5 STEEM Giveaway - which Netflix original series is a hidden gem and why ?

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First up , winners from last contest - @c0ff33a and @onefatindian
Your steem will be sent shortly to your wallet...congrats on the grand prize...your life is changed.

change your life ..change your life...iggy said she will but I already did !!

rules for this contest.

  1. Must resteem the post.
  2. Use comments to tell me your hidden gem netflix original series


My hidden gem is Altered Carbon , I have not seen anyone talking about the series but this is a futurustic , tight gripping , thriller.
My main reason for recommending it is : I could not guess the plot even till the end and I almost never felt like the grip of show was getting weak...


Nice comp I like it :)
My hidden gem would have to be The Expanse. one of the best series I have ever watched hands down. If you love the solar system and space you will love this.
Think I will chuck it on for a third time. Surprised people don't seem to talk much about this.

Tks for your entry @thevillan

My hidden gem is Dark.
Dark is a german sci-fi thriller. I think the actors do a great job and it made me want to just keep watching.

I thought Dark was quite good too :)

Yea. Jördis Triebel was awesome as the detective lady.

tks for your entry @doctorcrypto..

I have to say I am a fan of the whole apocalyptic end of the world type shows as well as the crazy zombie stuff so when I came across the show : The Rain, It covered the gamut. It was one of those that I ended up binge watching. So my hidden gem is The Rain.. Here is a link to a preview..

resteemed, liked... done

Thanks for your entry..

My hidden gem is American Vandal. Not exactly obscure, but most people havn't heard or seen it. It's a satirical true crime drama, but extremely entertaining. It will keep you guessing and thinking the whole time

tks for the entry..drop link to a top scene or highlight or something...

I'm hooked on Shooter at the moment, into season 2 now. Basically a retired expert US Marine sniper gets framed for assassinating the Ukrainian President, and goes on the run to hunt down the real perps, while trying to get evidence prove his innocence. A few twists and turns and back-stabs along the way make for some pretty good watching.

Unfortunately only 3 seasons were made before getting the plug pulled, so I'm half way to the end.

This is a great series, badass to the max

Tks for your entry..

I have watched the movie it's based off of and season 1...both were kick ass..season 2 and beyond got a bit redundant....same thing with blacklist...

I haven't watched the movie, but probably will. Yeah, season 2 has gotten a little bit less gripping than S1, but still enjoying where it is going, and the flashback sequences are a god breakaway to, but I see your point about the redundancy.

I fell off the Blacklist not too far in. I could see it was a same old, same old.. just different people to knock off.

Mine is also Altered Carbon! Great series.

Tks for your entry :)

you gotta tell your reason why you liked it
and maybe drop a clip that has a cool highlight or something...

I can't possibly win this, because I don't have netflix anymore... but... i was hooked on this..

Narcos, back in the day...

even if you don't have netflix..you don't gotta half ass it....
no link to promo/clip..no reason why you like it...

come on Meano..

Ok ok.. i forgive myself...

Why did I like it... well, besides from the fact that this was actual real shit that happened.... the brazilian actor playing him did an amazing job, i believed him 100% - he was scary and at the same time relatable as f....

did pablo escobar have a beer belly like the actor and tacky white sneakers ?

Oh yeah! I found this articlewhere he discussed all of the work the about went through to assume the role. And white sneakers were faaar from tacky at the time!

I've seen most of these shows and they were pretty well advertised by netflix. One show I feel should fall into the hidden gem category is Gypsy. It got cancelled after one season but It was really good, its not even my type of series but I really enjoyed it! You can check out the trailer here

My second which I dont think its hidden since its also pretty well advertised by netflix would be Ozark

What did you like in this show ?

It's an original plot with intriguing twists. Jean, the main character, kept surprising me with her own disturbing entanglements. She is a therapist and continues to cross professional and personal lines and cannot resist manipulating peoples' lives which had me completely captivated.

Dirk gently's holistic detective agency is a hidden gem its quirky offbeat and they constantly throw curveballs at you keeping you guessing til the very end.

tks for your entry..drop a link to the hot reel of the show..

"a hidden gem"

For me, the key word is "hidden."

My favorite Netflix original is "Stranger Things," but it's one of the hottest shows in the world, hardly hidden.

I also massively rate the first series of "Jessica Jones," which features a very different anti-heroic kind of hero and a particularly diabolical, and topically sick villain, in David Tennant, but a Marvel franchise, by definition, is not "hidden."

I also will refrain from picking "Altered Carbon," which was Philip K Dick heaven, in it's thematic concerns of uploading and downloading identities, as well as the class warfare of the elites against the masses. Among geek-culture, "Altered Carbon" is already legendary.

So I'm picking "Mindhunter," British playwright Joe Penhall's take on the serial killer genre.

The least popular Hannibal Lecter movie was the original, Michael Mann's "Manhunter." For me, the thematic mirroring at the center of that movie, whereby the cop sees himself in the killer, makes it the most fascinating of those movies.

