Win 3 HIVE Tokens By Posting A Pic of Your Favorite Food And Commenting Why You Like It

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Hello, fellow HIVE dwellers! It is time for me to initiate my own "Win some HIVE" contest"!

What is your favorite food and why?

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That yummy thought inspired me to revive an old contest of mine that lets you win easily 3 HIVE! Yes, you read that right! You win 3 HIVE tokens by posting a picture of your favorite food in the comments section below and commenting why you like it. Your comment must be interesting enough though..

Great, so what are the rules?

  1. Upvote and reblog this post first. I need to have the free publicity.
  2. Post a picture of your favorite food in the comments section below and comment why you like it. Your comment has to be interesting.
  3. Only one entry per HIVE username account to be fair.
  4. The entry that I choose as the most interesting by the time of this post's payout will win 3 HIVE.
  5. Entries without following the 4 rules will not be eligible to win.

Please read the rules well before submitting your entry! No more upvotes by bots this time to be fair to others as I'll be the one to judge!

3 HIVE tokens may not mean much but that will soon increase in value these coming months. Great! So what are you waiting for? Post your entry in the comments below now!


Low Carb Shirataki Carbonara


This is my favorite food! Since I am in a low carb diet, I am using alternative ingredients in cooking my foods. The pasta that I used is a Shirataki Noodles which is a low carb substitute and is made of konjac yam. I also mixed brocolli and tuna to make my carbonara livelier, healthier and yummier. :)

Thanks! Looks yummy!


This is my Pinoy version of La Valenciana and half Biryani style. Spicy sweet taste and semi fried soft chicken and pork. With the aroma of curry and cinnamon. This is the best and my favorite. With matching soft drinks!🤤🤤🤤🤤

I am sorry but this contest has expired after its payout has finished 7 days after posting. Nice entry by the way.


Because @patrice makes us doggy burgers too!

Hi, are you entering this contest? You have to reblog this post as required by the rules. 😁

lol... No. I'm just curating and couldn't resist. It's one of the best things about manual curating projects!

Hello, first I just want you to know that we have a community in the Philippines named hiveph. Just letting you know and maybe you're interested to hop in with fellow Filipinos.

Anyway about the game here's mine.
This food's name is "adobo." It's a popular food in the Philippines. Even in foreign countries it is known because of it's delicious taste. Behind with it's delicious taste. This food has only basic ingredients. Like vinegar, soy sauce, salt, garlic, onion am seasoning. Oh, by the way this is pork so we call it "adobong baboy." (tagalog dialect)

Good entry. Adobo is a versatile food.

Cool! I'll try to join the contest. Now... what's my favorite food again? There's quite a lot of them. Haha

Kacchi Biriyani is the most popular Food in South Asia. It invented in Hyderabad. Kacchi Biriyani contains fried rich with mustard oil and goat meat. This is my most favourite food item among of all!


Thanks for arranging such a great contest.

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Looks mouthwatering. Is it very spicy like most Indian food?

It's not only a Indian food but also Bangladeshi. Actually You can Feel the smell whole over in South Asia!

Good contest! ;)

Thanks! 😀

You're welcome! ;)

Ginisang Munggo, very affordable, very delicious, very healthy, just add malunggay leaves, can be flavored and become SPECIAL, by adding Chicharon and Tinapa.

Thank you for your entry.


My favorite Filipino Food is Pancit, way back when I was a child until now every Birthday Celebration, Fiesta, Christmas and other kind of celebration Pancit is always present.

God Bless!!! 🙏🙏😇

Thank you for your entry.

![IMG_20200425_184133.jpg](UPLOAD FAILED)


I really like spaghetti especially the Filipino Style. I can eat it as my breakfast, lunch and dinner for days. I dont know whats the reason why I like it. Maybe because of the perfect blend of its sweet and sour flavor. Plus the taste of its spices. Aside from the taste I also like its color. Its a complete meal all in one. Theres already carbohydrates and protein. And in almost any occasion, spaghetti is always present in the table. I just love spaghetti whatever the reason is.


Thanks for the entry.

Creamy tuna carbonara
one of the reason that I like carbonara is that you can play around with it by adding things like tuna, shrimp, bacon, which is amazing in carbonara pasta. This tuna cheese carbonara is the perfect quick and easy dinner that is just as good for a busy weeknight meal for everyonr to impress

Nice entry. I think you forgot rule no.1

I run out of resource credit thats why but here im back upvote and rehive.

Thank you.

Hi @Darthnava. This post you shared is really cool. Thank you and I hope to be able to do the same for our fellow #Hive neighbors. I love participating in these very simple type of activities. It gets people around here excited and something to look forward to. Okay, so here goes my entry...

My favorite food is #Sushi.

I know, I know not many like it. Hehe! I can imagine people's face reactions when they go "Eww!" Haha! But nevertheless, I love it. Both my mom and I have a great quality time when we go to #Japanese restaurants. It's something she and I both like and it connects us.
Since I love sushi so much, I decided to learn how to make them.
Here's a picture of what I just did recently.
I was so hungry for it that I got lazy to buy #wasabi.
I love sushi with wasabi and sake, they are perfect for each other!
If I had a restaurant, I'd put that in the menu and call it "3sum".
You don't have to do it. Just eat it!
Oha! Great marketing here.

Love lots.
Come visit me when you have time @Erelasblog

Nice one. Thanks for the entry.

Thank you. My pleasure!

Hello here's my entry.


My fave food is laing because I love the taste of the coconut milk and the dried arrow root leaves plus the healthy benefits of the two ingredients. Coconut milk avoid constipation and arrow root leaves is good for our skin. This food can be vegetarian meal still yummy without the meat.


Thanks for your entry.