CONTEST: My 2018 - This is my Hobby | 100 SBD in Prizes!

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My 2018 - A @blocktrades sponsored contest.

But Nomad don´t be silly, I blog everyday about my hobbies and passions, to join this contest is like repeating my blog posts, there is nothing different, I can just post the same I´ve been posting the past 2 months...

This contest is not about you posting your drawings or you latest travel adventure, this contest has nothing to do with the way you take care of your garden or how you cooked that meal you ate last saturday, the post you will create to join this contest will not be about your latest science fiction story or analysis of your favorite coin...

This contest is about your passion, why you have it and what drives it

No no, I don´t want you to post examples of your hobby, I wan´t you to tell me about your hobby.

  • Why do you fell passion about your hobby?
  • How did you picked this hobby? Or better yet, how did this hobby picked you?
  • How long have you been doing it...? Are you learning more and more every day?
  • What is is that you love about this hobby? Do you like it because you are good at it? Do you love it because it takes away the stress? Do you enjoy it because it is challenging?
  • When do you practice it? Is it part of your daily life or do you have to go out of your routine to be able to do it?
  • Is it something you share with someone else or is this hobby YOUR thing and you do it by yourself?
  • What is going on in your mind when you do it?
  • Is your hobby a priority? Does practicing takes away time with your family or partner? Do you have it high on your priority list or is it not that important compared to family and friends?
  • Is your hobby expensive? Do you spend a lot of money when you practice it? What sacrifices you make to be able to practice your hobby?
  • Are you an amateur? An adept? An expert? What makes the differences between them? Does it depend only on skills or do you also need tools or equipment to become better?
  • Are you lucky enought that, is your hobby part of your job?
  • If you would have to explain your hobby to an alien, how would you do it?

These are just examples of how to create your post, you don´t have to talk about all of them and you can add other things you want, those are just a few guidelines in case you don´t know how to make your post!

If you want to add pictures that´s awesome! It´s even better!

Rules for the contest! Yes... there are rules :(

1.- Your post must have the title My 2018 - This is my Hobby: Here goes your hobby

Example: My 2018 - This is my Hobby: Hunting Sharks in the Pacific Ocean.

2.- The post must have at least 1,000 words. This is a post about your hobby! Give it some love and make an effort to make a long and big post!
3.- You have to use the tag "My2018" and "Thisismyhobby" otherwise I won´t be able to check out your post :(
4.- Please do NOT use the tag "blocktrades" or "sndbox".
5.- Obviously, no Plagiarism, I only want original content!
6.- Be creative, have fun!!
7.- You don´t have to upvote this post to join, but I´m askig you to Resteem it so more people can join the contest. If more people join, there is a big chance I pitch in more SBD to the prize pool.

Note: If your post does not fulfill this small list of rules I can´t consider it to win :(

Deadline to submit your entry

You have from now until next Monday, March the 26th at 11:59 pm PST (Pacific time) to make your post about this, any post published later that that won´t be considered for the contest.

Special Thanks

Remember, making this contest and giving this prizes is only possible due to the delegation I got from @blocktrades. Don´t forget to vote for them as witness here to show them your support!

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This is another unique contest I have seen. One of my friends shared it via group chat and I came to have a look. It's very encouraging and I'm sure many will join because talking about one's hobby is second-nature. Good luck to all participants!

@hiroyamagishi I have an almost similar discovery of this post with you though I got it from discord server. I like the contest guidelines mentioned in this post and I realized its focus on personal experience in the hobby.
For this , I think I can do a post for the entry.
Good luck to your entry

ttps:// porfavor ayudenme /please upvote me give me a chance come on!

First of all, i want to thank you and the sponsors of the contest to give us a chance to win the prize and to show what we got. I really enjoyed writing mine as it made me very emotional. Check my entry out. Thank all of you and God bless all of you ^_^

My Entry

Much love,

Dang I just did a post the other day about my photography journey that would have been suitable perhaps as an entry for this contest so my timing was terrible but if I can find the time to come up with a post for this contest that isn’t just the same again as that post I will do an entry

Thanks for hosting such a cool contest

Ps Ré your comment on another persons entry for the sandbox quest and am I entering I didn’t want to hijack her post with a response and a link to my post but I hope it’s ok to do it here

This post covers part one of the quest but also explains that due to a few reasons I just won’t be able to find the time or get out to get new photos for the quest so as much ch as I would love to try out for the sandbox I just cannot at this stage.
With an office move on Friday and borderline pneumonia at present time is limited and I cannot risk going out in the cold here for photoshoots

That said I did that post to spread the word of the quest as well as told a few photog friends

Fantastic competition! Any idea on the prize structure yet?

I think this shouldn't be the main concern! Just share what you love and see every dollar you might get as a bonus! ;)

You got a 5.02% upvote from @brupvoter courtesy of @jmehta!

Very cool contest guys, thanks for the opportunity, I had to jump in with my mind heart and soul on this one!

your content is also very very good!!! i just did it so i think that im probably not going to win anything haha ,wish me luck

This is a challenging contest but another way to reward more steemian, thanks to @blocktrades for the delegation to @anomadsoul.

