Snibby the Cat Broke the Blockchain // 10 SBD Contest

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Hey Steamy McSteemians, how are you doing after the great Forkening of 2018?

I'm just sitting here contemplating the meaning of existence whilst eating Cheezits.

Breaking News

I just want everyone to know that it's my cat's fault that the Hardfork didn't go exactly as planned.

So, if you need someone to blame, then feel free to blame Snibby the Cat.

Snibby doesn't care about resource credits or depleted VP issues because he's too busy eating Spinach and randomly screaming at walls.

More Unfortunate News

I also feel compelled to say that today may or may not be my Birthday......and I also may or may not be currently sitting in my depression cave.

Birthday Pop Tart


I was thinking about what the title should be of this here post.
There were a few possibilities, such as:

  • Is there anybody out there?
  • The Great Cheezit Debacle.
  • All My Socks are Black, yet I still can't find a matching pair.
  • The Mystery of Snibby and the Broken Blockchain.

As I was considering the plethora of titles I had running through my head I had the ridiculous idea to turn this into a contest.

The Point of this Post

The contest shall be for you to come up with a post title and Snibby will write a post based on your title.
The winner of the "best" post title will win 10 SBD.


  • Who determines the winner?
    • Snibby the Cat

  • Does the title have to be funny?
    • Yes....maybe...I don't know

  • Can I enter more than one title?
    • Sure

  • Do I have to upvote your post to enter?
    • No, but Snibby would be pleased if you would kindly resteem it

  • When does this amazing contest end?
    • Listen up Buckaroos, this life-changing contest ends October 3rd at 7 PM CST

  • Can I please vote your witness?


Thank you Torico!
Your post made me happy!💞

CAT-ASTROPHE: Snippy and an Orc Trashed the Hardfork!

How about this title...

CAT-ASTROPHE: Snippy and an Orc Trashed the Hardfork!

Thanks for the contest and a very happy birthday to you!

Hope you are feeling better soon.

Thank you Sarge! I love that pic! lol

Well I know that you are involved with SteemMonsters...

Happy birthday or not ♥

This was one of two comments I can afford today!

Awww thank you Patschwork!!!❤️

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fork: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life by snibby the cat

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Love this one!

Thanks it’s made me chuckle.

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These are some titles;

The Road Least Forked
How Forking Hard Can it Be?
Snibby, The Forked tail Cat
Witnessing a Hard Fork: A witness' Point Of View
The Day the World went Silent: Hard Fork 2.0.


lol those are great, thank you for your titles!!!

Oh and belated happy birthday to you

Happy birthday!

My ideas are:

2-Snibby can't 'afork' to have mercy con you.
3-The cat who burn the fork
4-Snibby is evil but is too cute for you to blame.

Happy birthday , my participation:

1)Snibby and the magic cake.
2)The careless of Snibby.

Happy Birthday late!!and my title is:

  1. The dark side of Hardfork is between my legs ... Meow!
  2. Soon the tumult steemians will arrive after Hurricane Hardfork 20.

Happy Birthday! My title contribution:

  • Hard-Fork Madhouse & The Bots of Doom
  • Humans Don't Live Here Anymore
  • Snibby Defeats The Insane Lords of Fork

Haha those are funny, thanks for your entries!

first at all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! and honestly i got a crush on you and your cat jajaja your pop tart for some reason it looks tasty. And what you think of a post with this tittle? tutorial: how to be a cat and control the life and dreams of your human

Haha thank you......yeah that pop tart was pretty tasty!

All My Socks are Black, yet I still can't find a matching pair.

Dying laughing, seriously. That's a great post title. And Snibby the cat is too cute to be mad at, so I forgive him for breaking the blockchain. I'm sure our amazing witnesses will fix it. And YAY!!! for being a witness now, you've got my vote!

Happy birthday, my friend. I think Snibby the cat out to pick one of these post titles, but I'm biased:

  • Why Boxes are the Best
  • Things My Hoomans Say
  • That Time I Slept All Day
  • An Ode to Beams of Sunlight

Thank you Katrina!!!
"That Time I Slept All Day" made me giggle! 💞

Title: Crazed Catnip Fiend Foils Fork

lol that's good!

...and Happy Birthday! Maybe I'll have enough RC to comment again by next year :)

Thank you....I hope your RC has charged back up!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! well now a bit belated though my original message is at torico's but like Alice in Wonderland, we can celebrate your "not birthday" now everyday. I need to recast my Shane vote into steemcreative, will do that shortly.

Maybe something like a Birthday-Inception.....Thank you again Pris!

First... A Big Happy Birthday 🎁🎂🎉🍰💐
Sending you many hugs 🤗🤗🤗 and hope that your wishes will come true.
Your cat is hilarious and such a cutie.... So it's to blame for the hard fork going wrong 😜 got ya.
Well written.... I just hope you are having a great evening sweetie and I Resteemed as it's so worth it ❤️🤗❤️

Thank you so much Saffisara.....big hugs to you!!!❤️

The Tragic Magic Tale of Shane Being Turned Into Snibby the Cat

Hope you match your socks gurl lol :)

lol thanks Bug!

I knew it wasn't me this time... Snibby what did you do!!!

He tried to eat his spinach with the Hardfork!

Happy birthday, Isaria. Have a good year, you and yours.

Now for the title. How about...

'Snibby forked it, now he's stressed' or 'Hello, I'm Snibby and I get blamed for everything.'

lol those are cute.....and thank you chinyerevivian!

Happy Birthday!

How about....
Snibbey E. Snickets: A series of unfortunate spinach.

lol that made me giggle

Have a happy and wonderful birthday!

I voted for you and I gave it to the resteem. Here are my entries:

  • Snibby a cat untied.
  • Snibby the spy cat.
  • Snibby a rebellious cat.
  • My cat is crazy.
  • The beast of my cat.
  • Everybody says Snibby.
  • Snibby a villain cat.

Thank you for your entries!!!

Happy Birthday! I hope you enjoyed your birthday pop tart.

Post suggestion

Goes catnip enhance the forking experience?

Thank you! lol that's a good one.

Your welcome.

Potential titles for Snibby's consideration:

● "Pop Tarts Should be Eaten with the Fingers, not with Hard Forks"
● "Snibby and the Flaming Pop Tart"


lol "Snibby and the Flaming Pop Tart"...that's awesome
Thank you for the pretty Birthday pic!

First and foremost, happy birthday!
... and clearly the only real choice here is "Gettin' Snibby With It"

lol Thank you Clay

"My Little Pony... Or, How i learned to love the bomb" a movie by Dr. Snibby Forkenstein.

And... if my comment made sense i'd be a whale by now and other fairy tales

lol Snibby likes those titles

Thank you Snibby! : )

Glad to know you are also a September born musician... I celebrated my birthday this past Wednesday ma'am.

for my titles:

  • Snibly Snibby
  • Who forked my catly blockchain
  • The tears I teared for being hard-forked
  • I just love black --- Cat black

Oh and happy birthday ma'am

Thank you for your titles and Happy Birthday to you too Klynic!!!

thank you ma'am

This post is so awesome. Sorry for your pop tart.

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lol thank you

"Happy B-day! You sad bastard."

Haha thanks!

lol, happy birthday

How about "Forksaken" since the hf20 Steemit seem forsaken. Many steemians decided to go on a vacation.

Good one!

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