Contest: How do you intend to succeed in 2018? 10SBD

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Greetings to the whole community, @improved23 and I brought our first contest together with the goal of making those users and colleagues take off a little.

The theme of the contest will basically consist of telling us in a comment how you plan to succeed in 2018, you may end your career, make a big business, get a girlfriend, buy a car, whatever you want. Show us how successful

Requirements to participate.

1- Upvote to the publication.
2- Resteem the publication.
3- Follow @improved23 and my @leob1234
4- Leave a comment How you will succeed
5- Your entry will be verified with a comment from me.

Note: Only one comment per account.


  • First Place: 6 SBD.
  • Second Place: 2 SBD.
  • Third Place: 2 SBD.
The contest will be valid after obtaining 100 followers, otherwise the post is republished until reaching the goal, the people who comment here if necessary will continue participating.

We hope this is the first of many contests, good luck to all.


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Tendre exito mientras tenga a mi familia y amigos a mi lado. Mientras cada dia luche por mis estudios, por darle lo mejor a mi madre y por querer tener un buen futuro. En pocas palabra tendre exito mientras luche por mis metas y tenga personas a mi alrededor que me apoyen...y por supuesto tendre extio mientras tenga a Dios a mi lado


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But, how can we tell if someone like him is a scammer?

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How will I succeed?
The only way to obtain success is by working hard for my goals and dreams, making an investment plan along with them and doing what I enjoy doing, I am a Language Teacher and I enjoy teaching! A skyscraper is built not in one day, it needs everything to be forseen and studied with detailed plans and brick over brick, interconnected! That is how I reach my success...
And of course as the saying says: "Chance favors the Wise"


I am currently working on a project with my friend and partner and we are hopeful that this project would bring us into the limelight. Currently, we are building the website for this project before bringing it live.
We also have an NGO called her voice initiative, we just finished hosting a programme and i know that we might work on another one also.


Este 2018 mi objetivo para tener éxito es tener fe en mi mismo.

Tengo pensado muchas cosas este 2018, pero lo principal es culminar mi carrera universitaria y hacer que mi negocio de artículos deportivos siga prosperando. Mas adelante vendrán los lujos porque lo bueno se hace esperar.
En lo personal ya tengo éxito en todo lo que logrado...


Well... I sincerely hope 2018 to be successful for me.
My big plan is to make and run a micro brewery! Woohoo. My own craft beer, and I will be the head brewer. In about a month I am becoming an international BJCP beer judge, which is a part of understanding great beers.
My other aim is to manage to get my girlfriend closer to me. Currently we live in different cities, and it’s a bit hard. Maybe we will have the chance to buy some residence together. Hopefully!

Wow... a lot of work to do by the end of the year...


I am going to succeed in 2018 by setting realistic goals and being accountable for not fulfilling them and always moving forward and setting time aside to lay back, relax and have a nap or two. My goal in 2018 may vary from yours but the in the core of all motivation there always is a dream, the dream to be or have better self or things. What I have found always pulled me back was I tend to set unrealistic goal and run frightened at shadow of mountain in opposite direction. If you do this kind of nonsense, quit your nonsense and prepare and take a step at a time towards your goals.