GUESS THAT USERNAME Contest ROUND 2: @mountainjewel

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Round 2 of Guess That Username CONTEST is officially kicking off today and will run until next week Sunday morning 9:00 a.m. Central Standard Time.

Goals for This Contest:

  • Build community
  • Have Fun
  • Make a bunch of sweet crypto for those who choose to participate!


Have you wondered what’s the meaning behind some of your fellow Steemians usernames?

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I know I have. Some of the names out there are so creative and intriguing, yet I've never taken the time to find out what they mean. I've now just begun to communicate with my fellow Steemians on Discord, but with such little time and so many neat people, I needed a way to speed up the process. This contest will hopefully achieve that goal.

Most of us didn’t have a hand in choosing our RLN (Real Life Names) so when we’re given the opportunity to create usernames online, what drives us to choose what we’ve chosen? Our usernames are our own personal chosen signatures to the world. What do they all mean? Inquiring minds want to know! Through this contest I hope to shed some light on our more obscure and bizarre Steemians. This contest will tell us a lot about them and about ourselves through our responses and interactions.

So, let’s have some fun, shall we?


Here’s the rules:

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  • I will nominate and then interview a fellow Steemian each week as to how they came up with their username.
  • Contestants will give their best explanation to the meaning behind the mystery of that username in the comment section of the contest post. You can choose to be serious, or just be creative and funny, your choice.

  • Contestants will upvote and resteem that weeks contests post. That may sound tacky, but the more people hear about this contest and the more SBD it pays out, the higher the winnings will be.

  • Maximum 2 entries per Steemian. No contest hogging on my watch!


There are two ways to win:

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  • The original username owner will determine whose answer is most accurate


  • The amount of upvotes per contestant comment will determine whose answer is the most creative.

In case of a tie (that being a same accurate or creative answer). The winner will be determined by who commented first.


There are two ways to be disqualified:

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  • If you contact or have had contact with the nominated user and ascertained the meaning of their username, you are resolutely disqualified.

  • If the nominated user is a Real Life Friend (RLF) you should be ashamed of yourself for associating with such riff-raff and you are soundly disqualified by the guilt of your association.

Keep in Mind:

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The whole point of this contest is to meet new people and learn new things. It’s not just about winning SBD.

You are on the honor system when participating. So, be honorable and don’t let your inside knowledge drive you crazy for filthy lucre.



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  • Each winner will receive 25 % of the original contest post payout in SBD.

  • The nominated username owner will also receive 25% of the original contest post payout in SBD.

PLUS, each winner will receive 5 SBD from me!


Last weeks winners were as follows:

Smallest white space.jpg

- Closest Guess to the actual meaning belongs to @bex-dk!


Congratulations! You've won 5 SBD plus 25% of this post payout (still to be determined.)

- Most Creative answer belongs to @hhayweaver!


Congratulations! You've won 5 SBD plus 25% of this post payout (still to be determined.)

- @negativer will also receive 25% of the post payout. Congrats and thanks for being the guinea pig.

BLUER-blue-strip-3 (1).jpg

Without further ado:




I chose @mountainjewel because they participated in the first round, volunteered to be a Username and even offered up other usernames for nomination!

Let me tell you, having helpful contestants sure makes running these contests easier!

I was planning on using @mountainjewel down the line, but I figured, "why not now, they deserve it for being so swell..."


@mountainjewel please be so kind as to send me your background story and what contestant you think were the closest to the actual meaning sometime before this upcoming Sunday afternoon. You can email me @ [email protected] Thanks!

Good luck to all the contestants. Let the games begin!


Thanks for Reading!


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A husband and wife wrestling combo. He's called mountain and she is called Jewel.

This is easy!

You're obviously an international jewel thief who was caught by Stazzi Police in East Berlin, but you managed to hide your most precious jewel in your rectum. Then later you were released from prison because you volunteered to fight in the Afgan War.

But once you arrived you immediately killed comrades to flee into the mountains. Unfortunately, this action lead to Russia's defeat and later caused the collapse of the USSR.

I hope you are pleased with yourself!

Btw by forcing new people to resteem your post to enter, you are hurting their chances of growing a following. This is because some new people enter many contests which could potentially lead to a blog of resteems and people who constantly resteem get unfollowed.

I will vote for this because I think it's a very clever idea, but I choose not to resteem this post.

Thanks for the helpful comment. I didn't realize resteeming something was viewed in a negative light by the Steemit veterans. I asked for suggestions on how to improve the contest, and you have given me a good way to improve it. Thanks.