Here is my entry to this contest :

Certainly its very creative contest, had resteemed it earlier, so that others could participate.

Great idea anomadsoul. I'm going to give it a go with my passion and hobby of scuba diving. I'll try to keep it under 2000 words ;-) see you on the other side.

  • N.B. Completely failed to keep it under 2000 words but 2059 ain't far off :-) here is my entry:

I enjoyed a lot making my post after receiving challenge to join this contest.

I put a lot of pictures to make you think my hobby is Photograpy, but it is actually to show my real hobby, have i already awaken your curiosity?

so without further ado, please find My hobbies

hope you enjoy!

@jodevasquez, @por500bolos ... Play on...

You got to this one before me...and I saw entries all over the contest tag today. Must be fate.

Tomorrow is another post :-)

Something tells me you've got @ginabot finely tuned to those contest tags and all the keywords related to writing :) I need to crack the secret combination...

GinaBOT? GinaBOT? Nah, this is all manual.

You have my respect (^-^)ゝ

Good thing you "Never Give Up" (@iamthegray).

Moneyinfant: 128
Plushzilla: 1


Is there a writing contest about luck? I think I definitely got lucky this time :D

I'll let you know if I come across one LOL

And thank you @moneyinfant for drawing me to this contest

I'm going to send in an entry

Are you?

I really have no time to actually enter the contests :)

I'll be looking forward to seeing your name on the winners list however.


Thanks for the encouragement

I'm publishing it now

I'm ALL about encouragement. Think how good I'll feel if you win!

Great Entry for this contest. @plushzilla is one of the most helpful and dediacted to steemit persons i know she is also very altrustic giving. I wish you all the best @plushzilla :)

You are much too kind @mihail.tsvetkov :) There are many more people that are working hard to make Steemit such a great place but don't get the acknowledgement they deserve. It's great to see everyone learning and growing on the platform, it's good to hear from you again :)

:) We all grow and the platforme growing as well

Thanks for setting up this great contest @anomadsoul :-) and here Is my Entry !

I want to say this a great entry I wish you good luck not the contest

Great contest you create for all !! I would love to join. Thank you very much !

Hello everyone sorry i'm little bit late, here's my entry

Excelente iniciativa, una pregunta @anomadsoul, la publicación esta en Ingles, podemos participar con publicaciones en Español? solo en Ingles? o ambos idiomas?

Se puede en español!


Hola @anomadsoul
Prepararé mi entrada al concurso. Y gracias por aceptar la publicación en español

genial estoy preparando mi post, creo ya lo traduje correctamente. No sabia que podía postearlo en español. disfrute mucho redactandolo, espero lo disfruten ustedes también. Aquí esta el enlace:

Que genial que se pueda en español, gracias por el concurso. Haré mi entrada :)

Thanks for the opportunity. I've posted my entry. I hope to meet more songwriters in the country:

Woah! So excited to participate! Gonna put this on my to-do list :)

I am so excited to participate... I'm working on my post now... It's going to be long since I love talking about my hobbies. I hope everyone enjoys reading it once it's done.. ^^

although at the beginning I wanted to do the post English and Spanish, I do not have much knowledge in English, and using the translator was a horrible translation XD so I went back to edit and here is in Spanish, it was done with great care.

I wish luck to all the other contestants

Hola familia steemit con mucha felicidad dejo por aqui mi entrada a este maravilloso concurso espero les guste!!

Hola comunidad de steemit espero les guste mi entrada a este maravilloso concurso donde nos dieron la oportunidad de hablar y compartir con ustedes mi hobby.

fuente de imagen

ho wow nice post,
Soon I will participate in this great contest thank you for giving us a little more, in this great community to continue growing and learn more about the qualities of each one in this great community, greetings!

Wao excellent initiative friend! Wait for my participation :D

¡Hola! ¿Cómo estás? Excelente iniciativa ;) siempre he querido echar el cuento de como me enamoré de los 200 hobbies que tengo jajajaja nah mentira, hablaré del de este año.

¿Te parece si publico en inglés y español? En el mismo post, claro.

Iba a preguntar lo mismo

Oh this is an exciting one. Shall soon put up my entry:)

challenge accepted ;) I love writing about my hobby!!

Get ready for a post with around 1500 words. Will make it tomorrow.
Good luck everyone and have fun!

Ahhh 1500 words sounds amazing! :D

Already posted. was around 1170 at the end :) :(

@anomadsoul Me parece muy interesante el concurso, mucha suerte para todos los participantes, saludos a todos y mucha bendiciones.

That moment when you regret making a 2,000 word post on your hobby a few days ago.

Yeah, i love it this contest, i'm ready

Oooooh...crypto spending money.
[type type type type type]

Now we only have to wait for the SBD to jump back up in price to get motivated :))))

Ok... I'm in!

excellent friend, I really like this contest, talk a little about our hobbies I think it's great, scored!

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