"Mindhunter" goes even deeper into the psyche of serial killers by exploring real life ones in all their imprisoned boasting banality, as well as their scary quirks.

"Mindhunter" tells the story of how the FBI first learned to profile serial killers, how they learned their was such a thing as "serial killers." It documents the excitement of realizing that these monsters are in fact human, that they can be documented, understood, and that their patterns can be predicted.

By returning to that first moment of excitement, the series reinvigorates the serial killer genre, and by treating these mundane monsters as human, each killer, profiled in prison, becomes a treasure trove of mystery regarding the essence of human nature, how it works, how it malfunctions.

The hero, the FBI's first ever profiler, played by Jonathan Groff as initially unassuming and charming, becomes himself a mystery over the course of the series, as the lengths he will take to profile the killers puts us squarely in "Manhunter" territory, his inhumanity mirroring the killers' humanity.

The result is compelling, a blend of fact and fiction, that transcends and reinvigorates cliches, refreshing a tired genre, returning to a point in time where knowledge of serial killers was new, allowing us to see the genre itself anew. :)

Tks for your entry and detailed review..drop a link to a hot reel clip of mindhunter...

This is the clip that I would argue shows how incredible "Mindhunter" is. It shows one of the real serial killers giving a real interview, and is inter-cut with that same killer's portrayal in "Mindhunter." Think about how crap and unbelievable most fiction is. Now watch this, and tell me you don't want to watch this show:


It is a Spanish series of great success worldwide that deals with an organized gang of thieves intends to commit the robbery of the century in the National Factory of Currency and Stamp. Five months of preparation will be reduced to eleven days in order to carry out the great blow successfully.

tks for the entry...

My life is changed, thank you so much for the competition win...but tell me how many hours were you playing Steem Snake for?

I have paid for Netflix for years , and barely use it to be honest. The family get a bit of use out of it - and that is a tiny bit really. It would be a complete waste of money except for the fact it’s a handy way of catching a film someone reminds you about as they have such a big catalogue of old movies.

Anyway my benefit is going to be finding shows to watch - I can’t add any of my own on this one.

it's all good..tks for the comment.

Altered Carbon marathons messing with your mood?...

Watched too much Black Mirror and now disappointed with humanity?...

Is Mindhunter bingeing exhausting your emotions?...

Then I have a hidden gem for you, my friend. Introducing, 72 Cutest Animals for when you need an emotional palette cleanser. It's on Netflix.

I will probably watch this with my son...tks for the entry...

The OA

Miniseries of 8 episodes that has left many in suspense, possibly waiting for a second season. The story begins when Prairie Johnson, a blind girl who disappeared seven years ago, returns to her village, already converted into a woman and having regained her sight. A miracle for some, a weirdo for others. A few understand where it comes from: the threshold of a world never seen.

tks for your entry..

Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency

Comedy based on the characters of homonymous novels written by author Douglas Adams. Collect the adventures of Detective Dirk Gently and his partner Richard MacDuff. Dirk, who follow unreliable methods such as holism and quantum mechanics. It is a co-production of the BBC and Netflix in which Samuel Barnett and Elijah Wood participate.

Tks for your entry...

My hidden gem is 3%.

It’s a very unique story about 2 separate factions. 1 extremely rich (3%) and one extremely poor and only 3% are chosen to live very well through a process of extreme and interesting tests.

The show has a drama, action, a group of resistance, defectors, double agents, and a lot of surprising elements.

I recommend watching it.

tks for your entry..drop a link to the hot reel of the show..

Sure. Here it is.

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My hidden Netflix gem is "Haters Back Off." This not usually something I would normally watch, but a reason I cannot remember, I starting watching it. This series is oddly funny.

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Hey @itstime,

Thanks for the prize for your last contest - awesome!!

This is a fun contest hehe

For this one, I choose the NetFlix show, Safe.

Here's the trailer:

Firstly, it stars the great actor Michael Hall, best known for his role in the amazing tv series, "Dexter".

You can't give away too much for the show Safe, as it keeps you guessing all the way. Basically, his daughter goes to a party and ends up missing. Now, everyone in the gated "Safe" community is suspect or has/had a role to play in things tangent to this or directly related.

Great season, great wrap-up and will keep you wanting to binge the entire season in one shot.

Thanks for everyone's entries as I'm always looking for other shows to watch (when I'm not Steem'ing lol).


tks for your entry...

The Innocents is a hidden Netflix gem. About a young lady with mysterious powers awakening on her 16th birthday. It has a pretty high review rating too. 👍

Thanks for your entry

Can you resteem as well to enter the contest.

Ooops, sorry I missed the memo. :Þ Resteem done!

I liked Altered Carbon, it was a great show .. I haven't finished it yet but I enjoyed the story and the writing.. My hidden gem, is 'Happy'.

Its has very dark humour which I like and it moves at a decently fast pace, In fact, I was so hooked after the first episode I just had to keep watching until I finished the whole thing!

Thank you for your entry

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