Proposal to burn more Calor...Sportstokens (contest inside)

in #contest4 years ago

I have thinking about how to find better content easier and what would be a good way to burn some tokens as well.

This is more a rough diamond than anything else but so far I came up with the following :

  1. Some bigger token holders and/or an offical curating account come together

  2. Authors submit a post under a special tag like " flipstarisveryhansome"

  3. The post has to be made with the sportstalk frontend

  4. To enter this writing contest the author has to burn x amount of tokens
    -the amount has to be big enough so we can burn something meaningful but also small enough so people can pay the "fee" without too much trouble and the price is still attractive

  5. Some chosen ones decide the best post

  6. The post gets voted on or the author wins 1 week upvotes or something like this

Actually I kind of like that idea now and will set the contest of now


Write a post which you think is worthy and use the tag"#burnthecalories"

Burn 1000 SPORTS ( transfer to @null )

For now you need to resteem this post as I dont want only 1 person to enter

You must use the to publish your post

The post must be in English or German

The contest starts next Sunday and will end Friday

The winner will be announced shortly after that

1st Price will be 1 week of full upvotes from me

2nd Price 50%

3rd 25%

your following post cant be shit though as we still want to raise the bar of the quality of the average post.

If you want to participate as a sponsor you are more than welcome to. If this thingy should get some traction we can form a discord group or so if you have ideas to make that contest better feel free to let me know.


Support your sports post (by SPORTS Token and MARLIANS Token)

Very interesting! I will resteem this for sure in case I decide that I want to participate. I think I should be able to meet the entry guidelines even though I pretty much always power up everything I make.

I did my own version, will prolly continue unless I team up with some others and fried the hell outta 5k, if you wanna work together to burn cal...sports, you can dm me on discord, this week is nuts for me a bit but think #flipstarishandsomeandhasaflamethrower would be a fun thing/discord imho

the tag #flipstarisveryhandsome is wonderful! amazing!
I have a question for you. Do you have discord account? I have tried to find you there but failed. Are you on Sports Talk Social discord server?

not at the moment.

You can give me your discord name and I write you


this is mine. thanks!

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