The Hive Creative Curation Contest Brought to you by Snibby the Cat! // 25 HIVE PRIZE! // Plus Upvotes, 25 Palcoin, and 25 Creativecoin Prizes!

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The Hive Creative Curation Contest Brought to you by Snibby the Cat!

  • 25 Hive will be split between the top 3 - 5 winners!

  • 25 Palcoin and 25 Creative Coin will be awarded as staked (powered up) rewards to my cat's favorite posts!

  • Up to 10 Posts will be selected and upvoted with the msp-music, msp-curation, and minnowsupport accounts!

Submit Your Creative Post!

You can submit your Hive link here in the comments.

Please make sure that your submissions are original, creative works (music, art, fiction, poetry, etc).

The deadline for submissions is Thursday, June 25th at 11:00 AM CST.

Hive Creative Winners!

First Place!

Strange human portrait - digital art and writing

Second Place!

Smog- 30 min Sketch, Day 14

Third Place!

This is my art entry into the Hive Creative Curation Contest created by Snibby the Cat :) I drew a Magic Elf with Armor


Hive banner by @derangedvisions


Congrats to winners. Gonna try taking a chance.
Have been looking for something to motivate me to write here on hive.

Wanna ask, if there is any special tag attached to the contest

no special tag...just put your post link in the comments of this post

Hi Isaria,
Here's my post for this week's edition..

Congrats to winners! Cheers!

Thank you very much!!

for you

Hey @isaria, here is a little bit of BEER from @eii for you. Enjoy it!

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Oh! Thank you so much. I am very happy to be on this list.

Hello there @isaria! :)
Here is a drawing I did a week ago, sadly my post seems to have been largely ignored :(

hi! this is my entry. congrats to all the winners 🧡

Hello! This is my entry, it is a pen drawing and you can see the process I used.

Thank you!