You're welcome!

tbh not everyone looks at it in a negative light. When I was running a meme contest, to make it more inclusive, I didn't even ask for votes, because most new people only have 10 votes a day and their votes are usually valued at under a penny.

I currently have three other contests by random authors linked to the contests section of my posts, If it helps I could link you too?

That would be great. Sorry for the slow reply. Work has been busy.

I think this dude had an accident and lost one of his, " family jewels" but the remaining one is so large and potent that he fondly nicknamed it, "mountainjewel" and used it as his Steemit handle.

These are really fun to read! hehehe... hahaha some of these are really great!!! may the best steemian win! Resteemed!

I really like your username and I am very curious about the tincture medicines you make at "mountain jewel".
Okay, I'll take a guess. I think you chose @mountainjewel because you REALLY like mountain wildflowers, like the "mountain jewel" flowers. I bet you see a lot of them growing freely in the Ozarks!

Okay. Here goes my best guess as to what is the meaning behind @mountainjewel's name. I think because they have this absolutely gorgeous piece of property on a mountain, it is their jewel of a homestead. Therefore the name mountainjewel.

Could be! Are you interested in being nominated? I've always wondered how you created your username.

Okay! You're on! But be forewarned, curiosity killed the cat!

Danger is my middle name! You'll be up next for round 3.

I have this feeling that @mountainjewel the name was being inspired by nature and its value like being precious, mountain to be particular. The user name love mountains very much and sees mountain as a jewel (a precious and valuable one). Seeing some mountains myself, its nice form and overwhelming view seem so precious; a jewel. Or maybe the other way around the user name mountainjewel has lots of jewel to consider (like she had a mountain of jewel) not by financial thing but through her blessings, her talents, her family and friends and of what she can offer.. I think thats the story behind the user name.

@mountainjewel was born to the ancient mountain tribe of the Swahili people. Born with the most sacred and treasured jewel of the land in the baby's hand, it was immediately declared the ruler of the land.
Greetings your majesty @mountainjewel. 😁😁😁

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Well... Maybe I'll take a stab at this. @moutainjewel is more than jus merely a name but, most importantly a place on Earth that most of Americans are missing out on. Living in the Ozarks mountains and letting your imagination take shape. That's a jewel that's for life!

Mountain Jewel is the name of your jewelry business in the Ozarks.

I think the meaning behind @mountainjewel's name is a state of mind as well as a physical place. It is is their jewel in the mountain, their end game, their goal. The place that is and will be everything that "home" means to them.

I also would nominate @fishyculture @warpedweaver and @harvardhomestead for this...their names are interesting. We would love to participate as well but our name is not that interesting! Great idea @bluerthangreen, this is such a fun challenge.

I'm interested. Your name might not be strange or overly clever (it very well could be) but it has a meaning, and I for one would like to hear it.

You're too kind. You are so right, every name has a story and a meaning. Ours does as well and it's not as obvious as you would think, but it is special to us. It's just not as unique as some of the others I have seen!

amazing contest

I think he used that name because when he met steemit because he wanted to become rich and has the aspiration to make a little house on a hill that he liked a lot and would call @mountainjewel

Hmm,this means a very precious thing whose value is as high as the mountain.
Lol,i sure hope i got this [email protected]

@mountainjewel simply means that the mountains (the forest, wildlife, animals, fresh air, nature) is what is valuable and precious. It is the real jewel.

I guess mountain is meant for the mountains, forest and nature in general where they like to live and jewels are their experiences there. Their experiences with nature through permaculture, homesteading, herbalism and natural building like they have said in their bio are so valuable for them that they compare it with jewels. They are the people of the mountains.. of nature who are sharing these jewels of experiences with steem. Hence the name @mountainjewel

Named after the beautiful wildflower known as “mountain jewel flower” and otherwise known as streptanthus tortuous.

When will we know the results!? i´m losing my patience here... Need to know the winners.

Patience, young grasshopper. All will be revealed tomorrow morning, as the contest rules stated. :)

@bluerthangreen I may not be able to wait 20 more hours. Honestly I just like the contest. I'll be back tomorrow...

I guess I don't need to wonder why your username has impatient in it. Lol

Yep. Mine is pretty straightforward. Let's just say patience is not my most shining virtue.

Mountainjewel found a beautiful rock on a mountain when they were younger that they still keep close to them now.

Great idea for more in depth knowledge into how people think. 🐓🐓