Daily Views Contest for 20th May 2023

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Authored by @demotruk

Daily Prizes for Driving Traffic to Hive


Eyes on Hive is an initiative to encourage the driving of web traffic to Hive platforms. Skip down to the rules section below if you wish to participate. Read the introduction post for the rationale behind the contest.

A reminder that yesterday's contest is still ongoing and ends at 00:00 UTC tonight. There is still time to enter and win.

Contest Overview

Every day there are two main prizes

1. Author Views Prize

This prize is granted to the author of the post which gets the most views in a day. Currently it is limited to views on peakd.com.

Today's prize is 10 HBD and has been won by @golem.overord for their latest development update.


Congrats to @golem.overlord!

2. Sharer Prize

To compete for the sharer prize, you must follow the rules below. Just like the author prize, it is 10 HBD per day.

Tentatively, the prize today is set to go to @djbravo. Just as yesterday and as per the rules, I will require that they provide some evidence for how they directed traffic to the post before I award it.


Congrats @djbravo!

It is highly recommended that you register your account with HivePosh if you wish to participate in the sharer contest. Aside from Twitter and Reddit being good places to share and drive traffic from, it will make it easier to prove that traffic was driven by you specifically. That said, any authentic source of views is valid, so don't be discouraged from sharing on Facebook, Whatsapp or elsewhere if it works for you.

Sharer Prize Rules

  1. The post doesn't have to be yours, but it does have to be current (within the last 72 hours).
  2. You must register the posts you are attempting to push by replying to this post with a comment, linking the post you are entering*. You must do this before promoting the post, that way I can be sure you are not hi-jacking someone else's attempt to promote a post. Make sure you link to a front end like peakd.com that tracks views.
  3. The winning post will be the one that gains the most in views between the time of registration and the end of the contest. Each contest will end at midnight UTC of the following day. The low threshold ensures that someone will always win each day - there is no high bar to win such as in the last two contests.
  4. The traffic must be authentic - you must not pay for traffic or use bots or any similar service to generate inauthentic traffic.
  5. Provide evidence such as links to your sharing on other social media sites to prove that you were the one who drove the traffic to the post. Evidence of the authenticity of the traffic will be required. As mentioned before, joining HivePosh will help with this part.
  6. You can make as many attempts as you like, within reason, as long as you register the posts you are promoting.
  7. I reserve the right to deny the bounty if the above rules are not followed in letter and in spirit.

Registering a Post and Understanding Where to see Views

Registering to participate means choosing a peakd.com link that nobody else has already registered, and making a reply to the contest post. I will attempt to screenshot the peakd header of the post as close as possible to the time you register your post. If you create a screenshot yourself, that can help.

You can find the page for peakd most viewed posts here.



Today's Sharer Contest Begins Now and Ends Saturday 20th May at Midnight UTC.


Best of luck!


Thank you

Ok, good luck again :-)


1100 views seems pretty good (relatively). I hope we can build on that.

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@eyesonhive. Thanks alot. Now I share this post on twitter and many people follow me there and they open it. And my effort is also to bring all my friends on this platform. And further I will start sharing this post on other social media platforms as well.

Can you show me a screenshot of your shares and analytics?

Eg. On Reddit


Or on Twitter




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Here is my entry
The Ghost Encounter : A Surreal Digital Artwork https://ecency.com/hive-193212/@rocksg/the-ghost-encounter-a-surreal

Hi @rocksg, it needs to be a peakd.com link. I cannot see a view counter on ecency links.