Contest Winners Update

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So I ran my first contest, didn't get many entrants, but I still decided to dish out some runner up SBD prizes just cause.

I only had two really solid nominations from @bigskycustoms and @gillianpearce, they take home the big prize money 5SBD each with 3 going to their nominations of @meesterboom and @abh12345.

I also gave @nahus and @usman119 and their nominations of @robertgenito and @master-set 1SBD each.

Thanks for contributing, I followed a few new people and gald I could dish out some prize SBD to people.

@kryptoe nominated me and I was tempted to toss him an SBD and myself one as well, but I figured I'd just vote him up over the course of my time here. Check him out if you want some good tunes to listen to.



Heya! Where was your first contest? I’d like to check it out :) And no matter the subject, I thank you for the attention of nomination.

Hey Robert, my first contest was here:

I tacked it onto another post.

Sorry for the late reply

Thank you very much @jakeybrown. Glad you agreed my nominee, @abh12345, was worthy of a win. 😍

That's a big win for me and it's very much appreciated!

You're very welcome, thanks for your great contribution!

Oh my gosh.. Mr @jakeybrown you are just awesome and real and it does happen.. I think this if my first ever kind of contest that i have won. I thank you so much and i am definitely going to follow you and keep updated regarding your upcoming posts and would definitely participate. Found a real contest steemian.. Huggss...


Awesome! Glad I could be your first win, people here are generally friendly and the longer you're here the easier it will be to fin your niche and community!

I am totally amazed at times by the generosity of some of the smaller accounts on the Steem Blockchain, and you are right there on this list @jakeybrown!

Thank you very much for adopting the pay-it-forward mentality here, super awesome of you.

Thanks also to @gillianpearce for the lovely writeup and nomination, you are both very kind! 😁😁

You are very welcome, of course @abh12345. 😁

And, through this process, i really could get to know a great lot of people who are actually contributing to the community.

You're very welcome, thank you for the kind words

Good lord, I didn't realise I got a prize. Thank you very much and thank you to the big chap @bigskycustoms!

i didn't realize you got a prize either, Pretty nice wind fall for being nice to some plankton. Thanks @jakeybrown for the SBD. Too bad your contest didn't generate more interest. was a good contest.

I would say it was a good contest also!

pressure on you though I think to step up your game for your promoter. ;)

My game is always on the up. Like an early morning penis!!!

Great work my friend, putting something back .. big respect to you.

Thanks perceptual!

Congrats on the success of you competition and thank you for the mention :)