Community challenge (Winner announcement)

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After going through all the lovely entries I feel pretty happy with all that was written and all the interactivity of many of the participants. This is something that was one of the deciding factors on who the winner would be. After hunting down 2 users who were really close @greenrun and @nairadaddy stood out from all the rest and it was really hard to decide who to choose but after some thought the winner came up

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The winner is:


With his amazing post: [


This played a very important role in the decision making on who the winner would be:

To become 1st, here are a few guidelines and tips:

  • Be interactive and participate with the intentions of helping others out who also are participating.
  • I don't give away anything for free as I would rather teach self reliance. Thus all votes given will be dependent on your activity in this project.
  • Creativity is within everyone and I will be looking for things that are out of the ordinary or extraordinary.
  • Posts must stay on topic and the opening line/heading must be captivating.
  • Support will be the key to becoming 1st

On a side note I noticed many posts and entries from people who did not stick to topic. Each week there is a new topic chosen, you can't just write on any topic on the list. Many posts also did not use the correct tag to participate in the challenge as well as they did not put up their link in the channel... This makes it hard for me to find your posts and give you the rewards you deserve.

With this next challenge please pay special attention to these above things when participating.


Congratulation @niradaddy, if you have a bitshares account or open ledger wallet, please provide for 20 hairshares token
Or you can provide a link to get an upvote from @hairshares account and @nepd1

Congrats to @nairadaddy and @greenrun for their effort. Keep it up guys.
I will also thank @dragonslayer109 for bringing up the challenge. More to come. I have even receive the alert of another challenge.


Thanks @seyiodus. Do participate in the next okay? Cheers!

Congrats @nairadaddy and @greenrun, including those who entered the contest.

Thank you @sweetestglo-eu. You rock dear!

Olaganustu bir fotograf... Ayrica paylasiminiz da cok yerinde olmus. Severek takip ediyoruz.

i hope you sucess in contest

Congratulations @nariadaddy I have always admire your post. Thanks to @dragonslayer for such a privilege of community challenge

Thank you @japfive. You are the man. Cheers!

most beautiful picture dear ... the whole life is in just one image ... lovely .

Hello @dragonslayer109

Your effort towards keeping this community and Africans at large growing is fully appreciated .

Big congrats to @nairadaddy for mounting the pulpit of winner and also to @greenrun for his outstanding efforts and contributions.

Thanks @maintain4real-eu. I'm happy there's an opportunity like this for us to move Africa forward. Cheers man!


Nigerians are super talented! We're not lucky, rather, we're just good, the so called challenges we face everyday has rather positioned us in building ourselves, congratulations to @nairadaddy.

Long live Africa, long live Nigeria 🇳🇬, long live Steemit.

Thats an inspiring message brov:

Long live Africa, long live Nigeria 🇳🇬, long live Steemit.

We will do even more good in days to come so that we can be good ambassadors of our country and continent. Cheers!

Thanks a lot, congratulations to @nairadaddy and other participants who did an amazing job as well in the community challenge. You guys rock.

You are my boss @greenrun. Cheers to a better Africa!



badhai ho

The image you have here is so cool!

Hello @dragonslayer109 I am reaching out to you because I saw you were promoting under the tag @promo-southafrica.

I am working with different promoters to set up a community in which we help each other. I wish to speak to you. How can I contact you? I am on and discord.

Hey @futurethinker. Its a nice initiative you have there. Reach him via his discord server... United Africa Discord Server



Thank you! :)

Discord would be a great place to find me

I've send you a message man.

Congrats to @nairadaddy and @greenrun for the amazing posts. Thankyou @dragonslayer109 for creating great avenues for people to connect. Also looking forward to the next community challenge. Kindly mix up the topics/ add new topics. Cheers!

Thanks @jeanwandimi. Endeavour to participate in the next one. Okay? Cheers!

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Most Beautiful picture that....
#I am inviting you for watching my post....if as your wish...
#Please upvote my comment

Thanks so much @dragonslayer109. I feel honoured to have been chosen. My boss @greenrun also did an amazing justice to the topic. Welldone to other participants of the challenge! I'm grateful.

Let's go make steemit viral in the #community. Cheers!


Did not see this in time, i am. In the next

Am glad this post never skipped my deserves all the upvotes l have..thanks for this @dragonslayer109

That's really cool congratulations to the winner :)

Lets put on our steem boots and get ready for some community challenge. @greenrun and @nairadaddy thumbs up to you guys.