe where they cant get financed for a toaster, is going to fall apart rapidly. The central banks are powerless to do anything.

The biggest factor is that we are moving from a public domain to private one. What that means is confidence is being lost in public debt, hence capital will flow into the private arena, i.e stocks. It will take some time for all to sink in but that will likely hit about 2023 and then see a massive bull run in the stock market. Those in government debt will get crushed.

Also forecast is a major commodity run around the same time period, for similar reasons. As things fall apart, commodities because scarcer, causing supply problems.

Leading this might be oil which will finally flip from an abundance to lack.

It is very interesting how cycles operate, something that the west really does not pay attention to. We opt for linear thinking which tends to be very dangerous.

I left a lot out due to space, time. The last time Neptune was in Aries was around the time of the end of the last US civil war. By implication if the end happens in the middle of the decade, then we are soon to be in it. I hope we don't repeat that.

Small business is being declared non-essential, not to save people from covid, but to centralize marketshare among the Amazon's and Walmart's. It's end game fascism. Finally, they will attempt to usurp government and become government itself.

Incidentally, while the appearance of brutal slavery was abolished, a more stealthy slavery was instituted for all by 1865. Saturn was in Libra (Saturn in exaltation) which again offers chains in exchange for small benefits. The opposite of that happens this time with Saturn in Aries. Maybe we finally get voluntaryism in many places.

Dr James Lyons-Wheeler might be censored by Youtube as the link is currently not working. Here's a copy:,-Testing,-and-Damage:7

Outstanding breakdown. I've said recently that we're in a very precarious position now. Joe Biden is the first Scorpio in 100 years, last one was Warren G Harding, who died in office.

Obviously the Fed being established 7 years before 1920, then the following roaring 20s which may have been inflationary is being mirrored now. I think this Saturn/Jupiter conjunction "gateway" so to speak to a grand scale consolidation of resources.

Bitcoin is decentralized but subject to EMP attacks, power outages and the like. I believe regulators referred to Crypto as a commodity not a stock. Much like Corn, Soybeans, Gold, Uranium, etc. Much of the lingo used in cryptocurrency spheres like "mining" infer digital commodities IMO.

Social credit already exists, look at

I think we're on the same page on much of this. Great breakdown!

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